Groyper War: Charlie Kirk Hammered With Hard Questions by America First Youth At UF

Chris Menahan
Nov. 12, 2019

There ain't no brakes on this train.

The Groypening gathered even more momentum on Tuesday with a massive showing of America First patriots asking Turning Point USA figurehead Charlie Kirk hard questions at the University of Florida.

The event started with Turning Point USA canceling their planned live stream due to technical "issues."

Nonetheless, DLive user Simon Sasquatch live streamed the event on his phone and Catholic conservative commentator Nick Fuentes restreamed Simon's stream with his own commentary and got nearly 20k live viewers.

As far as I can tell, that one streamer is the only reason we have any footage of this event.

Kirk bent the knee during a short speech where he apologized for his repeated calls to "staple" green cards to foreign student's diplomas.

Kirk also made some comments criticizing foreign wars and Big Tech censorship to try and get the crowd on his side.

Kirk was joined by conservative Christian veteran Graham Allen who championed legal immigration and LGBT acceptance.

Over 100 people were said to have lined up to ask Kirk a question.

TPUSA tried to keep a lid on the questioners (and smear them in advance) by splitting them into two lines, one for the "left" and one for the "far-right" or "alt-right" (this decision was booed by the crowd):

The first questioner of the night was an engineering student who criticized Kirk for pushing STEM-related foreign worker visas to take jobs from American youth fresh out of college. The student asked Kirk: "What can your brand of conservatism offer American graduates besides directions to the unemployment line?"



Kirk got another question from a self-described "Proud American Jew" who criticized Kirk for smearing his critics using "leftist dog whistle tactics":


A young woman called out Kirk for having TPUSA staffers allegedly place her at the front of the line ahead of others who came before her in a suspected attempt to keep him from having to answer their tough questions:

Incidentally, Turning Point USA Ambassador Joe Baswari who appeared to act as a plant at the last TPUSA event with Rep. Dan Crenshaw was once again seen at this event seemingly managing who could get in line to ask Kirk a question:

Another questioner called out Kirk's family connections (his father worked for Trump) and family wealth which ensures he won't have to live in the third world hellscape mass immigration is creating: "Do you have any case for legal immigration in a time when your own countrymen are struggling that does not stem from your own economic self service?"

(Kirk's response was cut off due to Fuentes breaking out the Joker dance.)

Charlie Kirk acknowledged Virginia was flipped blue in part due to mass immigration but said he doesn't believe "demographics are necessarily destiny" to loud boos:

The last question of the night was about Kirk "claiming to be a supporter of free speech" even though he allegedly fired TPUSA Ambassador Ashley St. Clair for appearing in a picture with Nick Fuentes:

Fuentes discussed the "decisive victory" on his show on YouTube shortly after the event ended.

There's truly nothing more fun than watching America Last Conservatism Inc. shills squirm!

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