Russians Blow Up Illegal Muslim Prayer Hall After Finding Explosives Inside
InformationLiberationApr 30
Russia shows the world how to deal with radical Muslims who fail to integrate.

From RT:
Explosives found in an illegal Muslim prayer hall near the Russian city of Samara was eliminated right inside the building. Bomb disposal team deemed it too dangerous to take the explosives out.

The video of the controlled explosion shows a considerable part of the building being dest
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WATCH: 'In the Name of the Profit' - Russia Exposes Turkey's 'Cozy Relations' With ISIS
RTApr 30
Exclusive eye witness reports and documents, abandoned by retreating jihadists and found by RT Documentary crew members in a region liberated by Syrian Kurds, point to commercial scale oil smuggling operations and cozy relations between ISIS and Turkey.

Exclusive and unprecedented footage, along with witness accounts, was filmed by the RT Documentary crew only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan was liberated from Islamic State terrorists. The area surrounding
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'Violation of Sovereignty': Moscow Slams Obama Decision to Send 250 More US Troops to Syria
RTApr 30
Moscow has voiced concerns over the landing of 150 US soldiers in Rumeilan, northeastern Syria, without the consent of the Syrian government, calling it a “violation of the country's sovereignty.”

"Speaking from the position of the Foreign Ministry, we can't help but be concerned about the fact that such actions are being carried out by the US without the consent of the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told TASS. <
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Kenya Builds Wall Along Somali Border to Keep Al-Shabaab Out
BreitbartApr 30

Human Errors & Technology Failures Led to Msf Hospital Strike in Kunduz - Centcom
RTApr 29
Sixteen people will be punished for their involvement in the October airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan that resulted from human errors and technology failures, according to US Central Command official.

On Friday morning, Army General Joseph L. Votel, commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM) presented the results of the military investigation into the bombing of a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF/Doctors Without Borders) facility that clai
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South African Sports Associations 'Too White'
The New ObserverApr 28
South African Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula has formally suspended that country's rugby, cricket, netball, and athletics associations from bidding for international tournaments because they are too white.

Making the announcement this week, Mbalula said those organizations had "failed to transform"--that is, they had not attracted enou
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"All He Could Say Was 'Sex, Sex, Sex'": Wave of Muslim Migrant Sex Assaults Hits Austria
Jihad WatchApr 28
The Qur'an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take "captives of the right hand," 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur'an says: "O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful." (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themse... (more)

Trump Foreign Policy Speech Signals Death of Neocons and Peace With Russia
InformationLiberationApr 27
Donald Trump's major foreign policy speech delivered today in Washington, DC signaled the death of the Neocon stranglehold on America and the rise of peace with our greatest ally, Russia.

While bloodthirsty Neocons and internationalists like George Soros view Putin and the people of Russia as their greatest enemy, Trump sees them as a friend.

"We desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China," Trump said.

"We have serious diffe
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German Nuclear Plant in Bavaria Infected With Malware, Logins Compromised
RTApr 27
Several computer viruses have been detected in a German nuclear power plant in Bavaria, the station operator said. The malware can steal login credentials and allow a remote attacker to access the cracked computer.

The incident took place at Gundremmingen plant about 100km from Munich.

“In Gundremmingen nuclear power plant so-called office-malware has been found during … testing work in Unit B,” a statement released by the power plant said.

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Trump: Germany 'Will Never Be The Same Again... Migrants Could Be Isis'
BreitbartApr 27

Canada: 17-Yr-Old 'Refugee' Who Became Star Basketball Player Turns Out to be 29-Yr-Old Man
InformationLiberationApr 26
Six-foot nine, 29-year-old Jonathan Nicola of South Sudan was reportedly caught posing as a 17-year-old boy to attain refugee status in Canada.

The Sudanese migrant who came to Canada six months ago and enrolled in Windsor's Catholic Central High School quickly become a "star basketball player" after beating on a bunch of much shorter high school students almost half his age.

His coach Pete Cusumano had high hopes he could one day play in the NBA.

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Hungary PM Viktor Orban Says Constitution BANS "Islamization" Of Country
InformationLiberationApr 26
Hungary's heroic prime minister Viktor Orban has just made clear he will not tolerate the Islamization of his peoples' country, proclaiming their constitution forbids it.

From the AP:
Hungary's constitution bans "Islamization" because the document aims to protect Hungarian language and culture, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday.
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VIDEO: Finnish Boy Bullied & Attacked by Migrant Kids
InformationLiberationApr 26
Video out of Finland shows a group of migrant boys bullying a young Finnish child and trying to force him to fight with them.

The boy obviously does not want to fight and tries to keep walking away from one kid who keeps swinging at him, only to have another migrant boy stand behind him and attempt to keep him from fleeing.
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US Set to Give Israel 'The Largest Single Pledge of Military Assistance to Any Country in US History'
InformationLiberationApr 26
Despite the US being completely broke, 83 out of 100 US senators just signed on to demand Israel be given the "largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history."

From The Times of Israel:
A White House official indicated on Monday that the Obama ... (more)

Isis Fighters in Sweden to Attack 'Civilian Targets' in Stockholm - Reports
RTApr 26
Swedish security services are on high alert in connection with a potential terror threat, officials said. Reports in Swedish media say several Islamic State fighters have arrived in Sweden to carry out attacks on civilian targets in the capital Stockholm.

“Right now we're gathering information and intelligence and coordinating with our national and international partners,” security police (Säpo) press spokesman Simon Bynert told the TT news agency.

He added that
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More Boots On The Ground: Obama Sends 250 More US Troops to Syria
RTApr 26
US President Barack Obama confirmed plans to dramatically increase the American troop presence in Syria by deploying an additional 250 personnel, bringing the total to 300. He said the troops would help drive out the Islamic State terrorist group.

The move, which was first reported by the media, will once again contradict Obama’s 2013 promise of not putting any “American boots on the ground in Syria.”

“Just as I have approved additional support for Iraqi forces
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London 2016: 'Locals' Filmed Stealing Water Left for Marathon Runners
InformationLiberationApr 25
A large mob of "locals" went on a looting-spree in Deptford yesterday stealing pallet after pallet of bottled water left for runners taking part in the London Marathon.

Despite the stares of onlookers, several of which were filming with their phones, the looters were seen shamelessly loading dozens of pallets onto makeshift dollies and taking part in a mad-dash looting frenzy.

Incidentally, there didn't appear to be many native Brits joining in.
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Presidential Election Earthquake In Austria As Anti-Invasion Party Rises
The New ObserverApr 25
The anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has definitively won the first round of Austria's presidential elections held today, with its candidate Norbert Hofer crushing his opponents with a projected 35 to 37 percent of the vote.

The election will now go into a second round on May 22, where Nofer will face whoever comes second in today's race.

The controlled media's "opinion polls" which said that the Green Party's candidate would easily beat the FPÖ–were al
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Ex-US Diplomat: Indigenous Europeans Will Flee to Hungary to Escape Migrant Invasion
The New ObserverApr 25
Hungary will increasingly become the destination choice of north western Europeans fleeing their nations' "suicidal migration policies," a former senior US diplomat has said.

Writing in the Hungary Today journal, Hungarian-American Adam Topolansky, who previously worked at the US International Trade Commission in Budapest, said that Hungary will "welcome autochthonous western European migrants with open arms."

His article, titled "Hungary!--The country of choice fo
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Memo: CDC Officials Warned of Safety Risks, Diseases Amid Immigrant Influx
InfowarsApr 25
An internal memo circulated within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014 shows the agency was well aware "many" illegal alien minors and "young adults" entering the US harbored communicable diseases.

In a memo obtained by government watchdog Judicia
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Legal Migration Overrunning United States
The New ObserverApr 25
New research which shows that there are 55 million Latinos in the US has highlighted the fact that legal immigration remains the single greatest threat to America's future as a First World nation.

According to the latest "Statistical Portrait of Hispanics in the United States" issued by the Pew Research Center, the Hispanic population has tripled s
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Swedes Revolt Over Refugees Near Schools: Demand 'F**king Answers' From Stockholm City Council
ZeroHedgeApr 25
Having documented the growing tensions in Sweden between an immigration-happy government and a nation beset by refugee-crime sprees, it appears 'the people' have had enough. Stockholm residents are upset over the city council's plans to re-locate hundreds of Muslim migrants right next to a school and during a recent meeting, brawls broke out as Swede... (more)

Obama in Germany: Merkel Is On 'Right Side of History' by Destroying Europe's Borders
BreitbartApr 25

Afghan Couple Getting £5,000 A Month In Benefits Want Free IFV In Austria To Have A Tenth Child (At Age 44)
The Daily MailApr 25

Dutch Columnist Detained in Turkey 'Over Erdogan Tweet'
RTApr 25
The Turkish police have detained a Dutch columnist over a critical tweet she posted about Turkish President Recep Erdogan, her newspaper said. The woman intends to go back to the Netherlands after being released.

Ebru Umar is a Dutch columnist of Turkish origin, who writes for several newspapers, including Metro. On Saturday, the Turkish police detained her at the resort of Kusadasi and seized her laptop, the newspaper reported.

Umar told Metro she was quest
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Bulgarian Man Charged For Detaining Migrants Cheered As A Hero While Appearing In Court
InformationLiberationApr 24
A Bulgarian man many hail as a hero for detaining three Afghan migrants trying to illegally enter his country was cheered by a large crowd while being hauled into court for a hearing related to his ongoing house arrest.

Petar Nizamov was charged for "illegally detaining" three migrants after video he released of the detention went viral and internationalist NGOs pressured the Bulgarian government to punish him.
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Pirate Party's Leader Detained in Germany For Citing Poem About Erdogan
RTApr 24
During a rally supporting comedian Jan Boehmermann, Bruno Kramm, the head of the Berlin branch of Germany's Pirate Party, was arrested for "insulting a representative of a foreign state" by quoting a line from the comic's satirical poem slamming Erdogan.

German police arrested Kramm while he was conducting a “literary analysis” of the German comedian’s satirical poem in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin during a protest held under the slogan “No Power for Erdowahn, Freedo
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Italian Mob 'Declares War' on Migrants as Mayor Says Sicily Capital Feels More Like Istanbul or Beirut Than Europe
The Daily MailApr 24

France: Video Shows Migrant Women Beat 16-Yr-Old Girl 'For Wearing A Dress'
InformationLiberationApr 23
Video out of France shows a group of migrant women beat a 16-yr-old girl they labeled as a "slut" for wearing a dress.

As the victim reportedly did not know the assailants, the attack appears to have been a random act of violence.

Fortunately, a man was able to pull away the most vicious assailant, a woman described as a "real giant," before she was able to murder her victim.
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Report: Brussels Bomber Worked At Airport For 5 Yrs Before Helping Blow It Up
RTApr 22
One of the suicide bombers who blew himself up at the Brussels airport in Zaventem on March 22 had worked on the site for as long as five years, Belgium's VTM television reported.

Najim Laachraoui "worked at Brussels airport until the end of 2012," Flemish-language VTM said, adding that the terrorist had been recruited by a temp agency and knew the site like the back of h
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