Bobby Knight Schools Snarky Anti-Trump CNN Host John Berman
InformationLiberationMay 04
CNN host John Berman tried to take down legendary basketball coach and Trump supporter Bobby Knight but instead ended up getting schooled.

During his interview yesterday, Knight told Berman one of the reasons he supports Trump is because he thinks "there will never be a Benghazi in a Donald Trump administration. "

He said if Trump was in the White House he "would have made sure" that "nothing would have happened" to the "four Americans who died at Benghazi."
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Trump Presidency Incoming
InformationLiberationMay 03
The republicucks are continuing to falling in line as predicted, 56 percent of republicans now support Trump, the number just keeps rising as the inevitable sinks in.

Keep in mind this is a large poll of almost 3500 republicans.

From The Hill:
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hit a new polling high, claimi... (more)

Alex Jones Rips ADL for Claiming "America First" is Anti-Semitic
InformationLiberationApr 30
After reading a report from Information Liberation shared on Infowars, Alex Jones went off on the "gangsters" at the ADL for claiming Donald Trump shouldn't use the term "America First" because it's "anti-Semitic."

Jones mocked the ADL for "being like a bunch of social justice warriors."

"Have you ever seen the ADL meet?" Jones asked.

"Bunch of fat ass gangs
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WATCH: Trump Speaks After Crushing The CUCK Crew (Conservatives United For Cruz and Kasich)
InformationLiberationApr 27
After stomping Ted 'The Canadian Rat' Cruz and John 'Not Worthy Of A Nickname' Kasich in five north-eastern states, a humble Donald Trump skipped the bragging and talked instead about pressing issues, then held an open Q&A.

Trump just hit %50 support among republicans nationally for the first time yesterday, showing the Trump train is only gaining steam and the cucks are falling in line.<
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Trump Crushing Romney's 2012 Performance by Over 2 Million Votes
InformationLiberationApr 26
Trump is absolutely crushing Romney's primary performance in 2012, beating him so far by over 2 million votes.

Lyin' Ted, on the other hand, is losing to Romney by about 300,000 votes.

Trump's high voter turnout smashes the lie that Trump's appeal is limited and only an establishment hack (like the proven loser Mitt Romney) can beat Hillary.
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Dem Turnout Plummets Almost 20%...

Over 60,000 'Disgruntled' Democrats In Pennsylvania Switch to Republicans to Vote Trump
Duluth News TribuneApr 25

WATCH: Roger Stone Talks Trump, Dirty Tricks, & Shows Off His Nixon Bong
InformationLiberationApr 22
Trump confidant and political hitman Roger Stone tells CBS 4 about his relationship with Trump, his own history of dirty tricks, and why he threatened the scumbag RNC delegates headed to the convention in Cleveland.

More importantly, he shows off his beloved Richard Nixon bong.
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Ann Coulter on "The Pussification of Politics"
PJ TVApr 01

On this PJTV Exclusive, Ann Coulter, author of "Adios America!", sits down with John Phillips to discuss what she says is the "pussification of politics" and the GOP Presidential race. Find out if she still supports Donald Trump for President on this PJTV Exclusive!

Photo Enforcement Shut Down in Arizona
TheNewspaperApr 01
Red light cameras and speed cameras are no longer issuing citations in Arizona. Cities throughout the state have decided to unplug their automated ticketing machines in the wake of last month's surprise opinion from Attorney General Mark Brnovich requiring photo ticket vendors to obtain private investigator licenses (read opinion).

"The city of Scottsdale has not issued any citations since March 16th in response to the attorney general's office opinion," Assistant Scottsdale C
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VIDEO: BMX Biker Schools Cop On The Law
InfowarsMar 23
A police officer in California backed down after a verbal confrontation with a BMX bike rider who exemplified a vast knowledge of the city’s public park laws.

In a viral video uploaded to Youtube Saturday, Long Beach Police Lieutenant Mark Cobel approaches two BMX bikers and demands they stop riding in the park.

“If you’re up here and doing tricks and… I don’t care, but once you get off of this you can’t ride your bikes down here,” Lt. Cobel tells the two riders.... (more)

Arizona Attorney General Halts All Photo Radar Use
TheNewspaperMar 18
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sent shockwaves through the photo enforcement industry on Wednesday in finding that red light camera and speed camera companies have been violating the state's private investigator statute. Under the law, anyone other than a police officer who gathers evidence for use in a court trial must be a licensed investigator. Failure to obtain a license is a class one misdemeanor.

"The private investigator licensing statutes specifically exempt eleven
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FOX GOP Debate Cancelled After Trump Pulls Out
MediaiteMar 16

Trump Ad Features Footage From Paul Joseph Watson & Mark Dice
InfowarsMar 15

Concealed Carry 7-Eleven Customer Takes Out Ax-Swinging Lunatic
InfowarsMar 14
A 7-Eleven shopper in Washington State relied on his concealed carry firearm over the weekend to subdue a man who attacked customers and staff with a small ax.

Just before 6 a.m. Sunday, a masked man entered a convenience store in Seattle and "began swinging a hatchet at both the customer and the store clerk," before attacking the cashier, reports KOMO News.

"We don't know if the intent was to commit a robbery because the suspect didn't say anything," King Coun
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VIDEO: Donald Trump Rips Kasich and Dodges Attempted Attack At Rally in Dayton, OH
Right Side BroadcastingMar 12

[Epic plane landing entrance 52:20, speech starts 59:25]

Saturday, March 12, 2016: Live Stream of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Dayton, OH beginning at 10:00 AM EST.

Florida Court: Cops May Not Hold Licenses as Leverage to Search
TheNewspaperMar 10
Police officers may not hold a Florida driver's license and demand to search a vehicle. That was the conclusion last month of a three-judge state Court of Appeal panel that ruled the search of Joey Villanueva's van unconstitutional.

Lakeland Police Officer Bradley Dollison, a rookie, pulled Villanueva over, claiming he blew through a stop sign. The officer opened with the standard request for license and registration. Villanueva's papers were in order, except a computer check note
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Air Force Officer Challenges Suspicionless Roadblocks
TheNewspaperMar 08
The US Supreme Court will decide next week whether it will hear the appeal of a US Air Force major who was detained for more than half an hour at an immigration roadblock 67 miles from the border with Mexico. Richard Rynearson filed his last brief in the case, hoping that the high court's eight justices would overturn the US Court of Appeals decision that endorsed Rynearson's March 18, 2010 detention (view ruling).

"The two judge majority of the Fifth Circuit panel (both milit
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West Virginia Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto: Permitless Carry 'Becomes Law In 90 Days'
RTMar 07
The legislature of West Virginia voted to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of a bill that would allow adults to carry concealed handguns without a permit. Governor says the law puts the lives of police officers and residents in danger.

The state’s House of Delegates voted 64-33 to override Tomblin on Friday without discussion on the matter, and the Senate completed the override on Saturday morning with a vote of 23-11. The vote to bypass the veto was bipartisan in both ch
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West Virginia Supreme Court Shuts Down Random Stops
TheNewspaperMar 04
Motorists who have done nothing wrong will no longer be pulled over by police in West Virginia. The state's highest court last week overturned the conviction of Matthew Feicht, who was pulled over even though he had committed no traffic violations. Although Feicht's case involves no new question of law, the unanimous decision caused state police officials to stop pulling over drivers randomly so that they could receive various gifts from a police "Santa Stop."

When Monongalia Coun
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What The Donald Hath Brought Us: Epic Troll Elected GOP Chairman In Travis County, TX
InformationLiberationMar 03
If you thought Donald Trump was radical, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Trump has cleared the way for a new generation of politicians to seize control: those who simply don't give a damn about sucking up to the establishment.

Via the Texas Tribune:
The newly elected chair of the Republican Party in the county that includes the Texas Capitol spent most... (more)

Apple Hires Developer Behind Signal, Edward Snowden's Favorite Secure Chat App
TechcrunchFeb 26
Apple hires plenty of interns all year round, but one particular addition revealed this week caught the eye given the company's current position opposing a controversial order to enable the FBI to access the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Frederic Jacobs, a Switzerland-based developer who worked to develop secure messaging app Signal -- the communications app of choice for NSA whistleblower Ed
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Politico: 'Trump Shatters The Republican Party'
PoliticoFeb 25

Federal Court Declares Indiana Texting Law Useless
TheNewspaperFeb 24
Looking down at your phone while driving in Indiana is no longer a crime. The Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals set that precedent last week in dismissing charges against Gregorio Paniagua-Garcia, a man who glanced at his phone while behind the wheel on September 27, 2014. Under Indiana law, it is unlawful to use a cell phone to type, send or read a text message or e-mail while driving. All other uses of the phone are perfectly acceptable.

"[This includes] making and receiving p
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Alabama: Armed Citizen Involved in Stopping Mass Shooting
AmmoLandFeb 24
Another legally armed person has stopped a potential mass shooting in Hamilton, Alabama on February 10th, 2016.

The shooting occurred in the morning, a little over an hour before noon, over a distance of a couple of  blocks.

Two people, 67-year-old Donny Miller and 61-year-old Linda Cole were killed in separate offices.  The second victim was shot in an accounting office close to the bank pictured above.  A WVTM13 crew was on the scene less than two hours after the
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Trump: I'll Prosecute Hillary If Elected
InformationLiberationFeb 23

Via the Washington Examiner:
Donald Trump said Monday night that he believes Hillary Clinton will likely get away with her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but said that as president, it's only fair that... (more)

Trump Calls For Auditing The Fed
InfowarsFeb 23
Donald Trump is calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

The GOP frontrunner said it was important to audit the Fed and even called out his rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, for skipping a vote on Sen. Rand Paul's "Audit the Fed" proposal back in Jan.

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Apple Hires Former Solicitor General, Who Lost Wife in 9/11, to Defend It Against FBI
TechdirtFeb 23
Two can play at the "pull on the heart strings about losses due to terror" game apparently. While the FBI has rolled out the "but the poor victims of San Bernardino" argument for why it wants to force Apple into hacking the security of its own customers, Apple has countered with a big gun of its own: it has hired former Solicitor G... (more)

Montreal Police Union Takes Stand Against 'Unethical' Ticket Quotas
InformationLiberationFeb 18
Rather than lie and hide the truth about quotas to pad their wallets, the Montreal police union has called for ticket quotas to be outright abolished.

From the Montreal Gazette:
Long-standing rumours of police having a quota for traffic tickets appear to be true.

Montreal's police brotherhood said since
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Ann Coulter Says Bush Deserves 'Partial Blame' For 911
InformationLiberationFeb 18

Trump has managed to turn Ann Coulter into a voice of reason in American politics.

In this clip from MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, Coulter says Bush does share "partial blame" for 911 because he took a stand against the racial profiling of Muslims at American airports one year before 9/11.

It's not quite saying Bus
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'I Want Everyone to Have Guns': Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris
RTFeb 16
Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes believes some of the 90 people who died in the Bataclan Theater would have survived if they had guns.

Speaking Monday on the eve of the band’s first Paris concert since the November 2015 terrorist attacks, Hughes echoed the controversial words of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom he supports.

During an emotion
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