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The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
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The War on Drugs Was Born 100 Years Ago
When I went to the Oxford Union debates this past summer I was told by a veteran of the debates that I must have a joke in order to win over the audience. My attempt to win over the British audience was a success, but unfortunately my opening rem... (more)
- What America Wannabe?
- Judicial Deference to the Torturers
- Ross Ulbricht Should Be Freed in a Fair Trial
- Government Save Us From "Overpriced" Chinese Food
- I Love Loosies and the People Who Sell Them
- Make the CIA Release Its Chile Torture Files
- Obama's Plan for Better Policing: The Good, the Bad, and the Body Cameras
- Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)
- Leave Us All Alone! We Can't Breathe!
Tyranny/Police State
NY Police Union Says 'Blood On Hands' Of Police Critics
Protesters and critics of police brutality are to blame for a murderer who killed his girlfriend then two random cops, so says the head of the New York police union, Patrick J. Lynch. A police union leader's anger boiled o... (more)
- Baby Clings to Life After Flash-Bang Grenade Lands in His Crib
- A Peace Officer Defies the "Blue Tribe": The Exile of Officer Cariol Horne
- For Punitive Populists, "Comply or Die" IS The "Law"
- Family of Toddler Injured by SWAT 'Grenade' Faces $1M in Medical Bills
- Clay County Sheriff's Office Settles Wrongful Arrest Claim For $50,000
- Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired
- Thieves Yell "Police" Before Invading Home, Shooting and Robbing Resident
- Cops Are The Most Obese Workers In America, Study Reveals
- Former Bronx Cop Sentenced On Drug, Other Charges

- Cuban Cigars Among Goods Travelers Get OK To Import
- Man Can't Challenge $280K Tax Bill He Probably Doesn't Really Owe, Pa. Court Says
- Say Goodbye to the Nation State, This is How the New System Will Look Like
- $404,155,000,000: Taxes Set Record in First 2 Months of FY15--Deficit Still $179B
- E-mails Reveal Obama's Morality Police Are Targeting Lawful Businesses
- Professor Gruber Strikes Again
- Liberty Dollar Founder von Nothaus Sentenced to House Arrest for Counterfeiting
- Income Inequality Is a Statistical Artifact
- Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks--To Pay Old Debt
- A Golden Opportunity for Switzerland

Big Brother/Orwellian
Sony Hack Reinvigorates Support for Privacy-Busting CISPA-Style Legislation
The Sony hack attack has reinvigorated support for privacy-busting CISPA-style cybersecurity legislation that was previously considered dead, prompting calls to make the issue a top priority in 2015. With the White House declaring the ... (more)
- Illinois Woman Files For Trademark On Phrase 'I Can't Breathe' Because This Is America Damn It
- Government Wastes Taxpayers' Money On Crappy "Shark-Like Spy Drone"
- MPAA Prepares to Bring Pirate Site Blocking to the U.S.
- Leaked Emails Reveal MPAA Plans To Pay Elected Officials To Attack Google
- Silk Road Judge: I Won't Reveal Witnesses Because Ulbricht Could Have Them Killed
- Silk Road Prosecutors Rely on Slander As Trial Approaches
- Google News Shuttered in Spain Thanks to "Ancillary Copyright" Law
- NSA Warrantless Bulk Phone Metadata Spying Continues Unabated
- Swedish Police Raid The Pirate Bay, Site Offline

They'll Be Back: PATCON, Oklahoma City, and Jesse Trentadue's Lonely Crusade for Justice
“His name used to be Don Jarrett,” long-time federal asset John Matthews told FBI Special Agent Adam Quirk during a July 9 phone call. Matthews was concerned that he would have to testify in a lawsuit filed by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Tr... (more)
- Syria 'Hero Boy' Video Revealed To Be Government Propaganda
- Was Alex Brown a CIA Front When It Was "Innocuously" Shorting 9/11?
- Hollywood Source: Producer of New TWA 800 Movie Received Threat
- Using A Fake Threat To Justify Aggression
- 'Maybe we missed something': Warren Commission insider publicly concedes that JFK assasination was likely a conspiracy
- ISIS Threat to America a Farce
- Sotloff Video Found by Group Responsible for Releasing Fake Osama bin Laden Video
- Syrian Government: James Foley Killed a Year Ago
- Experts: James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake

Brave New World
- 'Perfectly healthy' Florida girl, 10, is paralyzed with rare brain infection and can no longer speak - four days after receiving flu shot
- School Inoculates Third Grader in 'Vaccine Pilot Program' Without Parental Permission
- Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s
- U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist
- Feds: Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride, Fluoridate Anyway
- LA's "Entitled Westsiders" Eschewing Vaccination
- Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D., Report Finds, Raising Worries
- Measles Witch Hunt: Anti-Vax Parents Burned at the Propaganda Stake
- Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs
- Parents told to vaccinate newborn or have him seized by the state

Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town's Government
The commissioners of a small Tennessee town have just voted to ban negative comments about it from social media. This stupid move was prompted by "criticism and lies" being posted online, which supposedly "hampered" the town's government from perform... (more)
- Michelle Obama: America Is So Racist, A White Lady At Target Asked Me To Reach The Top Shelf
- On Marijuana, Congress Giveth and Congress Taketh Away
- Los Angeles Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms, Appeals Court Rules
- Karl Rove Defends Rectal Feeding
- Protests Begin As Congress Tilts Toward Upending D.C. Law Legalizing Pot
- Bush Administration Paid Gruber $1,248,000 to be 'Expert Witness'
- Boehner Broke Pledge to Give Americans 'At Least 72 Hours' to Read Every Bill
- Sharpton Working With Obama To Co-Opt Anti-Police Brutality Movement...
- IRS Finally Examines Backup Tapes, Recovers 30,000 'Missing' Lois Lerner Emails

- The Engineered Fall of the Russian Ruble
- Catalonia Overwhelmingly Voices Desire for Independence
- War Propaganda Works: Large Majority Of Americans Now Want Military Action In Syria, Iraq
- Report: Israel tapped John Kerry's phone when he was brokering peace talks
- WikiLeaks publishes 'unprecedented' secret Australian court suppression order
- Children Killed in Gaza Playground Shelling
- Is US Behind 'Rogue' General's Libya Coup?
- Guatemalan President Will Present Plan to Legalize Marijuana, Opium Production
- Italian Government Cracks Down on Separatists
- Crisis Looms for Addicts as Russia Bans Methadone in Crimea

Reno 911 - Cop Psychology [Comedy]
"The deputies get a psychiatric evaluation."... (more)
- Obama Commutes Sentences for Eight Drug Offenders
- New York Mag's Boy Genius Investor Made It All Up
- US Marine Charged With Murder Of Filipino Transgender
- Despite This 87-yo Woman Crashing Into A Cop Car, Police Still Escorted Her To See Sick Son
- Watch What Happened When Two Thugs Started a Gunfight With a 74-Year-Old Woman
- Greenpeace Faces 'Criminal' Prosecution For Desecrating Peruvian Sacred Sites – Forced To Apologize
- Rolling Stone Backs Off From U.Va. Rape Story
- Texas Lawmaker Files 'Pop Tart Gun' Bill
- Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks [Satire]

- Fifty More Ways to Leave Leviathan
- Judge Issues Temporary Ban on Arrests For Feeding Homeless
- Man Drops Massive Records Requests, Will Help Seattle Police With Video Technology
- US Efforts to Jail Dotcom Fail as Kim Walks Free
- Cops Need a Warrant to Grab Your Cell Tower Data, Florida Court Rules
- Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID, Gets It. Lets Cop Off with Verbal Warning
- D.C. Council Member Recommends Disarming the Police
- Should We Just Follow Orders? Rules of Engagement for Resisting the Police State
- Florida Man Proves he can Video Record in Courtroom as he Beats Bogus Citation Wearing “F**k the Police” T-shirt
- The Death Of James Traficant

- Researchers Make BitTorrent Anonymous and Impossible to Shut Down
- Cleveland Police Union Thug Cop-splains Blue Privilege
- Pirate Bay Responds to The Raid, Copies and The Future
- Fired Dallas Officer Found Not Guilty After Accuser Deported
- Free-Market Company Works To Actually Fight Crime With High-Tech Security Guard Robots
- PINAC's Jeff Gray Accused of Being Drug-Running Sovereign Citizen who Fights with Cops
- Government measures 'may have slowed down global warming', Energy minister claims
- 3D-Printed Gun Maker Draws Jail Term In Japan
- Paralysed Man Walks Again After Treatment By British Doctors On Brink Of 'Cure' For Paralysis
- Shooting Santa to Save the World

- Looks Like The Medical Establishment Was Wrong About Fat
- Vegetarians May Have Low Sperm Count
- Low Carb Diets More Than Low Fat Ones May Help Protect Against Heart Disease
- Dallas, Texas Ends Over 50 Years of Water Fluoridation
- Here's More Proof That Fat Isn't As Bad As Dietitians Once Thought
- Parents ARE Being Arrested For Getting Medicine (Cannabis Oil) That Works For Their Sick Children!
- More LIVING PROOF The NEW Miracle Drug "Marijuana" Helps Heal The Sick
- John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar
- What's Wrong With the American Diet?
- How Medical Pot Is Helping Seniors Get Off (Prescription) Drugs

- Hawaii Under Martial Law Was Like ‘Military Dictatorship’ (1941-1944)
- When Government Spreads Disease: The 1906 Meat Inspection Act
- The US Air Force Almost Nuked North Carolina
- Did US fake top Nazi's WWII suicide and spirit him away to get hands on Hitler's secret weapons programme?
- Gun Control in Nazi Germany
- Obama's Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said -- In 1997 -- that the U.S. Had to Gain Control of Ukraine
- Tom DiLorenzo on John Stewart and His Lying Lincolnians
- 100 Years of War Lies DEBUNKED
- Stalin Apologia
- Nelson Mandela 'received weapons training from Mossad agents in 1962'

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A Peace Officer Defies the "Blue Tribe": The Exile of Officer Cariol Horne - 12/19Baby Clings to Life After Flash-Bang Grenade Lands in His Crib - 12/20Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired - 12/18For Punitive Populists, "Comply or Die" IS The "Law" - 12/19Thieves Yell "Police" Before Invading Home, Shooting and Robbing Resident - 12/18Psychotic Vegas Cop Filmed Beating Man For Filming In Viral Video Queitly Hired By Another Dept. - 12/17Cops Called For Wellness Check Beat Innocent Man, Pile On False Charges; Jury Exonerates, Twice - 12/17NY Police Union Says 'Blood On Hands' Of Police Critics - 12/21

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