Claim Jewish Student Was 'Stabbed In The Eye' by Pro-Palestine Protester Draws Mockery After Video Released

Chris Menahan
Apr. 23, 2024

The claim that a Jewish student at Yale was "stabbed in the eye" with a Palestinian flag by a pro-Palestine protester drew widespread mockery on Tuesday after video was released of the alleged "stabbing" incident.

"Maxine Waters hit Michael Tracey harder than this," one Twitter user joked.

The purported victim, Zionist activist Sahar Tartak, wrote a column (or had it ghostwritten for her) for Bari Weiss' "Free Press" on Sunday stating, "I was stabbed in the eye last night on Yale University's campus because I am a Jew."
They pointed their middle fingers at me and yelled “Free Palestine,” and the taunting continued until a six-foot-something male protester holding a Palestinian flag waved the flag in my face and then stabbed me with it in my left eye.
My assailant was masked and wearing a keffiyeh, concealing his identity. He also wore glasses and a black jacket. I started to yell and chase after him, but the wall of students continued to block me as I screamed. Next, I went to the Yale police, but they offered little in the way of assistance. They told me that their orders came from administrators who weren’t present at the demonstration, and that there were only seven officers to handle a crowd of about 500. So I was checked out by an ambulance EMT, who recommended I go to the hospital.

The midnight demonstration, the encampment, the violence, all of it violates Yale policy. Some of it, like my assault, also violates state and federal law. Yet nothing meaningful seems to happen in response. Given Yale’s permissiveness, I had the sinking feeling that someone would get hurt. I just didn’t expect it to be me.

I felt pressure where the stick of the flag had hit my left eye and had a headache last night and much of today. I’m okay now, though. But last night, sitting in the hospital, I couldn’t help but think of my mother, Shahnaz, who grew up in Iran. Her neighbors threw rocks at her for being a Jew. She has a scar on her eyelid to this day.
Tartak did interviews with Fox News and Piers Morgan with no visible eye injury or even any mild redness.

If Tartak was a member of any other identity group she would be being mocked as an "hysterical snowflake" and an "SJW crybully" who is desperate to prop herself up in the victimhood Olympics.

Instead, the "Conservative" media is acting like she survived Kristallnacht and conservative Senators like Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton are demanding Biden send in the National Guard.

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