'Let Everybody Pour In!': Louis CK Says U.S. Needs Open Borders as Punishment For Oppressing The Third World

Chris Menahan
Jan. 26, 2023

MeTooed Hollywood libtard Louis CK told Joe Rogan in a recent podcast that America needs open borders to knock us down a peg and punish us for oppressing the Third World.


"My feeling is they should open it -- the border -- and just let everybody pour in," CK told Rogan during his podcast released on Saturday. "And then the answer is, well then there will be all these problems. Yes -- there should be, it shouldn't be so great here, in America, it's a weird thing to sequester a certain group of people and try to keep upping their lifespan and their lifestyle and just keep trying to increase that for this group and then [there's] this pressure of people trying to come in so they can enjoy it and then it gets worse and worse down here [south of the US]."

"There's something wrong with it, that's not a system that's working, and it forces people to do cruel things to other people," CK continued. "There's a lot of people that die so Americans can be safe. They're just dying -- you know -- weddings that are drone bombed in Yemen because a guy said something that might have resulted in American insecurity -- not even like definite American deaths but like just so we can breathe a little easier, folks die."

"And folks do labor in unsafe places so we can keep the prices where we like them, there's so much about American life that other people pay for," he said.

"It's not good for us either, it's not a good way for us to live, in a gated community, if you let folks pour in, like any other wave it will kind of slosh, and then things will be different. What will really happen? Will they just come with knives and start killing everybody?" CK said. "I don't think so."

Why don't you ask the people of London that question?

Why don't you take a few minutes to look at the LAPD's Most Wanted List?

Our lifespans are going down and our economy is in decline in no small part due to decades of mass immigration. Crime is way up and social alienation is through the roof. Our policies in the Middle East are driven by Israel's security and our policies in Yemen are driven by Saudi Arabia.

While he was still president, Trump repeatedly stated that Israel's security -- not oil -- was the "one reason" the US must remain in the Middle East.

[Embed starts 47:02]

CK should give the mental (and physical) masturbation a break, get out of his own gated community and look around our country to get a picture of the negative effects of open borders and mass immigration.

By nearly every metric, America is in decline.

The fact we have morons like Louis CK polluting our airwaves should be proof enough!

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