Wikileaks Publishes First Round of Hacked CIA Chief Emails
Common DreamsOct 22
WikiLeaks on Wednesday began releasing documents from one of former CIA chief John Brennan's non-government email accounts, which he is said to have "used occasionally for several intelligence related projects."

Earlier this week an individual, claiming to be a teenager, alleged that he and two other people had hacked
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Majority Say More Concealed Weapons Would Make U.S. Safer
GallupOct 22

New Gallup Poll Has Support For Marijuana Legalization At 58%
StopTheDrugWar.orgOct 22
A new Gallup poll released today has 58% saying marijuana should be legal in the US. That ties the 58% reported by Gallup two years ago after support declined to 51% last year.

The 58% figure is the highest ever recorded in a Gallup poll, and is consistent with majority support for marijuana legalization reported in other state and nation
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In Victory for Medical Marijuana, Court Tells DOJ to Lay Off Legal Providers
Common DreamsOct 21
In a huge victory for the medical marijuana industry in California, a federal court on Monday ruled that the Department of Justice (DOJ) violated the law when it misused an amendment in last year's federal spending bill to prosecute legal dispensaries in the state.

Judge Charles Breyer of the U.S. District Court in northern California handed down a biting decision chastising the DOJ for its twisted interpretation of the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which bars the department or
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Irwin Schiff's Letters From Federal Prison Show a Fight to The Death
BrettSanders.meOct 21

Solutions: Agorism
Corbett ReportOct 21

Many people have their own theory about the way the world should work, but few combine it with action. Today on The Corbett Report we explore the writings of Samuel Konkin, and how his central idea, agorism, combines the theory and practice of freedom through counter-economic action. Agora! Anarchy! Action!

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.

NYT: Irwin Schiff, Fervent Opponent of Federal Income Taxes, Dies at 87
The New York TimesOct 20

VIDEO: Pay $250 Fine or Patrol Car Gets Towed, Illegally Parked Cop Gets a Taste of Police Extortion
The Free Thought ProjectOct 15
Charleston, SC — The owner of a Charleston small business decided he was going to show that cops are not above the law.

In this video, Chad Walton of CWR Racing hooks his winch to a police cruiser that was parked illegally behind his business, with every intention of towing it to his facility. According to the posted sign, once an illegally parked vehicle is hooked for towing, it costs $250 to unhook. There is also a charg
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Cop Block Pitch Dekalb Police Officers on Alternatives to Government Policing
Cop BlockOct 07

During our First Amendment audit of the Dekalb, Illinois police station, we had a unique opportunity to converse with the staff about alternatives to government law enforcement. This encounter should serve as a “how to” example for other police departments that may come into contact with chalking activists intent on exercising their freedom of speech. Instead
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"Elections Are Fixed and US Created ISIS," Rage Against The Machine Bassist Lets Them Have It
The Free Thought ProjectOct 07
Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford recently spoke about ISIS, electoral politics and conspiracy theory with Rolling Stone Magazine.

When asked about his views on current events, Commerford responded by saying "I'm a conspiracy theorist, so you don't really want to get me started on this.”

After his warning, he delved into talking about politics and how both parties are funded by the same ruling class.

He also explained why he doesn't vote
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Credit Report Settlement Threatens Automated Ticketing Industry
TheNewspaperOct 07

Oregon Shooting Victim Still Opposes Gun Control and Wants Armed Guards in Schools
The Daily MailOct 06

Medical Marijuana Update: Recreational Pot Debuts Today In Oregon
StopTheDrugWar.orgOct 01
Last week"s reservation raid in California reverberates, dispensaries move a step closer in Maryland, a medical marijuana bill advances in South Carolina, and more.


Last Friday, the Pinoleville Pomo Nation responded to a raid on its collective grow operation. The tribe said Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman
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Mens Warehouse Founder Calls War On Marijuana "Biggest Con Ever Perpetrated," Admits To Smoking Regularly
True ActivistSep 24
George Zimmer, founder of Men’s Wearhouse recently admitted to be a regular marijuana smoker, and called the plant’s prohibition, “the biggest con ever perpetrated.”

During an interview with CNBC Zimmer sarcastically said, “I’ve been smoking marijuana on a regular basis for about 50 years. As you can see, it’s really impacted me in a negative way.”
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MA Supreme Court Rules Cops Can't Make Stop For Marijuana
Cop BlockSep 24
The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police cannot preform vehicle stops based solely on the suspicion that motorists are in possession of marijuana.

In the the 5-2 ruling, the Supreme Judicial Court primarily cited a 2008 legislative measure that decriminalized possession of less than an ounce
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Support For Gun Control Continues To Drop
InfowarsSep 24
Support for federally enforced gun control continues to decline, according to the findings of a new Rasmussen survey.

The poll found that only 3 in 10 Americans, 34 percent, feel that the federal government should be involved in gun control.

That figure is down from a high of 38 percent, recorded in
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Texas Police Get 'Owned' During Field Sobriety Test
Cop BlockSep 18
Lubbock, Texas – A video has surfaced showing Texas police performing a ‘field sobriety test’ on a man suspected of being drunk. However, the test doesn’t go as planned.  The officer has the man recite the alphabet from ‘H to U’ and then count backwards from ’23 to 15′. After easily passing the test, the officer questions the man on why he ‘went too far’ while counting backwards. The man simply responds, “I just wanted to show you that I could cover all of that.” However, it’s the next par... (more)

Federal Judge Exonerates Man Who Wrote 'F*ck Your Sh*tty Town' On Speeding Ticket
TheNewspaperSep 17
A federal judge last week chastised Liberty, New York for arresting a man who wrote a profane comment while paying a speeding citation. On May 4, 2012, William Barboza, who was 22 at the time, was nabbed in a speed trap. Since he lives in Connecticut, he decided to pay rather than challenge the ticket.

So Barboza took the invoice he received from the Town of Liberty Justice Court, crossed out "Liberty" and wrote "Tyranny." At the top, he added an expletive-laden sentence in all ca
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New Hampshire Library Defies Feds, Turns Tor Relay Back On
TechdirtSep 17
Last week, we posted the story of how the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, had been pressured to turn off its Tor relay after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had reached out to the local police department to express concern over the library's decision, and freaking out because "criminals can use Tor." After bein... (more)

The 14-year-old Arrested After Bringing a Clock to School Gets Invites to Visit Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg
Business InsiderSep 17

Video: Full CNN Republican Presidential Debate
YouTubeSep 17
Trump on Vaccines and Autism...

Walking the Beat With Copwatch, the People Who Police the Police
VICESep 11

DOJ Says Federal Agents Must Seek Warrants For Stingrays; Forbids Collection Of Communications
TechdirtSep 04
Federal law enforcement agencies of America: prepare to get your Stingray house in order. The DOJ has just issued its official guidance for Stingray use and it's full of stipulations that won't make the FBI, DEA or any other participant in a federal investigation very happy.

The seven-page document opens by reminding readers that S
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Armed Teen Shot After Trying to Steal Sunglasses From Man With Concealed Carry License in Detroit
WXYZSep 03

87-Year-Old Man Accused of Soliciting a Prostitute Earns Pass From Prosecutor
MliveSep 02

Instead Of Shooting Dog That Bit Him, Cop Soothed It
The Free Thought ProjectSep 01
Round Rock, TX — According to an unofficial count done by Ozymandias Media, an independent research group, a dog is shot by law enforcement every 98 minutes.

In an investigative report, it was discovered that a single police department in Buffalo, NY, shot 92 dogs in less than three years. In Southwest Florida, the
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Jerry Seinfeld Hilariously Trolls Cops After they Shut Down his Son's Lemonade Stand
The Free Thought ProjectAug 28
East Hampton, NY — To raise funds for a local baby clothes charity, funnyman Jerry Seinfeld and family set up a lemonade stand. However, their charitable endeavor would be short lived thanks to East Hampton police officers protecting the public from the dangers of an unlicensed lemonade stand.

Seinfeld’s son, Julian, and two friends set up the stand last week to raise money for Baby Buggy. Baby Buggy is a charity started by Seinfeld’s wife Jessica to provide kids’ clothing and bab
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Texas Town Fires Police Dept., Hires Private Citizens For Security -- Guess What Happened to Crime?
Counter Current NewsAug 28
The community of Sharpstown, Texas decided that they didn’t need the police any longer. They made a controversial decision to fire the local police department and hire private citizens, granted no special rights that ordinary citizens do not have, to keep them safe.

That was back in 2012, and since then, Sharpstown residents say the private security company, SEAL Security Solutions, have done a much better job than the police used to. Crimes is down 61% in only 20 months.
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New Ferguson Judge Voids 10,000 Arrest Warrants
RTAug 26
The new municipal judge in Ferguson has recalled all arrest warrants issued before 2015. The decision gives many residents of the troubled Missouri city a fresh start, just days before a court reform law is to take effect.

Issued by Ferguson Municipal Court Judge Donald McCullin, the order applies to all arrest warrants prior to December 31, 2014, whether for minor traffic violations or more serious offenses. Close to 10,000 warrants are affected by the decision, municipal prose
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Whistleblowers Band Together To Sue FBI, NSA And DOJ For Malicious Prosecution, Civil Liberties Violations
TechdirtAug 25
This should be fun. A bunch of whistleblowers that were hounded, surveilled and prosecuted/persecuted by the US government are banding together to sue all the big names in domestic surveillance.

Thomas Drake, Diane Roark, Ed Loomis, J. Kirk Wiebe and William Binney have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the NSA, F
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