FBI Spurns Evidence on Sony Hack, Blames North Korea Again
AntiwarDec 31
Security experts are putting out a growing mountain of evidence in the Sony Pictures hack which points to the incident being an insider attack. and discrediting FBI allegations against North Korea.

The FBI has already made up their minds, however, and they’re not going to change them,
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No, North Korea Didn't Hack Sony
The Daily BeastDec 26

Sony Hack Reveals That MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was A Lie
TechdirtDec 24
For years, we've pointed out that the giant "settlements" that the MPAA likes to announce with companies it declares illegal are little more than Hollywood-style fabrications. Cases are closed with big press releases throwing around huge settlement numbers, knowing full well that the sites in question don't have anywhere near that kind of money available. At the end of 2013, it got two of these, with IsoHunt agreeing to 'pay' $110 million and Hotfile agreeing to 'pay' $80 million. In bot... (more)

Was FBI Wrong On North Korea?
CBS NewsDec 24
Was the CIA "wrong" about WMDs?

They'll Be Back: PATCON, Oklahoma City, and Jesse Trentadue's Lonely Crusade for Justice
William Norman GriggNov 14
“His name used to be Don Jarrett,” long-time federal asset John Matthews told FBI Special Agent Adam Quirk during a July 9 phone call. Matthews was concerned that he would have to testify in a lawsuit filed by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue seeking the release of long-concealed video tapes from the `1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Trentadue believes that the ... (more)

Syria 'Hero Boy' Video Revealed To Be Government Propaganda
Daniel McAdamsNov 14
A dramatic video clip showing a young boy heroically rescuing a young girl amid a hail of gunfire in Syria has racked up millions of YouTube viewings and has been trending heavily on other social media platforms.

The mainstream media and US government jumped on the video as evidence of the absolute depravity of the Assad regime. What kind of monster purposely targets children?

Wrote the International Business Times:
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Was Alex Brown a CIA Front When It Was "Innocuously" Shorting 9/11?
EmptywheelNov 07

Hollywood Source: Producer of New TWA 800 Movie Received Threat
InfowarsNov 07

Using A Fake Threat To Justify Aggression
Daniel McAdamsOct 01
It has become abundantly clear, thanks especially to excellent reporting and analysis by Glenn Greenwald and Justin Raimondo, that the “Khorasan Group” threat used as the pretext for the US bombing of Syria was totally fabricated by the US government. The purpose was an attempt to legitimize what... (more)

'Maybe we missed something': Warren Commission insider publicly concedes that JFK assasination was likely a conspiracy
National PostSep 23

ISIS Threat to America a Farce
InfowarsSep 11

Sotloff Video Found by Group Responsible for Releasing Fake Osama bin Laden Video
InfowarsSep 03
Paul Joseph Watson: Is the Steven Sotloff Beheading Video Fake?

Syrian Government: James Foley Killed a Year Ago
InfowarsAug 26

Experts: James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake
InfowarsAug 25
As the kids say on Youtube, "fake and gay."

In all seriousness, I watched the video due to this report and it's true no blood comes out of his neck despite the guy sawing at it for 3 or so seconds, at which point they cut away, then show some gruesome photo of him supposedly beheaded. If these are the sadistic terrorists they claim to be, why wouldn't they show the execution like all the Mexican drug cartels do? Anything used by the state/media to generate war-hype is to be assumed propaganda until conclusively proven otherwise. - Chris, InfoLib

LAPD misclassified nearly 1,200 violent crimes as minor offenses
LA TimesAug 11

“Support MH17 Truth”: OSCE Monitors Identify “Shrapnel and Machine Gun-Like Holes” indicating Shelling. No Evidence of a Missile Attack. Shot Down by a Military Aircraft?
GlobalResearchAug 04

Jesse Ventura Says "There Are No Winners" After Jury Awards Him $1.8M
Be sure to read Kyle's comical story of shooting two people at a gas station and having police let him go without incident. This man was a pathological liar. - Chris, InfoLib

See this new article from the Post: The ‘unverifiable’ legacy of Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American history

Admitted Liar Claims Russia Is Shooting Artillery Into Ukraine
Washington's BlogJul 28

Is THIS Why the Plane Was Shot Down?
Washington's BlogJul 25
Senior U.S. officials now admit that the Malaysian airlines passenger plane was likely accidentally shot down.

The Russian government claims Ukrainian fig
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State Dept. Accuses Russia of Firing Artillery Into Ukraine, Refuses to Provide Any Evidence
InformationLiberationJul 25

Our intelligence shows Russia is arming the separatists in Ukraine with rocket launchers, and they're firing artillery from within Russia to attack Ukrainian military positions, but we can't provide you with any evidence, so says State Department spokesmodel Marie Harf.

U.S. Admits Its MH17 ‘Evidence’ is Based on YouTube Clips & Social Media Posts
Prison PlanetJul 23

FBI Entrapment Created 'Illusion' of Terrorist Plots: Report
Common DreamsJul 22
Federal officials and law enforcement agents are treating American Muslims like "terrorists-in-waiting," according to a new report released Monday by Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute.

The FBI, under pressure to appear effective and worthy of its $8.4-billion budget, has "targeted American Muslims in abusive counterterrorism 'sting operations' based on religi
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Colorado’s poster boy for ‘stoned driving’ was drunk off his gourd
Washington PostJun 09

The CIA's Murder of Rene Schneider
Jacob G. HornbergerJun 04

In the US: 4 Major News Networks, Zero Bilderberg 2014 Coverage
InfowarsJun 02

The Guantánamo "Suicides" Revisited: Did CIA Hide Deaths of Tortured Prisoners at Secret Site?
Democracy NowMay 22

Presstitute Acts Like 9/11 Truthers Are The REAL Enemy! YES Architects & Engineers Should Be FEARED!
YouTubeMay 20

See: Activists Spoof 9/11 Memorial Brochures With Ones Containing Actual Facts

New York Times tries to whitewash publication of faked Ukraine photos
WSWSApr 28

Unedited Video Shows Bundy Making Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican Comments
InfowarsApr 25
The controversy over Cliven Bundy’s “racist” remarks has taken a new turn after longer unedited footage emerged showing the Nevada cattle rancher making pro-black and pro-Mexican comments that were excised out of media reports.
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That flyer about Jews needing to 'register' in Ukraine is fake
Daily DotApr 18

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