Almost Half of Israeli Jews Want Arabs Expelled - Survey
RTMar 08
Nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, a recent survey on religion and politics in the country shows. The poll also shows both Israeli Jews and Arabs are gradually giving up on the two-state solution.

As many as 48 percent of Israeli Jews favor expulsion or transfer of Arabs from Israel, where they constitute 19 percent of the total population, amounting to 8.4 million people, the survey conducted by the Washington-based
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Mexican President Compares Trump To Hitler, Says There's 'No Scenario' Where Mexico Will Pay For Wall
InformationLiberationMar 07
Trump is Hitler and Mexico won't pay for the wall, so says current Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto.

Via the AP
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto compared the language of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to that of dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in an interview published Monday, a... (more)

Hacker 'Guccifer,' Who Uncovered Clinton's Private Emails, to Be Extradited to US
RTMar 07
Guccifer, the infamous Romanian hacker who accessed emails of celebrities and top US officials, will be extradited to the United States, after losing a case in his home country's top court.

Reuters reports that Lehel will come to the US under an 18-month extradition order, following a request made by the US authorities. Details of the extradition have not been made public, however.

Marcel Lehel, a 42-year-old hacker better known by his pseudonym “Guccifer,” ach
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Mugabe Eager to Nationalize Zimbabwe's Diamond Industry
RTMar 07
The Zimbabwe government wants to take over all diamond operations. President Robert Mugabe says the country’s wealth had been looted by the existing miners.

“The state will now own all the diamonds in the country. Companies that have been mining diamonds have robbed us of our wealth. That is why we have now said the state must have a monopoly,” said Mugabe in an interview with the state broadcaster.

A week ago the country’s ministry of mines halted the work of all m
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Libertarian Commentator Lauren Southern Assaulted by 'Anti-Fascist' Protesters
BreitbartMar 06
Libertarian commentator Lauren Southern was assaulted and reportedly "covered in piss" by activists in the streets of Vancouver, in a new low for the regressive left. Her crime? Saying there are "only two genders." The incident took place Friday evening in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, during an "anti-fascist" protest against a visiting libertarian speaker.

Southern, accompanied by her Rebel Media cameraman and a team from, met protesters on the street and
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Massive Sweden Bound Haul of Grenades and Automatic Weapons Seized
BreitbartMar 05
A Turkish citizen, a Swede and a man from Serbia have been arrested after a massive shipment of grenades and automatic weapons destined for Sweden was uncovered. Grenade attacks linked to migrant gang warfare have become a familiar occurrence in parts of Nordic nation. There were 30 grenade explosion in Malmo in the first half of 2015, and ... (more)
VIDEO: Inside Muslim Majority Neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden...

German Schoolgirl 'Is Gang-Raped by Serbian Migrants While Teen Girl Filmed It'
The Daily MailMar 05

Senior Government Figure Calls For Mandatory Pork in School, Government Canteens
BreitbartMar 05

Three Held For Murder At Swedish Asylum Centre; Police 'Decline to Release Nationalities' Of Those Involved
The LocalMar 04
Record Number of Swedes Fleeing to America...

VIDEO: Inside Muslim Majority Neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden
TheRebel.mediaMar 02

Ezra Levant of continues his series on the effects of Muslim mass migration on Europe, this time with interviews with Muslim men in Malmo, Sweden. However, the conversation that troubled him most was one with a non-Muslim, native Swedish woman.

2 Teenage Girls Sexually Assaulted by Afghan Migrants At German Waterpark
RTMar 02
Asylum seekers from Afghanistan have been charged with the attempted rape of two schoolgirls in a public swimming pool in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The court ruled in favor of holding the suspects in custody without bail over the risk of repeated offence.

The adult man and 14-year old boy reportedly molested two girls, aged 14 and 18, at the Arriba aquatics center in the city of Norderstedt on Saturday. After being groped by the men, the girls approached the
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Germany: Teenage Girls Sexually Harassed by 30 'Refugees' in Shopping Mall
InfowarsMar 02
Three teenage girls were sexually harassed by up to 30 Muslim migrants at a German shopping mall last week in another shocking incident that highlights the social consequences being wrought by Angela Merkel's open border policy.

The incident began at the Sophienhof mall in the city of Kiel when two young men of Afghan origin began to pursue three teenage girls aged 15, 16 and 17. The men began filming the girls on their smartphones and uploading the images to social media.
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VIDEO: Anti Migrant Protesters in Slovenia Chant 'Donald Trump, Donald Trump'
AXJ Slovenia NewsMar 02
Chanting "Donald Trump" is becoming a nationalist rallying cry across the planet...
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60 Minutes Crew Attacked by 'Masked Men' While Covering Refugee Crisis in Sweden
The Daily MailMar 01
A Channel Nine 60 Minutes crew working with reporter Liz Hayes has been attacked and injured while on assignment in Stockholm.

Sweden's Avpixlat news service reports that the 60 Minutes team was interviewing residents about the European migrant crisis in the suburb of Rinkeby when they were set upon twice by 'a group of young African masked men'.

'When a camera
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Muslim Woman Holding Severed Child's Head Shouting "Allahu Akbar" Arrested In Moscow
RTFeb 29
A woman dressed all in black and holding what is thought to be a child’s severed head has been arrested near a metro station in Moscow. She was shouting, “I am a terrorist,” and reportedly threatened to blow herself up.

According to LifeNews, the victim was a girl, identified as Nastya M. After the murder, the female suspect went to a metro station, where she was stopped by a local police officer. She immediately took the severed child’s head from her bag and started shouting tha
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Girl 'was in her care'...

New 'Soldiers of Allah' Set to Counter 'Infidel' 'Soldiers of Odin' in Norway
RTFeb 26
Norwegian Islamists say they have created a vigilante group called “Soldiers of Allah” in answer to the anti-refugee “Soldiers of Odin” that started patrolling the streets of several Norwegian cities last year in response to a massive inflow of refugees.

“In response to the infidel group Soldiers of Odin patrols, we Muslims have chosen to create a group that will patrol the streets, first in Oslo, to prevent evil and encourage the good,” an Islamist-linked source told the Norwegi
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Dead Pig Found at German Mosque Building Site
Associated PressFeb 26

Leftist Mob Threatens Mafia-Style Attacks on Germans Who Protested Against "Refugees"
InfowarsFeb 25
A militant pro-refugee left-wing mob has threatened violent Mafia-style attacks on residents of a German village in retaliation for them protesting against the arrival of a group of migrants.

Last week, Germans in the village of Clausnitz in Saxony surrounded a bus carrying asylum seekers and tried to prevent the migrants getting off. The residents chanted "go home" and "we are the people" before police arrived and the
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VIDEO: Dutch Protester Arrested For Wearing Pig Hat
InformationLiberationFeb 22

Via The New Observer:
The leader of the anti-Islamification of Europe Pegida movement in the Netherlands, Edwin Wagensveld, has been arrested for wearing a furry hat in the shape of a pig’s head, Dutch media have reported.

Wagensveld was, accordi
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Germans Cheer as Refugee Center Burns, Crowds Stop Firefighters From Extinguishing Blaze
Zero HedgeFeb 22
Over the past two months, Europeans have become completely fed up with the wave of refugees streaming into the bloc from the Mid-East.

After demonstrating a remarkable degree of restraint and tolerance in the wake of the attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris in November, the string of sexual assaults that swept Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve was the last straw for a German populace that had, until this year anyway, largely remained supportive of Angela Merkel's "yes we ca
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Black Students Burn Paintings of Whites At South Africa Protest
BreitbartFeb 22
Students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa ransacked university buildings Tuesday and set fire to paintings depicting white people, according to local news. ... (more)

Pope Francis Backs Down After Calling Donald Trump 'Not Christian'
The Daily MailFeb 19
The Vatican today executed a speedy climb-down in its feud with Donald Trump - handing the Republican White House hopeful a major political victory.

Pope Francis's suggestion that Trump was 'not Christian' because of his views on immigration was not a personal attack on the candidate, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said on Friday.

Lombardi told Vatican radio that the pope's comments, which were denounced by Trump, were simply an affirmation of his longst
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16-Yr-Old Migrant Charged With Rape Attended Course On 'How to Treat Western Women'
The Daily MailFeb 19
A teenage Afghan immigrant has been charged with raping a female worker at an asylum seekers' centre in Belgium, authorities said, prompting outrage from anti-immigrant politicians.

The 16-year-old Afghan asylum seeker followed a worker from a catering firm into the basement and raped her at the centre in Menen, near the French border, prosecutors said.

The judge ordered him detained in youth custody until his next hearing.

A spokeswoman for the Red C
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Teacher 'Ignored Teenage Girl's Cries For Help' as She Was Gang Raped At School in Austria
The IndependentFeb 19
[Editors Note: The Kleine Zeitung reports the following (translated to English): "Six boys aged between 15 and 16 years - five of them of African origin - are run as main accused." The Independent didn't feel this fact was relevant and removed it from their telling of the story.]

A teacher is being investigated by Austrian police for allegedly ignoring a 15-year-old girl's cries of help as she was gang raped at school.

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Soros: 'Xenophobic' EU Countries Must Take On Massive Debt To Pay For Refugees
InformationLiberationFeb 18
In an editorial released Wednesday, George Soros said the European Union faces "mortal danger" and must "urgently" use their "AAA credit rating" to take on massive debt so that their refugees can be provided with "formal employment opportunities, health care, and education," lest the EU continue "coming apart at the seams."

Soros writes in "The Case for Surge Funding":
Important progress was made at the donors’ conference for Syrian refugees convened in L... (more)

Study: Increased Ethnic Diversity Making Brits Miserable
BreitbartFeb 18
A study has found that an increase in "diversity" makes existing residents of a area feel unhappier and more socially isolated, while those leaving for more homogenous areas populated by their own ethic group often get happier.

Among the reasons for residents feeling insecure as their area diversifies, is that people tend to spend time with those they perceive as like them, and feel less secure when experiencing rapid change, the authors explained.

Already around a
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Danish Government Opens Door For Potential Migrant Sex Offenders to Work With Children
InfowarsFeb 17
In a disturbing development, the Danish government is set to drop a requirement that newly arrived migrants prove they are not sex offenders in order to allow "refugees" to work with children in nurseries and day care centers.

Under current rules it is a legal requirement that kindergartens, daycare centers and nurseries ensure that an employee has not previously been convicted of sexual offenses against children.

"But when the country's municipalities want to send
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Tommy Robinson Attacked, Hospitalised One Week After Revealing Islamists Are Out to Kill Him
BreitbartFeb 15

'15-Yr-Old Boy' Who Killed Swedish Social Worker Is Actually Somali-Born Adult
RTFeb 12
A Somali-born refugee charged with the murder of a Swedish social worker is not 15 years old, as previously believed, but is likely over 18, which means he could face trial in an adult court.

The new conclusion about the age of Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, who is accused of killing 22-year-old social worker Alexandra Mezher, is based on interviews a migration officer conducted with him after he had applied for residence and work permits, a spokesperson for Sweden’s migration agency s
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Soros: 'Putin Aims At EU Disintegration, Threat From Russia Bigger Than From Jihadi Attacks'
RTFeb 11
American and EU leaders are making a "grievous error" by taking Russian President Vladimir Putin for their ally in the fight against Islamic State, billionaire investor George Soros has stated. Putin's real aim is the EU's disintegration, Soros alleged.

In an opinion piece for, the billionaire stated that "the best way to [cause the
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