Poll: 73% of Trump Voters Believe Dems Trying to 'Replace White Americans With Immigrants And People Of Color'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 07, 2022

Three out of four Trump voters believe "Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats' views," according to a new YouGov poll.

Another YouGov poll taken a little over a week ago found that 61% of Trump supporters believe "a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views." YouGov repolled the question between June 1-5 to ask respondents more specifically who they thought was responsible for said replacement -- Democrats, Jews, or an unnamed "Group."

Around 1 in 3 Americans were willing to tell a pollster they believe the Great Replacement is an intentional plot.

61% of Republicans said "Democrats" were behind it along with 33% of Independents and even 10% of Democrats.

Among Trump voters, 73% said they believed Democrats were the driving force behind the Great Replacement, 61% credited "a group of people" and 12% said Jewish people.

Older voters were more likely to blame Democrats whereas younger voters were more likely to blame Jews.

You can click through YouGov's interactive poll to see the results for yourself below:

It seems like the Democrats talking incessantly about the Great Replacement has only made it more popular.

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