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The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
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State Sterilization: Alive and Well in America
Recent investigations by the Associated Press into the practices of Tennessee prosecutors during plea-deal negotiations have alerted Americans to one of their government’s most gruesome and supposedly forbidden traditions: forced prisoner sterilizati... (more)
- Government Discrimination vs. Private Discrimination
- Mandatory Voting: A Bad Idea
- How the West Invented Individualism
- The Biggest Threat to American Liberty
- The Right to Discriminate Against Ellen Pao
- The Power of State Indoctrination
- How The US Government and US Military Became Murder, Inc.
- Extradition Hypocrisy
- The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One
Tyranny/Police State
The Matthew Townsend Case: Official Retaliation, Not "Witness Intimidation"
John Anderson wasn’t happy to see his wife outside his girlfriend’s residence in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Understandably, she wasn’t thrilled by the encounter, either. In entirely predictable fashion the confrontation got physical, and Anderson shov... (more)
- Plainclothes Cop Unleashed Racist Tirade On Uber Driver In New York
- New England Cop Harasses Guy Walking Home, Gets Schooled
- Audio Released of Cop Shooting and Killing College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully
- All of the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You
- Ariz. Governor Vetoes Bill Shielding Cops' Names
- Bureaucrats Panic As Traffic Ticket Revenue Plummets Across U.S.
- Student Records Teacher Threatening Kids, Gets Suspended
- NYPD Cop In Eric Garner Chokehold Case Sued Again Over Staten Island Crash That Led To 'Severe' Injuries
- Maybe The Best Way To Stop All This Swatting Is To Have Fewer SWAT Teams?

- Americans Must Work Jan. 1 Through April 24 Just to Pay Taxes
- Picking Piketty Apart: The Superstar French Economist Tortures the Data to Fit His Narrative
- Worse Than Zero: The American Tax Burden Exceeds One Hundred Percent
- Payday Loans: Leave this Industry Alone
- Perfect 10 Ordered to Pay Giganews $5.6m After Failed Copyright Battle
- Give'em the Old Razzle Dazzle
- "BitLicense" Foolishness
- Dark Web's 'Evolution' Market Vanishes Along With $12 Million
- Half of Americans Unaware of Obamacare Penalty
- The Best "Democracy" Money Can Buy: For Every Dollar Spent Influencing US Politics, Corporations Get $760 Back

Big Brother/Orwellian
- Feds Demand Reddit Identify Users of a Dark-Web Drug Forum
- Schools To Parents: If You Let Your Kid Play 'Call Of Duty' We'll Call CPS On You
- Publishers Actively Monitoring Testing Students' Social Media Posts For Possible Cheating
- Students Told They Cannot Lampoon U.S. Presidents Because Campus Forbids 'Mocking'
- Irish High Court Orders ISP to Disconnect Internet Pirates
- New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children and Report them to Police
- Five Cyberlocker Operators Jailed For Spreading "Depraved Culture"
- How The Copyright Industry Wants To Undermine Anonymity & Free Speech: 'True Origin' Bills
- Even If Congress Lets Section 215 Expire, The NSA May Be Able To Keep On Collecting Phone Metadata
- Report: Feds Urge Banks to Call Cops on Customers Who Withdraw $5,000 or More

Another Media Psyop? The Ancient Statues ISIS Supposedly Destroyed Were All FAKE
Anyone who doesn’t know who funded, trained, armed and essentially created ISIS at this point needs to please do some research and wake up. They are essentially like little toys being scooted around on the giant world Risk game boa... (more)
- Tsarnaev Attorney: Video of Accused Placing Bomb Down "Does Not Exist"
- O'Reilly, Oswald, and Hot Water
- Massive New Spy Leak: An Overview
- New Test Reveals There Were No Traces Of Gun Residue On Argentinian Prosecutor's Hands
- Argentine Ex-Spy Chief at Center of Prosecutor's Murder Mystery Is Missing
- Draft of Arrest Request for Argentine President Found at Dead Prosecutor’s Home
- House Benghazi Committee to Review Secret Hillary Tapes on Libya
- Secret Audio Recordings Expose: How Hilary Clinton Distorted Facts To Push For Attack On Libya
- Editor Of Major German Newspaper Confesses To Planting Stories For The CIA

Brave New World
- Nashville DA Stops Practice of Adding Sterilization to Plea Deals
- How A Vaccine Plunged My Life Into Madness
- Fluoride In Drinking Water May Trigger Depression And Weight Gain, Warn Scientists
- Federal Bill Announced to Eliminate All Vaccine Exemptions for Head Start
- Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of
- California Lawmakers Seek to End 'Personal Belief' Vaccine Exemptions
- Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines
- The US Government Has Paid out $3 Billion to Vaccine-Injured Americans Since 1989
- Fox Host on Mandatory Vaccines: "Some Things Require Big Brother"
- WashPo: Medical Experts 'Alarmed' Republican Pres. Candidates Advocate 'Some Measure Of Choice' Over Childhood Vaccines

Two Former Feds Charged With Stealing Bitcoin During Silk Road Probe
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The federal government became owners of one of the biggest troves of Bitcoin, thanks to seizing millions of dollars in the digital currency from criminals associated with the online black market Silk Road. Two federa... (more)
- The U.S. Government Cares Not a Whit for Its Soldiers
- "I'm Not Stupid" Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses To Drink Weedkiller After Proclaiming "It Won't Hurt You"
- How The US Government Legally Stole Millions From Kim Dotcom
- Congressional Rep. John Carter Discovers Encryption; Worries It May One Day Be Used On Computers To Protect Your Data
- Bill Nye: 'We Need Carbon Tax To Redistribute Wealth...Need Gov't To Run Things...Everyone Else Should Shut Up'
- Senator Wants To Know Why The US Marshals Asset Forfeiture Division Is Blowing Money On $10,000 Tables
- Report: DEA Agents Allegedly Hosted Cartel-Funded 'Sex Parties' With Prostitutes
- U.S. Government Wins Dozens of Millions From Kim Dotcom
- House Dem: Global Warming Could Force Women to Trade Sex for Food

Americans Support a Peaceful Deal With Iran By Almost a 2-to-1 Margin
While the hawks have desperately been trying to stir up war with Iran for decades, the American public is for peace. The Washington Post reports: By a nearly 2 to 1 margin, Americans support the notion of str... (more)
- Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park
- CIA Money Landed in Al Qaeda's Hands: Report
- CNN/ORC Poll: 66% of Americans Say US Should Remain Neutral in Israel/Palestine Conflict
- Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Entire Oil Collapse Is All About Crushing Russian Control Over Syria
- Alexis Tsipras Most Outrageous Outburst Yet?
- Putin Pivots Back: Russia Confirms Willingness To Provide Financial Aid To Greece
- Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia
- Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload Since 2010
- Greece's New Leader Sends Germany A Loud Message With His First Act

- 'Animal Crush' Case Could Go Federal
- Indiana's Controversial 'Religious Freedom' May Have Unintentionally Legalized Marijuana
- Shooting At NSA Headquarters Leaves One Dead
- Steep Drop in Colorado Marijuana Arrests
- California: Longer Yellows Cut Violations In Half
- Feminist Conference Says Clapping 'Triggers Anxiety,' Asks Attendees To Use 'Jazz Hands' Instead
- National Standard Heads Toward Longer Yellow Times
- Christian Chaplain Fired For Preaching Compassion And Love Over Violence Of American Sniper
- 2 Officers Shot At Protest Outside Ferguson Police Station
- Jeffrey Tucker Debates Jan Helfeld on Anarchism

Here Comes Italy: The Next Country to Legalize Marijuana?
An effort to legalize marijuana is getting underway in the Italian parliament, with some 60 lawmakers having signed onto a motion to do just that by the time it was rolled out three weeks ago. Now, the "all party" group is getting to work on the twin... (more)
- Teen Libertarian Is Face of Brazil's Young Free-Market Right
- Bill Introduced To Repeal Patriot Act And Prevent The Government From Demanding Encryption Backdoors
- New Mexico Legislature Abolishes Civil Asset Forfeiture
- Cops in Colorado Could Soon Face $15,000 Fines if they Try to Stop People from Filming
- Pirate Party Becomes Iceland's Most Popular Political Party
- Good Cop Fired for Stopping Fellow Cop from Beating a Mentally Ill Man, Gets her Job Back!
- State Law that Legalized Self Defense Against Cops Just Got Man's Conviction Overturned
- Historic Federal Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Rolled Out Today
- Vet Facing Life Sentence Found Not Guilty for Aiming Pistol at Cops Who Failed to Identify as Cops

- Global Warming Consensus Claim Does Not Stand Up
- Nintendo Nukes Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Browser Game
- Autistic Child Improves On Antibiotics; Father Seeks Research Into Brain-Gut Bacteria
- Inside Popcorn Time, the Piracy Party Hollywood Can't Stop
- Yes, North Korea Has The Internet. Here's What It Looks Like.
- Genetically Engineering Mosquitoes To End Malaria Could Have Unintended Consequences
- WordPress Wins $25,000 From DMCA Takedown Abuser
- Left Shark Bites Back: 3D Printer Sculptor Hires Lawyer To Respond To Katy Perry's Bogus Takedown
- The Fiddling with Temperature Data is the Biggest Science Scandal Ever
- ISP Doesn't Have to Expose Pirating Subscribers, Judge Rules

SSRI Drugs Linked to Germanwings Kamikaze Crash?
Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately crashed a plane with 150 people onboard, had undergone psychiatric treatment, a fact that should prompt questions about whether the 28-year-old had been taking SSRI drugs which have been linked to... (more)
- Monsanto Seeks Retraction For Report Linking Herbicide To Cancer
- The Aftermath of Daylight Saving Time
- Dunkin' Donuts to Remove Titanium Dioxide From Donuts
- Study Confirms That E-Cigarettes Generate Virtually No Toxins
- Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease
- Antibiotics On Food Causing Children To Have Allergic Reactions To Fruits, Vegetables
- Peanut Allergies? For Children, The Best Treatment May Be Peanuts
- Shocker: Eat Fat, Avoid Food Pyramid, Lose Weight
- Nestle USA Strips Artificial Bits From Chocolate Candy

- Somalia Lived While Its Government Died
- Did Allied Troops Rape 285,000 German Women?
- The Worst Government Crimes
- Hawaii Under Martial Law Was Like ‘Military Dictatorship’ (1941-1944)
- When Government Spreads Disease: The 1906 Meat Inspection Act
- The US Air Force Almost Nuked North Carolina
- Did US fake top Nazi's WWII suicide and spirit him away to get hands on Hitler's secret weapons programme?
- Gun Control in Nazi Germany
- Obama's Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said -- In 1997 -- that the U.S. Had to Gain Control of Ukraine
- Tom DiLorenzo on John Stewart and His Lying Lincolnians

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