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The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
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False Flags, Biker Gangs, and the PATCON Legacy
The bloody incident at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant was not a “biker shootout.” At present there is no evidence that any of the nine victims were killed by fellow bikers, rather than being “taken out” by the scores of police — including snipers — who... (more)
- The Problem Is the State Not the Standard
- About Those U.S. Troops Who Died in Ramadi
- Is the Liberland Experiment Viable?
- The Prohibitionist Song Remains the Same
- Five Bogus Excuses for Opposing Freedom
- Why Was Osama bin Laden Killed and Not Captured?
- Further Confirmation of Hersh and Why bin Laden Was Murdered
- Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It
- Support Your Local Private Peace Officer: He Has A Dangerous Job
Tyranny/Police State
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: None Are Safe from the State's Plundering Parasites
“Is anyone present carrying more than ten marks, or planning to take out of the country any foreign money, gold, jewels, or other valuables?” demanded the German customs inspector after boarding the Innsbruck-bound train. “Any violation of the law wi... (more)
- Baltimore Cop Given Just 6 Months; Assault Victim Speaks Out
- Pennsylvania Limits Secondary Questioning During Traffic Stop
- John Ashcroft Supports Government Theft
- Six Months Later, Pentagon Admits (Maybe) We Killed Some Kids in Syria
- Innocent Bystander Attacked by Police K9 In Fresno
- Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows
- Miami Man Jailed More Than a Month After Woman Falsely Identifies his Facebook Profile Photo as Her Rapist
- Grand Jury Indicts 6 Officers in Death of Freddie Gray
- Indiana Cops Arrest Man for Asking for Their Badge Number

- George Soros Warns "No Exaggeration" That China-US On "Threshold Of World War 3"
- Uber Faces Potentially Devastating Court Ruling
- The Forgotten Depression
- Supreme Court: Two states can't tax the same income
- Once A Sure Bet, Taxi Medallions Becoming Unsellable
- What Peter Schiff Said To Ben Bernanke
- Report: Cost of Federal Regulation Reached $1.88 Trillion in 2014
- Jeffrey Tucker Talks Bitcoin On Fox Business
- Feds Spend $471,770 Observing Pregnant Women Walking Around
- Americans Living Abroad Set Record for Giving Up Citizenship

Big Brother/Orwellian
- Man Helps Boy Retrieve Ball. Don't Worry, The Police Are Investigating
- New Leak Shows NSA's Plans To Hijack App Store Traffic To Implant Malware And Spyware
- Minnesota: Land Of 30,000 Cameras
- Pirate Domain Seizures Are Easy in the United States
- Google Fiber Sends Automated Piracy 'Fines' to Subscribers
- NSA Transfers Spy Gadgets to Local Police Departments
- Key Pirate Bay Domains Must Be Seized, Court Rules
- Secret Files Reveal Police Feared That Trekkies Could Turn On Society
- Welcome, High School Freshman! Pee in This Cup!
- The FBI's Stingray Secrecy May Be Aimed At Preventing Law Enforcement From Overusing A Key 'Exploit'

- FBI Admits No Major Cases Cracked With Patriot Act Snooping Powers
- A List of Books From Osama's Shelf
- Why You Never Saw The CIA's Interrogation Tapes
- WashPo: Bin Laden’s Library Was Basically the Browser History of a Conspiracy Theorist
- Hillary Had Second Secret Email Address
- PBS: How the CIA Helped Make "Zero Dark Thirty"
- Strong E-Mail Evidence That UBL Died in 2011, Not 2001
- Some Items on Bin Laden's Death
- "I Am Not Backing Off Anything I Said": An interview with Seymour Hersh
- Bin Laden's End: The Truth Comes Out

Brave New World
- California Senate Votes to End Beliefs Waiver for School Vaccinations
- Mexico Cancels Infant Vaccines Nationwide After Two Die
- CA SB277 On Vaccines Moves Toward Disastrous Passage
- CBS: Gardasil Vaccine Can Cause Infection With Higher Risk HPV Strain
- VT Senate Votes To End A Vaccine Exemption
- Independent Study Finding No MMR Autism Link Not So Independent
- First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers
- Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Vaccines: Big Pharma has Captured the Scientific, Regulatory, Law-making Processes
- Vaccination Crackdown: Australia Announces End To Religious Exemptions
- Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington

- Judge Won't Give Public Access to Senate Report on CIA Torture
- Chris Christie Calls Snowden Supporters “Civil Liberties Extremists” in His Latest Desperate Neocon Diatribe
- Sharpton's Daughter Suing NYC For $5 Mil Over 'Sprained Ankle,' Outed As Not-So-Hurt
- Australian Territory Orders More Speed Cameras Despite Accident Increase
- Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Has New Info Forthcoming About Hillary Clinton
- Student Challenges Jeb Bush on Iraq Claims by Declaring: 'Your Brother Created Isis'
- Forfeiture Funds Used to Oppose Marijuana Legalization
- 'Fake' Reform: Little to Celebrate as USA Freedom Act Passes House
- Shock Poll: Americans Hate Jeb Bush More Than Hillary
- Anti-Gun Lawmaker Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Girlfriend’s Car with Shotgun

- Interview with the Founder of Liberland, a Possible Libertarian Paradise
- President of Liberland Fined $177 For Trespass After Arrest
- Liberland President Arrested by Croatia for Trespassing in 'No Man's Land'
- Colombians Tired of US Planes Dumping Tons of Monsanto's Roundup on Them to Fight the Drug War
- Interview With The Founder Of Liberland
- Birth Of A Nation? Czech Pol Claims To Have Established New Country In No-Man’s Land
- Nine Questions About Liberland, The World's Newest (Possibly Fake) Country
- Australian Ex-Model, DJ, Killed Fighting For ISIS In Syria, Family Friend Says
- Yemen's Home Grown Anti-War Movement
- Syrian Child Photographed 'Surrendering to Camera Because She Thought it Was a Gun'

How Sex Offender Registries Fail Us
You can be put on the sex offender registry for urinating in public, having consensual sex as a teenager or even for "sexting." And in California, ... (more)
- Hillary Clinton Supporters Actually Don't Support Hillary
- Fla. Woman Who Fled to Avoid Son's Circumcision Is Arrested
- Two Mississippi Cops Killed in Traffic Stop Turned Drug Search
- The Price Of Dissent: Abby Martin Gets Graphic Rape Threats From Chris Kyle Fans
- VE Day: Americans Don't Know What World War II Was
- Anti-Piracy Activist Issues Takedown To Chilling Effects To Take Down Her Takedown Notice To Google
- Report: Only 16% of Baltimore Teens Raised With Married Parents
- Harris Poll: 81% Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana
- Massachusets Town to Send Addicts for Treatment, Not Arrest

Man Holds Alleged Carjacker at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive
An outrageous cell phone video captured in Georgia features an armed man turning the tables on a carjacker, holding him at gunpoint until police ar... (more)
- Texas Cop Watcher Thwarts Potential Homicide
- Washington Jury Acquits PINAC Correspondent Thanks to Video Evidence
- Eighth Grade Student Ridiculed by Teacher For Refusing to Say Pledge of Allegiance
- Jeff Berwick Interviews Vit Jedlička of the New Anarcho-Capitalist State Liberland
- Is the Seasteading Dream Really Dead?
- NYPD Officers Attempt to Arrest 14-Year-Old Girl- Community Doesn't Allow It!
- New York District Court Denies Immunity To NYPD Officers Who Arrested A Citizen For Filming Them
- Anti-NYPD Shirt Draws Unexpected Support
- Warrantless Airport Seizure Of Laptop “Cannot Be Justified,” Judge Rules

- Pirate Bay Loses New Domain Name, Hydra Lives On
- Liberals pressure AP to call climate change skeptics 'deniers,' bar word in stylebook
- The Migration of Guns from Physical to Digital
- You Can't Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing
- 3-D Printed Gun Lawsuit Starts the War Between Arms Control and Free Speech
- Global warming ‘pause’ expands to ‘new record length': No warming for 18 years 5 months
- The Rise & Fall Of Silk Road
- KickassTorrents .IM Domain Seized Within 24 Hours, Next Stop .CR
- The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can
- Florida Judge: IP-Address Doesn't Identify a Movie Pirate

- Your Government-Approved Diet May Kill You
- Public School "Child Nutrition Supervisor" Served Students Reeking, Six-Year-Old Pork
- US Lowers Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water For First Time In Over 50 Years
- Sugar Is To Blame For Obesity Epidemic - Not Couch Potato Habits
- Chipotle to Stop Serving Genetically Altered Food
- Diet Soda Tends to Promote Weight Gain
- More Scientists Doubt Salt Is As Bad For You As The Government Says
- SSRI Drugs Linked to Germanwings Kamikaze Crash?
- Monsanto Seeks Retraction For Report Linking Herbicide To Cancer
- The Aftermath of Daylight Saving Time

'This is America': The Day Police Firebombed West Philadelphia
Pictured: "Let it burn": Osage Avenue, Philadelphia, May 13, 1985 By the time Lt. Frank Powell hurled a satchel bomb onto the roof of a three-story row house on Philadelphia’s Osage Avenue, the siege had gone on for nearly t... (more)
- The Fascinating History of Hershey, Cuba
- Anti-Military Heroes: The Power Brothers, WWI Draft Resisters
- FLASHBACK 1977: Earth Day Cofounder Murders & Composts Dead Girlfriend
- FDR Spied on Leonard Read
- Another Urban Legend? The Middle Ages Were the "Dark Ages"
- Six Things You Didn't Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran
- The U.S.'s Nazi Imports
- Somalia Lived While Its Government Died
- Did Allied Troops Rape 285,000 German Women?

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