Senate Passes $95B Giveaway to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, Combined With TikTok Ban

Chris Menahan
Apr. 23, 2024

The US Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed "MAGA Mike Johnson's" bill to give $95 billion from struggling American taxpayers to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and ban TikTok for allowing criticism of Israel to go viral.

"The bill passed the Senate on an overwhelming 79-18 vote late Tuesday after the House had approved the package Saturday," the AP reports. "Biden, who worked with congressional leaders to win support, said in a statement immediately after passage that he will sign it Wednesday and start the process of sending weapons to Ukraine, which has been struggling to hold its front lines against Russia."

The REPO Act to steal frozen Russian assets and give them to Ukraine is also part of the bill.

Despite previous promises to tie Ukraine funding to securing America's southern border, zero funds were included for US border security.

Senate Republicans voted against a similar bill (with less money to Israel) a few weeks ago due to the border provisions but this bill to provide nothing for America and nearly double Biden's requested funding for Israel brought both parties together.

Michael Tracey shared choice highlights from the debate on the Senate floor:

As I said previously, this is a truly monumental, historic swindle foisted on the public by "MAGA Mike Johnson," the GOP and the Israel Lobby with Donald Trump not only doing nothing to stop it but openly and publicly signaling his support for Johnson.

The American people have almost no representation in "our" Congress while AIPAC and the Israel Lobby have a super-majority in the House and Senate.

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