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School Bars 9-Year-Old From Wearing 'Make America Great Again' Hat
A school in California barred a 9-year-old child from wearing presidential candidate Donald Trump's trademark red hat, featuring the words "Make America Great Again." The Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School in Fresno sent third grader Lo... (more)

- Hate Speech? Facebook Refuses to Remove "I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump" Page

- EU Cites Terrorism by Muslims They Let In as Reason to Ban Right-Wing's Free Speech

- Facebook Bans Conservatives For Complaining About Censorship

- A White Person Smiling at a Black Person is a Racist Microaggression

- NYC to Fine Businesses That Don't Use Correct Gender Pronouns

- Man Arrested For Comedy Video Training Dog to 'Nazi Salute'

- ABC's 'Quantico': American Terrorist Cell Shouts 'Make America Great Again' Before Attack

- Student Rep. On Free Speech: "Some People Have More Equal Rights Than Others"

- Believing in Two Genders Is a 'Hate Crime' Under Police Investigation At Catholic College

Pope Says Church Should Apologize to Gays for Orlando Shooting
Apparently, the Orlando massacre was the fault of Christians. If you thought the Afghan Muslim who shot up the Pulse Nightclub and "pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State" was to blame for the massacre -... (more)

- Libertarian Party Nominees: Hillary a "Wonderful Public Servant," Obama a "Good Guy"

- Michelle Fields Denies Quote From Her Own Book, Cuts Interview Short

- Megyn Kelly Suggests Michelle Fields Was "Clearly" Right on Lewandowski Battery in New Interview

- 20yo Man Attempts to Assassinate Trump at Las Vegas Rally

- DOJ Releases Censored 911 Transcript from Orlando Shooter, Reverses Decision Immediately

- "I Pledge Allegiance to [Omitted]" Obama DOJ Turns U.S. Into Safe Space for Muslim Terrorists

- Hillary Clinton Called Disabled Children 'F***ing Ree-tards,' Referred to Jews as 'Stupid K***s', Bill's Ex-Lover Dolly Kyle Claims

- Paul Ryan Threatens Suit If Future Pres Trump Tries to Pause Muslim Migration

- Google Screwing Trump Through More Than Just AutoComplete

'Only Kill White People': Al Qaeda's Advice to Aspiring Jihadists
White privilege strikes again! From The Foreign Desk: Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has published a guide urging jihadis to carry out more ‘lone wolf’ operations in the U.S. following the deadly terror... (more)

- SHOCKER: Police Say Leftists Started Violence at Rally in Sacramento

- WATCH: Left-Wing Terrorists Attack Far-Right Protesters & News Crew in Sacramento

- Thugs Post Facebook Video Bragging About Stealing $500,000 In Jewelry & Cash, Get Arrested

- You Can't Stump The Trump Volume XXVII (You Can't Barrage The Farage)

- YouTube Says Making "Negative Comments" About Someone Reason to Shut Channel Down

- Amnesty Blocked by a Tied Supreme Court, But Next President Will Decide Whether to Restart It

- WATCH: Clueless College Students Assume Hillary's Racist Quotes Are Trump's

- Roger Stone on Lewandowski Firing and Future of Trump Campaign

- Anti-Trump Zombies Don't Know Anything About Donald Trump

- Pat Buchanan: Trolling For War With Russia

- Brexit: Vote Remain Exploits Jo Cox Murder | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

- Molyneux GOES OFF on MEDIA HYPOCRISY Over Orlando Terror Attack!

- Ann Coulter: Stunning New Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist

- Molyneux: Dear Liberal Hypocrites #2

- Donald Trump Is Correct to Hit 'La Raza' Judge For Latino Identity Politics

- Leftist Violence Against Donald Trump Supporters

- Why Brexit Must Happen | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

- Pat Buchanan: 'The Great White Hope'

- The Huffington Post Is What Happens When There's No Men In The Room

FBI: We've Found NO EVIDENCE Orlando Shooter Was Gay
This shocking admission from the FBI is being completely ignored by the mass media who are intent on spinning the story of the Orlando shooter's ISIS inspired Ramadan massacre into a tale of a self-hating homosexual committing "gun violence." ... (more)

- Obama DOJ Still Keeping Secret Two Other Phone Calls With Orlando Shooter

- Gun Store Owner: We Called FBI & Warned Them About Orlando Shooter

- Hillary Psy-Op: DNC "Hack" is a Scam to Demonize Trump

- Ex-Wife Tells Brazilian TV Shooter Had "Gay Tendencies" - "FBI Asked Her Not to Tell American Media"

- Couric's Anti-Gun Doc Director on Deceptive Editing: 'I Stand by It'

- Meet the "White Male" Who Killed a Professor at UCLA

- After Defending Fraudulent Edits in Anti-Gun Doc, Katie Couric Now Apologizes

- VIDEO: Telemundo Busted Staging Shot at Anti-Trump Protest

- Austrian Election Stolen From Conservative Populist?

Brexit Voting Demographics
Most of the foreigners voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, while the natives favored Brexit. 70% of Muslims and 73% of blacks voted remain, while 53% of whites and 58% of Christians voted leave. Interestingly, t... (more)

- Bill O'Reilly on Brexit Motive: "In Parts of London, You're Not Really in England, You're in Pakistan"

- Putin on Brexit: "Some Don't Want to Dissolve National Borders"

- Londoners Ask Emir Sadiq Khan to Secede from Britain

- Nigel Farage On Brexit Win: "Victory for The People Against the Big Merchant Banks!"

- David Cameron Resigns After Historic Brexit Victory #FarageForPM

- IT'S HAPPENING! Britain Votes to LEAVE the EU!

- Brexit Fever Spreads: Italy, France, Netherlands & Denmark Seek Vote On Leaving EU

- VIDEO: Brexit Vote Fraud Caught on Camera?

- WATCH: Boris Johnson Brexit Speech Gets Standing Ovation

Brave New World
- Robert De Niro Caves on Anti-Vax Documentary

- American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

- Milo Confirms Twitter Is Shadowbanning Trump Supporters

- Interview: Feminist Author Tells Breitbart Transgender Lobby Targets Livelihoods, Gov Creating Trans Children

- Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

- Carly Fiorina Attacked For Saying Vaccinations Should Be Left Up To Parents

- California Mandatory Vaccine Bill SB 277 Signed Into Law By Jerry Brown

- American Medical Association Supports the Elimination of Parents’ Right to Make Vaccine Choices, and California Takes Another Step Toward Medical Tyranny

- Thousands of Teenage Girls Enduring Debilitating Illnesses After Routine School Cancer Vaccination

- Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

- After 10 Years Al Gore's Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate

- Bill Nye 'The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy' Entertains Jailing Climate Skeptics For 'Affecting My Quality of Life'

- Virtual Reality Sex Suit Looks as Disturbing as It Sounds

- Israeli Software Company Revealed As FBI's "Outside Party" Helping to Hack iPhone

- Study: Blondes Have Higher IQs

- Judges: Geolocation Not Good Enough to Pinpoint Pirates

- The End of Manual Labor? Google Subsidiary Unveils Humanoid 'Atlas Robot'

- MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen Mocks 97% Consensus: 'It Is Propaganda'

- KickAssTorrents Adds Streaming Technology, Warns 'Expect a Bloodshed'

- New Pirate Bay Plugin Lets Users Stream Torrents In Their Browser

Massive US Government Study Finds Link Between Cellphones and Cancer
Who could have predicted such a thing? Your's truly has only been reporting this for the past 10+ years, but now a massive government study said to be the biggest ever of it's kind has found a link between cellphone exposure and canc... (more)

- Refugees Enrich Our Culture With Infectious Tuberculosis

- Splenda Ingredient, Sucralose, Linked to Leukemia

- White Bread & Bagels Increase Risk of Lung Cancer by 49 Percent, Study Finds

- Dogs Suffering With Pain And Seizures Treated With Cannabis

- Onetime Party Drug Ketamine Hailed as Miracle For Treating Severe Depression

- "BPA-Free" Plastic Alternatives May Not Be Safe

- Gym Bunnies Are Wasting Their Time, Study Suggests

- US Authorities Distorting Tests to Downplay Lead Content of Water

- Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites

- Glenn Beck dons Freemasonic patch during broadcast

- U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes

- 'Parliament of World Religions' urges Copenhagen to act on climate change

- CNN Hunts Down Freemasons in U.S. Government (video)

- Freemasons await Dan Brown novel 'The Lost Symbol'

- ‘Blood Oath’ Sealed Stanford Deal, Court Is Told

- Georgia freemasons at loggerheads over admission of black man to lodge

- Hannity - What is the Illuminati? (5/15/09)

- American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

- Geronimo's descendants demand return of 'stolen' remains

WATCH: German Pres. Booed & Attacked In East Germany
The German people are finally becoming uncucked. From Face of a Dying Nation: German President Joachim Gauck was booed and attacked by droves of people at a celebration of the 116th German hiking day in Sebnitz,... (more)

- Senator Jeff Sessions On Brexit: "Now It's America's Turn"

- Trump: America Has Chance to 'Reject Rule by Global Elite'

- "Now It Is Our Turn": Freedom Party's Geert Wilders Calls for Dutch Referendum

- Trump: "This Election Will Decide Whether We Are Ruled by the People, or by the Politicians"

- Gun Store Owner: I've Sold 30,000 AR-15's Since Orlando Shooting

- Calif. Man Pulls Gun On Drunkard Vandals Tearing Down His Trump Sign

- WATCH: Student Armed Only with Pepper Spray Takes Down School Shooter

- Trump: 'Obama More Angry at Me Than the Shooter'

- Trump: 'Hillary Can't Claim to be Friend of Gay Community While Pushing Muslim Immigration'

Man Who Lied About 'Surviving the Holocaust' Says He Did It to 'Keep Memories Alive'
"Holocaust survivor" Joseph Hirt has admitted he lied about surviving the holocaust, but says he did so with the best of intentions. Via The Guardian: A Pennsylvania man who claimed for years to have escaped fr... (more)

- Professor: Textbooks Teach Fake 'Facts,' 'Feel-Good Myths' About The Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman

- Freemasons 'Fixed Inquiry Into Sinking of The Titanic to Clear Bosses'

- That Time America Was Attacked and Did Nothing But Things Just Magically Worked Out

- The Long History of French Military Intervention in The Middle East and Africa

- Declassified Docs Show How US Imperialism Nearly Led to a Recent Nuclear Holocaust

- The Man Who Made Your Selfies Possible

- Government Power Was His Mortal Enemy

- Pinochet Directly Ordered Killing On US Soil of Chilean Diplomat, Papers Reveal

- J.R.R. Tolkien the Anarchist: 'The Most Improper Job of Any Man is Bossing Other Men. Not One in a Million is Fit for it'

As Calif. Power Grid Operators Warn of Blackouts, Enviros Celebrate Closing of Last Nuclear Plant
I wonder if there's a connection between these two "unrelated" stories... From Reuters: California will have its first test of plans to keep the lights on this summer following the shutdown of the key Aliso Canyo... (more)

- Trump Says He'll Stop Obama Plan to Force "Diversity" on White Neighborhoods

- Soros Destroys EU Through Migrant Crisis, Acts to Profit Off Collapse

- Illegals Openly Brag About $300k Scholarships on Twitter

- Illegals Dwarf American Households in Welfare: "Obama Seeking $17k For Every Illegal Minor"

- Obama Spending Millions to Find Summer Jobs — for Refugees

- Germany to Spend $106 Billion on Refugees Until 2020 - Report

- 'Focus On Diversity' Bringing Down British College Rankings

- Stefan Molyneux and Vox Day Debate Free Trade, Talk Migrant Crisis

- Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Sells Entire Stake in Apple

Tyranny/Police State
Grand Jury Declines to Indict Deputy in Deadly Shooting of Harnett County Dad
LILLINGTON, N.C. (WNCN) – A Harnett County Grand Jury has declined to indict Deputy Nicholas Kehagias who shot and killed a man in November. Family and friends of the man who was shot and killed doubted that justice would be served. T... (more)

- Court Rules Police Can Legally Make Up Lies to Pull People Over to Fish For Criminal Behavior

- Germany: Police Raid Homes Of 'Anti-Refugee' Internet Posters

- Police Raid Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

- '$1.2 Billion Slush Fund': Justice Dept. Resumes Controversial Asset Forfeiture 'Equitable Sharing'

- 100+ DUI Cases Dismissed After Deputy Caught Lying On Stand

- Family Settles Lawsuit In Police Killing Of Zachary Hammond

- "Please Don't Shoot Me": Unarmed Dad Killed by Cop While Begging For His Life

- Tennessee: Passing Sobriety Tests Can Still Result in DUI

- Michigan Man Hit With Felony For Passing Out Jury Nullification Fliers Has Charge Dropped

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