Austria Won't Deport Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Raped 72yo Woman
RTJan 29
An 18-year-old asylum seeker who raped a 72-year-old pensioner will not be deported from Austria to Afghanistan after serving his 20-month prison sentence.

The Afghan asylum seeker, identified as Wahab M., was found guilty of raping an elderly woman by the Regional Court on Wednesday, Austrian press reported. He was sent to jail and issued a €5,000 fine.

The maximum penalty would have been five years behind bars, according to Austria’s
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40% of Germans Want Merkel to Quit Over Refugee Policy -- Poll
RTJan 29
Forty percent of Germans are apparently not satisfied with Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy and want her to resign, according to a recent poll.

The Insa survey for Focus magazine polled 2,047 German citizens from January 22-25, Reuters reported.

However, 45.2 percent of Germans said Merkel’s migrant policy was not the reason for her to leave her post.

Merkel has come under fire for her welcoming policy toward refugees, who have recently arri
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Hitler Youth Nabbed: German Police Swoop On 90-Something Ex-SS Panzer War Crimes Suspects
RTJan 29

Germany: Demand For Small Arms Doubles After Cologne Assaults
RTJan 28
Demand for self-defense weapons, such as non-lethal and gas pistols, pepper sprays and electroshock weapons has doubled in Germany, local license authorities say.

After New Year Eve’s sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities, more and more people are purchasing non-lethal arms or applying for licenses to obtain them. Top-selling items include concealed-carry handbags, air pistols, pepper sprays and stun weapons.

A dealer in the North Rhine-Westpha
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Swedish Refugee Center Workers Attacked by Underage Weapon-Wielding Residents
RTJan 28
Workers at a home for refugee children in Sweden had to barricade themselves inside a room after 19 young men rioted and attacked them with makeshift weapons. It is the latest in a string of violence at Swedish refugee facilities.

“There was a violent riot at the accommodation center for unaccompanied refugee children,” Ingela Crona from the local police in Kalmar told Expressen.

“They broke loose, and a total of 19 people banded together and did this,” she added.
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Police in German Town Advised Not to Prosecute Migrant Offenders Over Petty Crimes -- Media
RTJan 28
Police in the German town of Kiel were told not to prosecute or arrest migrants for petty crimes, media have revealed. The instruction, which was filed weeks before the sexual harassment scandal in Cologne on New Year's Eve, cited a lack of IDs among the migrants.

The documents first emerged in Bild newspaper and local Kieler Nachrichten daily. According to the media, the official guidelines of Kiel police department called for restriction of the prosecution for petty offe
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Danish Nightclub Boss Facing Prosecution For Banning Groping Migrants
The Daily MailJan 28

US Considering Fresh Military Action in Libya Over Isis Threat
The GuardianJan 28

Outrage in Denmark as 17yo Girl Faces Fine For Using Pepper Spray Against Sex Attacker
RTJan 27
A Danish teenager who said she was sexually assaulted now faces a fine for using pepper spray against her attacker. The man who pulled her to the ground and tried to undress her fled the scene without any charges.

The incident took place in the center of the small town of Sonderborg in southern Denmark at about 10 p.m. local time Wednesday. She told police that an English-speaking man knocked her to the ground, tried to unbutton her pants and undress her.

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Germany Bans Far-Right Internet Platform, Arrests 2
Associated PressJan 27

Report: Dutch Police Are Visiting The Homes of People Critical of Asylum Centers On Twitter, Urging Them to Delete Posts
NRC.nlJan 26
Monday afternoon Mark Jongeneel received a distressing phonecall. His mother. Two policemen had just visited and were looking for him, but they didn't explain why. Now they were going to Mark's office: he owns a debt-collection company. Wat could be going on? "I was drunk saturday night, I recalled". But he could remember everything of that night.

"You twitter a lot, don't you?" the police said, when they were sitting in his office. "We have received orders to ask you to watch yo
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Islamic Murderer: Christian Girls Exist to "Pleasure Muslim Men"
InfowarsJan 26
A group of Muslims reportedly mowed down three Christians with their car, killing one of them, while claiming Christian girls are only meant for “the pleasure of Muslim men.”

Pakistani police are slow to investigate the Jan. 13 attack by four Muslims who spotted the girls while they were walking home to the Christian community of Baowala and proceeded to flirt with them unsuccessfully.

“How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the
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Police Officers Flee Angry Mob in Swedish Refugee Center Through Back Door
RTJan 26
A police patrol of 10 officers was forced to flee a refugee center in Sweden after being surrounded by a mob of violent migrants. Law enforcement officials had arrived to relocate a 10-year-old boy after reports of his repeated rape at the facility.

One of the officers described what had happened in a police report obtained by the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper.

“Even more people appeared behind us. I was mentally prepared to fight for my life. We were 10 poli
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Swedish Police Warn Stockholm's Main Train Station Is Overrun by Migrant Gangs 'Groping Girls'
The Daily MailJan 26

Israeli Defense Minister Says ISIS Funded With 'Turkish Money'
RTJan 26
Israel's defense minister has alleged that the Islamic State terror group has long been funded with "Turkish money."

"As you know, Daesh (Islamic State, previously ISIS/ISIL) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended," Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Athens on Tuesday after meeting his Greek counterpart, Panos Kammenos, Reuters reports.

"It's up to Turkey, the Turkish government, the Turkish leadership, to d
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Thousands Of Cuban Refugees Flooding Into Texas
KRGVJan 26

Refugees Claim ISIS Militants Living Among Them in Germany
RTJan 23
Christian refugees from Syria claim they saw a former Islamic State member living in Frankfurt, and that this is not an isolated case. Police investigated but refused to file charges because the alleged terrorist has done nothing criminal in Germany.

On his last visit to the Saarland region of Germany, on the border with France, RT’s Peter Oliver met with a group of Assyrian Christians who had been held hostage by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). They recalled that whil
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No German -- No Money: Austria to Fine Refugees For Refusal to Integrate
RTJan 23
Refugees who refuse to attend special integration training courses in Austria as a part of a new program may see their social benefits cut, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said.

“Those who are not willing to learn German, who do not want to be part of the labor market, who are not ready to attend an integration course, will face social benefits cuts,” Kurz said at the economic forum in Davos, adding that “it is an absolutely necessary next step.”

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Senate Leader Surprises Lawmakers With New ISIS War Powers Request
Defense OneJan 23

Report: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid's Pool, Invaded Girls Changing Rooms
BreitbartJan 23

'You Have No Right to Rape!' -- 16-Year-Old Girl's Anti-Migrant Rant Goes Viral
InformationLiberationJan 22

Via Breitbart:

"Please help us!... It is... very hard to live day-to-day as a woman" says 16 year old Bibi Wilhailm, a German girl who has uploaded her personal experiences of Arab and Muslim migrants in a new video tha
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"Our Europe Is Dying": German Youth Blast Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia"
ZeroHedgeJan 22
Earlier this week, we documented the riots that took place in tiny Heesch where 1,000 Dutch protesters took to the streets to demonstrate their extreme displeasure at the town's decision to settle some 500 refugees.

Just hours before the melee, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who is set to go on trial in March for inciting racial hatred by promising
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RT Journalist Attacked by Knife-Wielding Gang in Calais
RTJan 22

RT UK's journalist Rob Edwards was attacked by a gang of knife-wielding Arabs in the refugee hub of Calais. He made a narrow escape after being pinned down. READ MORE:

Yet Another Migrant On Child Sex Attack At a European Swimming Pool
BreitbartJan 22

Asylum Volunteer Admits: '90 Per Cent' of Migrants Are 'Unpleasant', Liars, and Threaten to Behead People
BreitbartJan 21
A social worker working in an asylum centre in Hamburg has spoken out about the daily realities of her job, which includes death threats, sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour, forged documents, misogyny, verbal abuse and even physical assault. She has admitted to changing her dress and behaviour in order to stay safe from the migrants, 90 percent of whom she describes as "unpleasant". Having initially been fired up with enthusiasm for helping the "refugees," she admits that she is seriously c... (more)

Litvinenko Case: UK Inquiry Says Putin Probably Approved Ex-Spy's Murder
CNNJan 21

Oldest Christian Monastery in Iraq Razed
Associated PressJan 21

German Jewish Leaders: We Are No Longer Safe Here
JPostJan 21
Putin offers Russian refuge to European Jews facing anti-Semitism...

Health Scare in Denmark as Refugees Bring Back Diphtheria After 20yr Absence
RTJan 20
Danish authorities have warned hospitals over possible outbreak of infectious diseases as several cases of diphtheria, tuberculosis and malaria carried by the refugees have already been registered.

“The infection can be very dangerous if one isn’t vaccinated against it. The dangerous type is very rare and we last saw it in Denmark in 1998,” Kurt Fuursted, spokesperson for the Danish State Serum Institute (SSI) told Metroxpress referring to the potential return of diphtheria. This
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Four Men Accused of Plotting Isis-Inspired Drive-by Shootings in London Using a Moped
The IndependentJan 19

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