Big Brother/Orwellian
ABC's 'The Rookie' Features Red-Hat-Wearing Militia Arresting Hispanic Man Because He 'Looks Guilty'
When Hollywood sends us their propagandists, they're not sending us their best. ... (more)

- Major New Zealand Bookstore Bans Sale of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life

- Houston 'Drag Queen Storytime' Shuts Down After Participant Outed As Child Sex Offender

- New Zealand Workers Fired For Watching Shooting Video Or Sharing It With Workmates

- Catholic Journalist Criminally Investigated For 'Using The Wrong Pronoun' In Tweet

- Vimeo Bans Church For Pushing Traditional Christian Values

- NZ, Australia And UK Arrest Citizens For Sharing NZ Shooting Video, ISPs Block Websites

- Is This Why The Media Focuses So Hard On Doxing People And Manufacturing Phony Outrage?

- The Atlantic: 'Bigotry' Is The Reason Tucker Carlson Is Anti-War

- Trump Plan to Fight Big Tech Censorship: 'You Fight It By Just Being Good. You Got to Be Really Good'

- SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns From Embattled Left-Wing Nonprofit

- Report: Trump's 91 Judges Received More Negative Confirmation Votes Than The 2,653 Judges Confirmed During The Entire 20th Century

- Hateful Anti-Haters SPLC to Undergo 'Sexism and Racism' Review

- Warren: "I Believe It's Time to Start The National, Full-Blown Conversation About Reparations"

- Russia Cites EU's Censorship Regime to Justify Passing 'Fake News,' 'Internet Insults' Bills

- Fox News 'Suspends Judge Jeanine For 2 Weeks,' Hires Donna Brazile As Contributor

- Houston Public Library Allowed Convicted Sex Offender to Read to Kids At 'Drag Queen Storytime'

- Dems Push 'Journalist Protection Act' to Make Attacking Journos A Federal Crime

- Southern Poverty Law Center Amasses $518M War Chest, $121M Now Offshore

- Lindsey Graham: Democrats, GOP Can 'Come Together' for Gun Confiscation Law

'Worldstar That My N****!' Man Kicks 78yo Woman In The Face On NYC Subway As Onlookers Film
Viral video out of New York City shows a man violently kick a 78-year-old woman in the face as passengers sit around filming with their cell phones. ... (more)

- NZ Police 'Seething' Over Trolls Sending In Fake Firearm Hand-In Forms

- Border Rush: Guards to Release Migrants Without Detention, Ankle Monitors, Says Wall Street Journal

- Supreme Court Overturns Junk 9th Circuit Ruling, Makes It Easier to Detain Criminal Migrants

- 'Go F**k Yourself': John Oliver Attacks Jay Leno Over His Old Monica Lewinski Jokes

- Aussie PM Suggests Senator Who Smacked Teen That Egged Him Should be Charged for Defending Himself

- Leftists Blame NZ Shooting On PewDiePie, Candace Owens, Trump, NRA, Chans, Incels, Free Speech & More

- AOC Targets NRA Over New Zealand Shooting: 'What Good Are Your Thoughts & Prayers?'

- Coulter to Trump: 'Give Me The Precise Latitude and Longitude' Of Wall You've Built So I Can 'Throw A Party There'

- Stephen Colbert Goes After Tulsi Gabbard In Hostile Interview: David Duke And Steve Bannon 'Like You'

Ron Paul: Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela?
Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a “constraint” on US policy toward the country. The wording seemed intended to convey the idea that the US is about to launch mi... (more)

- Buchanan: Who Spawned The Christchurch Killer?

- Christian Living In A Muslim County '143 Times More Likely' to Be Killed By A Muslim Than Vice Versa

- Ann Coulter: Trump by The Numbers

- Andrew Sullivan On Trump And The Israel Lobby

- Ron Paul Warns Against 'Bipartisan Attack On The Second Amendment'

- Buchanan: How Middle America Is to Be Dispossessed

- Ron Paul: Did John Bolton Blow North Korea?

- The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela's Clueless Opposition

- Left's Latest Demand: Race-Based Reparations

It Was All A Fraud: 'No More Indictments' Coming From Mueller Probe, Multiple Outlets Report
Fox News, ABC News, CNN and others are reporting Department of Justice sources told them there will be "no more indictments" coming from Robert Mueller's Russia probe. ... (more)

- WATCH: Daily Show-Style Comedian Jim Jefferies Exposed By Hidden Camera

- Christopher Steele Admits He Used CNN's Public 'iReport' Website As Source For Anti-Trump Dossier

- NZ Shooter Went on Trip to Pakistan After Supposedly Becoming Radicalized By Ebba Akerlund Murder

- U.S. Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as 'Watershed Event' For 'Galvanizing Public Unrest'

- FAKE HATE: 'Yellow Sticky Substance' On Mayor's Car Was Pollen, Not 'Hate' Vandalism

- TIME: If Mueller Report Disappoints It's 'Your Fault' For 'Buying Trump's False Narrative' He Must Prove 'Collusion'

- National Media Ignores Hate Assault Against High School Trump Supporter

- HATE HOAX: LGBT Activist Charged With Burning Down Own Home In Allegedly Staged Hate Crime

- Kamala On Smollett Arrest: 'We Must Speak The Truth: Hate Crimes Are On The Rise In America'

Pompeo: It's 'Possible' God Sent Trump To Be Savior Of Jews
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CBN News on Thursday that it's "possible" President Trump was sent by God to be a savior of the Jewish people. ... (more)

- Ten Arrested in Islamist Plot to 'Kill as Many Non-Believers as Possible' - German Police

- Salvini: Senegalese Migrant Who Set Fire to Bus Full of Kids Will Be Stripped of Citizenship If Convicted of Terrorism

- Senegalese Migrant Sets Bus Full of Schoolkids On Fire to Protest Italy Closing Its Borders to Refugees

- Western-Born Muslims 'More Likely' to Be Drawn to Extremism and Violent Ideas - Study

- WaPo Gives Campaign Space To Main Sponsor Of ISIS Who Also Jails More Journalists Than Anyone Else

- President Trump Hosts Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro At The White House

- Turkish Muslim Accused Of Killing Three People In Mass Shooting On Dutch Tram

- Trump Retweets Gabbard, Craddick Saying RussiaGate Was Scam to Trigger New Cold War

- Cycle Of Violence: NZ Shooter Said He Was Radicalized By Terror Attack Which Killed Ebba Akerlund

Brave New World
'A New Low!': Drudge Slams Ambien Maker For Mocking Roseanne 'While They Drug A Generation'
Wow, Big Pharma is woke AF! ... (more)

- NYT: 'Older White Women Account For 58% Of Those On Antidepressants Long Term'

- How Big Pharma Is Profiting Off Transgender Mania

- Good News for ADHD Sufferers: It's a Giant Hoax

- Robert De Niro Caves on Anti-Vax Documentary

- American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

- Milo Confirms Twitter Is Shadowbanning Trump Supporters

- Interview: Feminist Author Tells Breitbart Transgender Lobby Targets Livelihoods, Gov Creating Trans Children

- Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

- Carly Fiorina Attacked For Saying Vaccinations Should Be Left Up To Parents

'They Ruined YouTube': Mark Dice Shows How YouTube Rigged Their Search Algorithm to Suppress AltMedia
Mark Dice demonstrated over the weekend how all his most popular videos are now buried thanks to YouTube's new rigged search algorithm. ... (more)

- AOC Stands By Prediction 'World Is Going To End In 12 Years' If We Don't Address Climate Change

- NYT: 'Lefty Sociologist' Prof Laments Finding Link Between Genes & Socio-Economic Success

- China Unveils 'World's First' A.I. News Anchor

- Inventor of Web: Facebook and Google May Need to Be Broken Up

- BBC: Around Two-Thirds Of Differences In Kids' School Achievement Can Be Explained by Genes

- A Snapshot Of YouTube's New Search Algorithm

- Study: Women Leaving STEM Due to Depression, Unhappiness

- Study Of Twins Finds Intelligence 'Largely Determined By Hereditary Genetic Factors'

- European Parliament Drops Oppressive Copyright Rules Which Could 'Ban Memes'

Parents Demand Removal Of Cell Tower At Elem. School After 4th Child Diagnosed With Cancer
Parents are demanding a cell tower at their children's elementary school in San Joaquin County, California be removed after four students and three teachers were reportedly diagnosed with cancer. ... (more)

- Vox Writer: 'I Eat Takeout Or Soylent For ~99 Percent of My Meals'

- AP: Obesity Rate In U.S. Hits All-Time High

- Study Confirms Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Boosts Metabolism

- Study: Having Fewer Sexual Partners Linked to Happier Marriages

- Study: Circumcising Newborn Boys Increases Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

- Fentanyl Overdoses Spike Nearly 50 Percent Across Maryland

- Deadly Parasitic Worm Coming to Europe Due to Third-World Migration

- Study: Weight Lifting May Help Fight And Prevent Depression

- Milwaukee: Major Syphilis, HIV Outbreak Among Schoolkids

Secret Societies: They Are Not Just at Yale - They Are Running a University Near You
The world over has heard of Skull and Bones of Yale University. This elite secret society holds within its membership at least four U.S. Presidents. George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry are both members of Skull and Bones. This made the 2004 preside... (more)

NO APOLOGIES: Tucker Slams Leftist 'Outrage Machine'
Tucker Carlson delivered an epic rant on Monday night against "the great American outrage machine" and said "Fox News is behind us as they have been since the very first day." ... (more)

- Tim Pool Destroyed Jack Dorsey And Vijaya Gadde on Joe Rogan's Podcast

- Florida Lawmaker Introduces 'Stop Social Media Censorship Act' to Protect Free Speech Online

- Alex Jones Interview With Joe Rogan Gets 4.5 Million Views After One Day

- 'They Fear A Movement That's Growing': Tommy Robinson On Being Banned From Facebook, Instagram & Amazon

- Maryland Sheriff on Gun Confiscation Bill: 'We Will Not Comply'

- President Trump: 'Everyone MUST Watch The Opening to Tucker Carlson - A Classic!'

- Tucker: "What's The Point of Having a Republican Senate If They Can't Stand Up For Free Speech When Their Own Voters Are Being Targeted?"

- New Mexico: Multiple Counties Vote to Become 'Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties'

- Nick Sandmann Launches Lawsuit Against The Washington Post For Defamation

Science Mag Writer: Industrial-Scale Human Sacrifice By Mexicas Wasn't 'Horrific' or 'Evil'
Science Magazine's latest cover story revealed how archaeologists found a "literal tower of skulls beneath Mexico City." ... (more)

- American Pravda: Our Great Purge of The 1940s

- 1996: Peter Thiel Predicts 'Multiculturalism,' 'Diversity' Will Bring The End Of Western Culture

- Wikileaks: 'Those Tunnels The U.S Is Bombing In Afghanistan? They Were Built By The CIA'

- How Fake News From The NY Times Helped Castro Seize Power

- Never Before Seen Video Shows Obama Complaining About White Privilege

- Germany: 87-Yr-Old Grandmother Sentenced to Prison for Questioning Holocaust

- Man Who Lied About 'Surviving the Holocaust' Says He Did It to 'Keep Memories Alive'

- Professor: Textbooks Teach Fake 'Facts,' 'Feel-Good Myths' About The Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman

- Freemasons 'Fixed Inquiry Into Sinking of The Titanic to Clear Bosses'

Dems Unveil The Stupidest 10-Year-Plan In The History Of The World
The Democrats' "Green New Deal" is so stupid you have to applaud Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for having the temerity to release it to the public. ... (more)

- Buzzfeed Announces They're Hiring Low-Paid Editorial Writers After Firing Higher-Paid Salaried Staff

- 2017: Women Start Paying More Than Men For Car Insurance - 2019: 'Gender Discrimination' Outlawed

- Trump Backs 'Path To Citizenship' For H-1B Recipients: 'Rest Assured That Changes Are Soon Coming'

- Tucker: 'In 2003, Warren Wrote A Book About How The Entry of Mothers Into The Workforce Has Been a Disaster For Families'

- Harvard Study: "Gender Wage Gap" Explained Entirely by Work Choices of Men and Women

- Trump 'Halts' Trade War: China Agrees to Buy 'Very Substantial Amount' of US Goods, Regulate Fentanyl

- Trump Says He'll Be 'Formally Terminating NAFTA,' Congress Can Either Replace Or Have Nothing

- Trump Winning Trade War With China: Pres. Xi Vows to Lower Tariffs, Increase Imports

- BOOM: Highest Economic Optimism in Nearly 18 Years, 85% Doing Well

Tyranny/Police State
AZ Rep. David Livingston Pushes Bill to Take Citizens' DNA For 'Massive Statewide Database'
Arizona Rep David Livingston (R) has introduced a bill to force a host of Arizonans -- who are not accused of any wrongdoing -- to hand over their DNA to form a "massive statewide database," according to a report from The Arizona Republic. ... (more)

- First Amendment Auditor Gets Shot, Called A 'Nazi' For Filming Outside LA Synagogue

- Sheriff Joe On Stone Raid: In 50 Yrs Of Raids I've Never Sent So Many Units, Even To The Baddest Murders

- FBI Raids Roger Stone With CNN Cameras By Their Side, Continues Arresting Everyone Who Helped Trump Win

- FBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation, Lawyer Says

- Maryland: Cops Shoot Man to Death In His Home For Resisting Gun Confiscation

- 'Act Like A Lady': Lib Journo Arrested After Taking Pics Of Naked Black Man Detained By Police

- Tommy Robinson Fears For His Life After Being Moved to Heavily Muslim-Populated Prison

- Britain: Rapists Enjoy Full Trial While Tommy Robinson Summarily Imprisoned

- Tommy Robinson Arrested While Covering Grooming Gang Trial, UK Gov Silences Press With Gag Order

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