Man Who Threw Pachamama Idols Into Tiber River Speaks Out

Chris Menahan
Nov. 05, 2019

One of the Catholic men who seized several pagan statues out of a Church in Rome which were allegedly blessed by the Pope as part of a bizarre global warming ritual and threw them into a river revealed himself on Monday and explained his decision.


From LifeSite, "Man Who Tossed Pachamama in Tiber Explains Why It Was 'Right Decision' in New Video":
The man who threw the Pachamama statuettes into the Tiber during the Amazonian Synod last month is back with a new video to answer Catholics’ questions.

Alexander Tschugguel, 26, released a second video today in which he explained why he and a friend disposed of the statuettes in the Tiber, what his St. Boniface Institute is, and how Catholics can work for Christ.

First, however, he noted the importance of the event for Catholics worldwide.

“What we saw yesterday is that the action of throwing [the statuettes] into the river was an opening for everybody around the world, for Catholics, who are now to talk about what happens in the world, what happens in their own dioceses,” Tschugguel said.
[...] Tschugguel called tradition the first “backbone of the Church” and said it shows us how we used to understand the Word of God. He also encouraged viewers to understand what their home cultures, their artistic and folk heritage, are about and find God’s plan behind them.

“God wants us to be different ... but united in one Church,’ he said.

“Every country has a different culture, and the cultures are good as long as they ... obey the commandments of God,” he continued.

“So try to re-establish your old traditions, and try to work for the Catholic faith. Try to work for Christ.”
Tschugguel gave lengthy interviews to Dr Taylor Marshall and LifeSite:

The outpouring of support Tschugguel has received has been remarkable.

More from LifeSite on Monday:
A Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Mexico City burned effigies of the pagan “Pachamama” statues while leading the faithful in prayer to atone for the sin of worshiping the statues at the Vatican during the recently concluded Amazon Synod.

[...] “A friend exorcist says that this idol (Pachamama) is actually the figure of the antichrist. It is a blasphemy and parody of Mary. Pachamama is pregnant but carries the antichrist to give birth to him in the Masonic church, to destroy the sacraments, which is to return to idolatry and superstition. So, this antichrist who is to give birth to a church with an ‘Amazonian face’ is an abomination, it is a contradiction to Church doctrine, which is the dynamic into which these idolaters want to enter into now,” he said.

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