Hamas 'Mass Rape' Hoax Falls Apart: Israeli Paper Admits 'Evidence' of Alleged Rapes Has 'Slipped Away'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 09, 2023

Israel never produced any evidence of Hamas committing mass rape during their attack on Oct 7 and now we know they never will.

Though such claims spread like wildfire in the media and on social media, the only "evidence" ever produced was the claim that Shani Louk was dragged off "naked" by Hamas (she was not naked and had clothes on) and the claim that female IDF soldier Naama Levy was dragged off with dirty pants by Hamas into a truck (she could have soiled her pants or more likely simply being made to sit down in muddy water as the similar stains were at the bottom of her pants).

Reuters interviewed Levy's mother over the weekend and she said nothing about her being raped or sexually assaulted.

Other than those two cases, all that's been produced is hearsay, one "confession" extracted under the threat of (if not outright) torture and deliberately fake translations.

On Thursday, The Times of Israel admitted the evidence of Hamas's rapes has "slip[ped] away" and put out a cover story for why it will never be produced:
Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas's October 7 rapes slips away

Despite definitive witness testimony, global skepticism persists about the terrorists' sexual crimes. ToI investigates how a mass-casualty event in a war zone made forensic determination impossible

By CARRIE KELLER-LYNN | 9 November 2023, 3:18 pm

[...] [I]n the wake of the unprecedentedly large mass-casualty event, physical evidence of sexual assault was not collected from corpses by Israel's overtaxed morgue facilities amid their ongoing scramble to identify the people killed, many of whose bodies were mutilated and burned. More than a month after Hamas rampaged through border communities near the Gaza Strip and a massive outdoor music festival, Israel is still identifying the dead through disaster victim identification protocols.

The decision -- made under war footing and a pressing need to identify the dead -- to not use time-consuming crime scene investigation protocols to document rape cases has, however, fueled international skepticism over Hamas's sexual abuse of victims while it held control over parts of southern Israel on October 7.

[...] There is significant evidence of systematic sexual abuse, but morgue officials have not designated individual cases as rape because of a lack of court-compliant physical proof. In addition to survivors' testimony, a slew of Israeli officials, first responders, and morgue workers have stated that Hamas raped women as part of its assault. The Shin Bet has released clips from videotaped interrogations of captured Hamas perpetrators attesting to their orders to rape Jewish women.
This is all just misdirection and obfuscation.

First responders claimed they saw Hamas baked a baby in an oven but even Israeli journalists admitted that was all a lie. Same goes for the debunked "Hamas beheaded 40 babies" hoax.

So-called survivor/witness testimony is worthless considering Israel admitted they're going to be coaching all their released hostages in the wake of the "PR disaster" of freed captive Yocheved Lifshitz detailing how Hamas treated her and fellow captives "very nicely" and "were very delicate and gentle with them and took care of all their needs."

ToI's article continues:
Reflecting the government's official position, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that Hamas committed acts of "murder, rape, kidnapping," in Hebrew-language remarks, repeated multiple times over the past month. However, the government has not released explicit footage or pressed rape survivors to share their stories. Nor have the forensic services released formal reports on whether their findings were consistent with sexual abuse.

This seemingly official decision not to provide clear evidence of rape to international media has fed persistent criticism, mostly from abroad, and many media outlets are now framing the October 7 rapes as a claim rather than a fully substantiated fact. Social media is now awash with memes parodying "not believing women" who are Israeli or Jewish.

[...] Over a month after what Israelis are calling "Black Shabbat," The Times of Israel has examined what we do and do not know about Hamas's use of rape among the 1,400 killed, and why Israel's sexual assault forensic process is at a seeming standstill.

The Times of Israel investigation is centered on evidence collected from the bodies of those slaughtered on October 7. An editorial decision was made not to pursue leads to survivors of sexual abuse, and the Defense Ministry declined to discuss intelligence related to the treatment of Hamas-held hostages.

[...] Now, a month after the massacre, the window for collecting physical evidence of rape that can stand up in court is closed, said a forensic official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Under good conditions, authorities would have had about a week to collect evidence from bodies if they were promptly found and professionally handled.

But these were not optimal conditions for evidence collection. In the wake of the massacre, resources were overwhelmingly directed toward identifying victims -- not their cause of death -- a process that is still ongoing. The circumstances of the mass casualty event and the ongoing war contaminated crime scenes, or did not allow for the collecting of relevant evidence. And in many cases, the bodies were in such states of mutilation or decay when found that it was impossible to obtain evidence.
The bodies were destroyed because Israel rained Hellfire missiles on them with Apache helicopters and shelled them with tanks in the fog of war.

This was all detailed in the Grayzone's Oct 27 article, "October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles."

The world has been fed one lie after another about what really happened on Oct 7 and only Israeli Hebrew-language papers are reporting on how IDF soldiers looted the homes of kibbutzim residents in Western Negev after they were ordered to evacuate in the wake of Hamas's attack and two Israeli citizens were indicted for allegedly looting music festivalgoers who were killed in the attack.

Last month, another Israeli paper reported on how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly planted fake relatives in a meeting with the families of hostages taken by Hamas to tell them "we need to stop this whiny behavior" because "we need to win this war."

Just imagine how depraved a person would have to be to put a fake relative in a meeting with the families of captives to tell them shut their mouths and get behind the war!

Netanyahu announced to the world in so many words that the goal of this war is to "destroy Amalek" -- Israel pushing atrocity propaganda to justify committing atrocities is just standard practice!

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