Big Brother/Orwellian
MSNBC's Katy Tur Suggests FBI Should Track Young White Men, Give Them Bomb Making Materials to Entrap Them
MSNBC's Katy Tur suggested the FBI should be tracking young white men online and teaching them "how you build a bomb" and how to get the materials in order to arrest them. ... (more)

- YouTube Bans Christian Broadcaster TruNews For 'Hate Speech'

- Report: Mark Zuckerberg Requests Government Rules On 'What Discourse Should Be Allowed'

- Power-Drunk YouTube Censors Floor Speech Of Sen Rand Paul For Naming Alleged 'Whistleblower'

- YouTube Bans Popular Conservative Commentator Nick Fuentes For 'Hate Speech'

- With Daily Attacks On Trump Supporters In The News, Universal Pictures Announces 'The Hunt' Is Back On

- Report: After Purging Popular Right-Wingers, YouTube Starts Funding The Young Turks

- 'There is No Such Thing!' Scandinavian Airlines Ad Proclaims 'Nothing' is 'Truly Scandinavian'

- Switzerland Votes to Criminalize 'Homophobia,' Spain Moves to Criminalize 'Glorifying' Franco Dictatorship

- Report: FBI Puts White Nationalists And Neo-Nazis 'On The Same Threat Level As ISIS'

Trump Appoints Pro-Israel, Anti-Iran Amb. Richard Grenell As Acting Intelligence Chief
President Donald Trump on Wednesday appointed US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as the acting director of national intelligence, making him the first openly gay person to serve in a cabinet-level position. ... (more)

- Daily Mail: 'Ilhan Omar Did Marry Her Brother, Reveals Somali Community Leader'

- Judge Amy Berman Jackson Says Congressional Investigators Were Not Part Of An 'Anti-Trump Cabal'

- Dem Debate: Bloomberg Implodes, Bernie Hits His Stride

- Meghan McCain to AOC: Bernie Bros Are 'Deeply Misogynistic,' 'Sexist,' 'Violent' And Made My Mom Cry

- Sheldon Adelson 'Advocated' for Trump to Grant Clemency to Michael Milken; Plans Major Fundraiser

- CBS News: 'How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide From Justice in Israel'

- Trump Pardons Michael Milken, Rod Blagojevich, Bernie Kerik And Eddie DeBartolo Jr

- UK: NHS to Deny Medical Care to 'Racist' or 'Sexist' Patients Under New Rules

- New Witness Corroborates Accusation That Mike Bloomberg Told Pregnant Employee to 'Kill It'

Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads 2020 Dems by 15 Points
Can Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros stop Michael Bloomberg from outright buying the Democratic primary? ... (more)

- Illegal Acquitted For Kate Steinle Murder Deemed Mentally Ill, Unfit For Trial

- What If Public Schools Were Held Liable For Sex Abuse Cases In The Same Way As The Boy Scouts?

- Enraged Mob Attacks Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennett At Ohio University, Cops Stand Down

- Report: Man Who Rammed Through Tent of GOP Volunteers Told Cops 'Someone Had to Take a Stand'

- Joaquin Phoenix Rambles About Cow Insemination in Latest Hollywood Bid to Distract From Weinstein

- Yale Prof: Trump EO Favoring Classical Architecture is Warning Sign of 'Fascism' and 'Genocide'

- Dems Delay Iowa Caucus Results For Purposes Of 'Quality Control'... [UPDATED]

- Rush Limbaugh Reveals Advanced Lung Cancer Diagnosis

- CNN's Ana Navarro: Super Bowl Halftime Show Proves Need For Unlimited Third-World Immigration

- Pat Buchanan: If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let's Go

- Malkin: Tamiflunatics Learned Nothing From The Covington Smear

- Formerly Hispanic Miami Cop 'Sparks Outrage' by Choosing to Identify as a Black Man

- 'Those Are Voters We Already Have': Trump Campaign Manager Brushes Off Immigration As A Top Issue

- Trump's Iran Escalation Lets Bernie Sanders Position Himself As The Anti-War Candidate For 2020

- Tucker Carlson: The Same People Who Lied About WMDs in Iraq Are Pushing Conflict With Iran

- Pat Buchanan: Our Real Existential Crisis - Extinction

- NYT Begins 2020 With Feature Story On How White People Are Bad For Existing

- Trump's 'Maximum Pressure' Campaign Is Blowing Up in Iraq

- Ann Coulter Mocks TruCons: 'Run For Office In California And See How You Do' With Your 'Great Ideas'

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Third-Degree Rape, Criminal Sexual Assault
Weinstein can still get off on appeal. ... (more)

- Yahoo News' Michael Isikoff Inverts Reality On Trump-Assange Pardon Tale

- Dana Rohrabacher Says He Never Offered Assange A Pardon On Behalf Of Trump

- Number Of U.S. Troops Who Suffered Brain Injuries From Iran Strike Goes From 0 to 34 to 50 to 64 to 109

- Pete Buttigieg Suggests 'White Supremacy' to Blame for Shooting of Trayvon Martin

- Politico: 'In Sweden, 77 Percent of New HIV Infections Come From Migrants'

- Rachel Maddow Suggests 4Chan to Blame For Democrats' Iowa Debacle

- Shady Firm 'Shadow' Reportedly Behind Iowa Caucus Chaos

- Pentagon Now Admits 50 U.S. Service Members Diagnosed With Brain Injuries From Iran's Strike

- Harvard Chemistry Chair Charles Lieber Charged For Hiding China Ties; 2 Chinese Nationals Accused Of Economic Espionage

- While Demanding Assange, US Refuses to Extradite CIA Agent Who Killed British Teen

- 65 Per Cent of French Believe French Civilization Will Collapse

- Decades After a Palestinian American Activist Was Assassinated in California, Two Suspects in His Killing Are Living Openly in Israel

- Poll: Israelis Are The Only Group Worldwide Who Approve of Trump's Foreign Policies

- Israeli Settler Leader Says Trump Admin Not Doing Enough For Israel

- Weeks After Iran's Strike, Pentagon Reveals 34 U.S. Soldiers Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries

- The Independent: 'Israelis Don't Want to Be America's Pawns in The Middle East Any Longer. We've Suffered Enough'

- Iran 'Gave Advance Notice' Of Missile Attacks On U.S.

- U.S. Military Contractor Whose Death Could Spark WW3 ID'ed As 33yo Iraqi Migrant

- Iranian Media Release First Video Showing Alleged 'Revenge Attack' On US Airbase in Iraq

Brave New World
'A New Low!': Drudge Slams Ambien Maker For Mocking Roseanne 'While They Drug A Generation'
Wow, Big Pharma is woke AF! ... (more)

- NYT: 'Older White Women Account For 58% Of Those On Antidepressants Long Term'

- How Big Pharma Is Profiting Off Transgender Mania

- Good News for ADHD Sufferers: It's a Giant Hoax

- American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

- Milo Confirms Twitter Is Shadowbanning Trump Supporters

- Interview: Feminist Author Tells Breitbart Transgender Lobby Targets Livelihoods, Gov Creating Trans Children

- Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

- Carly Fiorina Attacked For Saying Vaccinations Should Be Left Up To Parents

Punch Strength Study Finds Weakest Man Stronger Than The Strongest Woman
A new study on punch strength from the University of Utah involving 20 men and 19 women found the weakest man was stronger than the strongest woman. ... (more)

- 8chan Relaunches As 8kun

- Tesla's 'Smart Summon' Is Very Stupid

- National Park Quietly Removed Warning That Glaciers 'Will All Be Gone' by 2020 After Years of Heavy Snowfall

- Noah Carl Releases 'Devastating Point-by-Point Rebuttal of The Charges Levelled Against Him'

- 'They Ruined YouTube': Mark Dice Shows How YouTube Rigged Their Search Algorithm to Suppress AltMedia

- AOC Stands By Prediction 'World Is Going To End In 12 Years' If We Don't Address Climate Change

- NYT: 'Lefty Sociologist' Prof Laments Finding Link Between Genes & Socio-Economic Success

- China Unveils 'World's First' A.I. News Anchor

- Inventor of Web: Facebook and Google May Need to Be Broken Up

Study: Having 10 Sex Partners in Your Lifetime 'Increases Cancer Risk by 90%'
There is a scientific basis for Christian morality. ... (more)

- Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout Due to Health Concerns, Widespread Public Opposition

- Over Half Of China Shut Down In Bid to Halt Spread Of Coronavirus; U.S. Readies For 'Pandemic'

- Report: First Brit to Contract Coronavirus Refused Drugs And Beat Infection With 'Hot Whisky And Honey'

- 'They Can Leave': Americans Flown In From Wuhan Not Placed Under Mandatory Quarantine by CDC

- WATCH: Chinese Riot to Prevent Building Of Coronavirus Quarantine Center In Their Town

- Advertisement Warning Of Potential 5G Dangers Banned By UK Advertising Authority

- WashPo Assures Men Estrogen-Filled Impossible Whopper Probably Won't Give Them Breasts

- Randi Zuckerberg: 'Eating Insects May Be The Next Big Trend in Gourmet, Sustainable Food'

- Hundreds Of Transgender Young People Who Had Gender Surgery Seeking Help to 'Detransition'

Secret Societies: They Are Not Just at Yale - They Are Running a University Near You
The world over has heard of Skull and Bones of Yale University. This elite secret society holds within its membership at least four U.S. Presidents. George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry are both members of Skull and Bones. This made the 2004 preside... (more)

Abby Martin Sues State of Georgia Over Law Requiring Americans to Sign Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath
Journalist Abby Martin was blocked from delivering a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University in January for refusing to "sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel" in compliance with Georgia's anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions law.... (more)

- Charles Murray: We're Living in 'Post-America,' Move to a Small Town to Survive The Collapse

- Super Bowl: Fox Fails to Approve Anti-Abortion Ad, Approves First Ad Ever With Drag Queens

- Tucker: 'This City Is Brimming With Agents of Foreign Governments And They're Influencing Policy'

- Trump Admin Cracks Down On Birth Tourism

- Richmond Second Amendment March Gets Huge Turnout

- WV Lawmakers Invite VA 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties to Secede And Join Their State

- WATCH: White Settlement Church Hero Jack Wilson Presented With Medal Of Courage From Gov Abbott

- Report: Tucker Carlson's Anti-War Rants 'Affected' Trump's Views On War With Iran

- Ann Coulter: It'd Be 'Really Great' If Trump Helped His Voters As Much As He Has Helped Sheldon Adelson

- Into The Inferno: 75 Years On, The Most Horrifically Vivid Account of The Allied Bombing of Dresden

- Lawmaker Wants to Know If The Pentagon Exposed American Public to Ticks Infected With Bioweapons

- Tutankhamun's Great-Grandmother Found to Have Blonde Hair

- Science Mag Writer: Industrial-Scale Human Sacrifice By Mexicas Wasn't 'Horrific' or 'Evil'

- American Pravda: Our Great Purge of The 1940s

- 1996: Peter Thiel Predicts 'Multiculturalism,' 'Diversity' Will Bring The End Of Western Culture

- Wikileaks: 'Those Tunnels The U.S Is Bombing In Afghanistan? They Were Built By The CIA'

- How Fake News From The NY Times Helped Castro Seize Power

- Never Before Seen Video Shows Obama Complaining About White Privilege

- Germany: 87-Yr-Old Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Questioning Holocaust

'Green Energy': Wind Turbines Are 'Piling Up In Landfills,' Can't Be Recycled
"Green energy" is just one giant grift operation. ... (more)

- Elite Schools Reject British Philanthropist's $1.3M Donation to Help Underprivileged White Boys

- Software Engineer Shares Pics From 'Major Financial Institution' Near Dallas Showing H-1B Replacements

- French Reporter Asks Trump Why The Unemployment Rate Is Low In the U.S. and High In France...

- Census: Indian Visa Workers Drive Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs

- 'Servant Class' That Serves The Rich Among Fastest Growing Workforces

- Putting Prog-Globalism Before Profits

- Trump: 'We Want to Allow Millions of People to Come in' Legally

- India Ambassador Praises House for Outsourcing U.S. College Jobs to Indians

- Men's World Cup in Russia Made $6B Revenue, Women's Expected to Earn $131M In 4-Yr Cycle

Tyranny/Police State
Trump Ally Erik Prince Reportedly Under FBI Investigation
The FBI is systematically going after every prominent person who helped Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016. ... (more)

- SHOCK: Formerly Hispanic Miami Police Officer SUSPENDED For Identifying As Black!

- Virginia Senate Passes Red Flag Gun Seizure Bill Two Days After Second Amendment Rally

- Richmond 2A Rallygoers To Be Corralled Into 'Chain-Link Pen' With Only One Way In And Out

- Judge Rules In Favor Of Washington Man Who Had Guns Seized Over Satirical 'Joker' Meme, Incel Jokes

- Portland Antifa Shaun Clancy, 37, Arrested For Assaulting Elderly Driver in Viral Video

- Student Found Guilty of 'Inciting Religious Hatred' For Anti-Muslim Rant In Wake of Deadly Terrorist Attacks

- Roger Stone's Daughter to Trump: 'Please Save Our Family'

- Antifa Rioter Who Smashed Man Over The Head With Baton Sentenced to Nearly 6 Years in Prison

- 2 Proud Boys Get 4 Years In Prison Each For Defending Themselves Against Antifa

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