Did Mossad kill Arafat with radioactive poison on his toothbrush?
The Daily MailOct 17

Sabato's JFK book takes aim at House conspiracy theory
PoliticoOct 16

Georgia teen was stuffed with newspaper after death, family lawyer says
U.S. NewsOct 11
The mysterious death of a Georgia teen has taken a bizarre twist with the revelation that an autopsy of his exhumed remains found his internal organs missing and his body stuffed with newspaper.

The family of Kendrick Johnson, 17, of Valdosta, Ga., was "outraged" and "devastated" by the discovery and believes his death was a murder that is being covered up, a lawyer representing them said Thursday.

Johnson, a three-sport athlete, was found dead on Jan. 11 in a roll
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Revealed: How Pentagon FAKED repatriation of fallen soldiers for years with phony ceremonies, decommissioned planes and bodies that had spent months in labs
The Daily MailOct 11

Girlfriend of Chechen Man Brutally Murdered by FBI Speaks Out
InfowarsSep 26

SWAT Team That Could Have Easily Responded To Navy Yard Shooting Told To STAND DOWN!
YouTubeSep 24

New Poll Finds Most Americans Open to Alternative 9/11 Theories
ReThink911.orgSep 12

Using Logic To Prove 9/11 Conspiracies to Americans (Building 7)
YouTubeSep 12

TIME: Sept. 11 "Truthers" Mark Anniversary
TIME.comSep 12

US Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological & Chemical Weapons in History
FireDogLakeSep 09

Video: Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapon
InfowarsSep 06

A video has emerged of an opposition rebel militant in Syria apparently confessing to using chemical weapons in order to follow Osama Bin Laden’s mantra of killing women and children.

The individual in the clip, Nadeem Baloosh, is a member of an insurgent group called Riyadh Al Abdeen, which is active in the Latakia area of Syria.

Baloosh speak
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John Kerry Says Ignore ALL Syria-Related Conspiracy Theories
YouTubeAug 28

Intelligence Suggests Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack
InfowarsAug 28
Intercepted phone calls that will be presented by the Obama administration as proof that Bashar Al-Assad was behind last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria actually suggest that the attack was not ordered by the Syrian government.

Phone calls by the Syrian Ministry of Defense intercepted by Mossad and passed to the US reveal that Syrian government officials, “exchanged panicked phone calls with a leader of a chemical weapons unit, demanding answers for a nerve agent strike th
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Who Was Really Responsible For the Gas Attacks In Syria?
Libertarian NewsAug 28

CNN Delivers Every FBI Lie About The Execution Of Ibragim Todashev As FACT!
YouTubeAug 22

CIA Director Brennan Confirmed as Reporter Michael Hastings Next Target
San Diego 6Aug 13

Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack
CNNAug 02

U.S. allowed Italian kidnap prosecution to shield higher-ups, ex-CIA officer says
McClatchyAug 02

FBI hair analysis may have falsely convicted thousands, including some on death row
The VergeJul 23

Eye Witness to Michael Hastings Murder Says Body Not Charred Beyond Recognition
InfowarsJul 21

FBI Refuses To Release Autopsy Of Unarmed Man They Executed While Questioning About Boston Bombing
YouTubeJul 21

Michael Hastings Cremated, Family Never Requested; Wife Hires Private Investigator
YouTubeJul 18

Details uncovered by this reporter shed new light into the June 18 death of journalist Michael Hastings.

Hastings' friend and confidant SSgt. Joe Biggs disclosed a macabre twist in the award-winning journalist's death in a suspicious single-car accident. According to SSgt. Biggs, "Michael Hastings' body was returned to Vermont in an urn." He further alleged,
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State Attorney fires information technology director who raised concerns prosecutors hid Trayvon evidence from defense
Jacksonville.comJul 14

URGENT: Investigate Michael Hastings' Death
YouTubeJul 14

Abby Martin takes a closer look at the death of award winning journalist Michael Hastings, featuring interviews with Michael's close friend, Joe Biggs, who suspects his death was not an accident, and Kimberly Dvorak, an investigative journalist who has been conducting an investigation into the anomalies despite stonewalling from the LAPD.

Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings
YouTubeJul 14

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7636

Michael Hastings was that rarest of breeds: a mainstream reporter who wasn't afraid to rail against the system, kick back against the establishment, and bite the hand that feeds him. On the morning of June 18, 2013, he died in a fiery car crash. But now
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Breaking: Michael Hastings Body Cremated, Now Missing!
YouTubeJul 12

SSG Joe Biggs, close friend of Michael Hastings, delivers more bombshell revelations regarding the obvious assassination of the Rolling Stone journalist.

Crash survivor says everyone on plane had to be interviewed by FBI before they could be allowed to leave
ABC NewsJul 08
Via ABC News:
...The ordeal didn't end after their evacuation Hyung said he was somewhere in the airport, but he didn't know where.

"They put us on some sort of cargo elevator and we are somewhere at a dirty smelly place. I had to wait five hours with no diapers and no food. After complaining hard, the authorities finally just brought me
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Richard Clarke: Hastings Accident "Consistent with a Car Cyber Attack"
InfowarsJun 27
Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke told The Huffington Post on Monday that the fatal crash of journalist Michael Hastings’ Mercedes C250 coupe last week is “consistent with a car cyber attack.”

“There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers” — includ
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Friend: Michael Hastings Was Working on "Biggest Story Yet" About CIA
InfowarsJun 26

A friend of Michael Hastings told Fox News today that the Rolling Stone journalist was working on the “the biggest story yet” about the CIA before his suspicious death and that Hastings drove “like a grandma,” making it extremely out of character for him to be speeding in the early hours of the morning.

Sgt. Joe Biggs told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that “so
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Michael Hastings Final Email To Colleagues "I'm Onto A BIG Story! If Contacted By FBI Get A Lawyer!"
YouTubeJun 25

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