Republican Donors Tell GOP Leaders to Back Open Borders And Mass Amnesty to 'Ease Inflation'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 14, 2022

Open borders and mass amnesty will "ease inflation" -- just look at how cheap everything is in California!

From Politico, "Republican donors to GOP leaders: Bipartisan immigration reform would ease inflation":
More than a dozen GOP donors are trying a new tack in urging Republican congressional leaders to get serious about granting so-called Dreamers legal status: it'll help ease inflation and the U.S. labor shortage.

In a letter being sent Wednesday to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, 14 donors who call themselves "life-long Republicans" said that reaching a deal on immigration that provides permanent legal status to immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children "makes economic sense."

"Improving border security and providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers is not only morally right; it is also absolutely crucial to addressing labor shortages, reducing food prices and creating jobs for all American families," the donors wrote in the letter, organized by the American Business Immigration Coalition and shared first with POLITICO.

[...] In April, a bipartisan group of senators Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) relaunched discussions on immigration reform. However, they have not reached any breakthrough in those talks. [...]

"Until the election is over, they're going to be a very low-risk group and so we'll just keep hammering away at them," one of the signatories, John Rowe, Exelon chair emeritus and a longtime GOP proponent of immigration reform, told POLITICO. "I don't think the real issue is persuading McConnell and Cornyn ... I think the real issue is in showing them it's safe to have a little courage."

[...] Craig Duchossois, executive chair of the private investment firm Duchossois Group and another GOP donor who signed the letter, said that "with the division within the country, the odds probably don't favor" passing immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.
Politico only tells us two of the 14 donors who signed the letter.

We do know that BlackRock's Larry Fink is pushing the exact same line.

Politico reported that the GOP's sellout on gun control is giving donors "renewed optimism" that a mass amnesty could get passed.
Rebecca Shi, executive director of the American Business Immigration Coalition, said the recent bipartisan deal reached on guns, however, renewed some optimism that there is space for both parties to strike a deal on immigration.

Those who signed the letter "are impatient for incremental solutions," Shi said. "And that's what we saw this weekend on the bipartisan deal on guns. We ... believe that can also happen on immigration with a similar set of negotiators."
We elected Trump in 2016 against all odds, giving the GOP control of the White House, Senate, House and shortly thereafter the Supreme Court and all we got were tax cuts for rich billionaires (who spent all their extra money on getting Trump out of office) and "criminal justice reform."

Meanwhile, the least popular president in history got the GOP to give him an "infrastructure" bill (contributing to massive inflation), gun control and potentially a mass amnesty.

The GOP has gotten a huge boost in their poll numbers as a result of Democrats running the country into the ground and now they're capitalizing on it by selling out their base on behalf of their donors in the hope it won't matter in the upcoming elections.

Trump gave us a sliver of hope that this system could be reformed before its eventual collapse but he was thwarted on all fronts and now we seem to be returning to business as usual.

On the bright side, GOP Senate hopeful Blake Masters, who eschews political correctness, is making great strides.

Masters and Brnovich are both decent choices.

Republican South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice, who backed Trump's impeachment, was just ousted from Congress in his GOP primary.

Polls also show Republican voters are getting wise to replacement migration.

Though the GOP establishment is doing everything in their power to keep their voters on the globalists' plantation, the average GOP voter is only getting more radical.

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