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'White Boy Privilege' Kid Drops New Poem About Cops Shooting Black People for Kicks
Royce Mann, the 14-year-old kid best known for culturally appropriating black slam poetry in his viral hit "White Boy Privilege," is out with a new poem about police shooting black people just because they're black. From CNN:... (more)

- Milo Banned From Twitter For Hurting Ghostbusters Star Leslie Jones' Feelings

- Media Blames Truck, Not Terrorists or Islam, For Nice Attack

- Indoctrination: Watch 14-Year-Old Perform 'White Boy Privilege' Poem

- Screaming 'I Hate White People' Before Decking Random White Woman 'Not A Hate Crime'

- ChristianMingle Forced to Service Gays, Shaken Down for $500k

- School Bars 9-Year-Old From Wearing 'Make America Great Again' Hat

- Hate Speech? Facebook Refuses to Remove "I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump" Page

- EU Cites Terrorism by Muslims They Let In as Reason to Ban Right-Wing's Free Speech

- Facebook Bans Conservatives For Complaining About Censorship

WATCH: 'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes How Clintons Traded State Dept. Favors for Cash
"Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being 'dead broke' after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during... (more)

- Report: Murdoch Son 'Horrified by Potential Trump Presidency' Forced Out Roger Ailes

- Massachusetts AG Bans "Copycat Assault-Style Weapons" by Decree

- WATCH: Lyin' Ted Cruz BOOED Off Stage for Refusing to Endorse Trump!

- Leftist Media Freak Out Over Melania 'Plagiarism' - Ignored Joe Biden Copying Man's Life Story

- Rep. Steve King Labeled "White Supremacist" For Pointing Out European Contributions to Civilization

- Kill Cops, Get a Meeting With the President

- Bernie Sanders Stabs His Supporters In The Back

- Obama: It's "Very Hard to Untangle the Motives" of BLM Shooter

- Trump: "Our Adversaries Almost Certainly Have a Blackmail File on Hillary Clinton"

You Can't Stump The Trump Volume XXVIII ("I Am Your Voice")
The final takeover of the GOP is nearing completion. The #NeverTrump forces have been depleted and many of their commanders have already bent the knee. However, an old foe attempts to Stump the Trump one last time before being eternally cast into the... (more)

- VIDEO: Purse Snatcher Throws 95yo Woman to the Ground, Breaks Her Teeth

- Macy's Fires Catholic Employee For Questioning Transgender Bathroom Policy

- WATCH: 'The Daily Show' Crew Assaults Breitbart Reporter for Filming Them

- SJW Coup Going Down at Fox News?

- VIDEO: Alex Jones Attacked by Antifa Chanting 'Nazi Scum' at RNC

- WATCH: Trump's Epic Entrance to the GOP Convention

- Stephen Colbert So Desperate for Ratings He's Making Fun of Hillary

- Australian TV Host Calls for Muslim Ban, Australia's ADL Attacks Her 'Offensive Bigotry'

- Florida: "Black Lives Matter" Note Found Near Cop Car Set Ablaze

- Pat Buchanan: Ted Cruz and The Trump Takeover

- Pat Buchanan: Is The Party Over For Bushism?

- The Black Lives Matter Movement Is a Mass-Mental Illness

- Molyneux: The Truth About The Bastille Day Terrorist Attack

- Why the Philando Castile Shooting is Different

- America: The Greatest Country On Earth

- Stefan Molyneux On Liberal Hypocrites

- Pat Buchanan: Why Trump Is Routing The Free Traders

- Pat Buchanan: After Brexit, a Trump Path to Victory

- Pat Buchanan: Trolling For War With Russia

NYT: "Anonymous Source" Told Us Trump Wanted to Make Kasich De Facto President
The New York Times, the paper best known for using an "anonymous source" to hoax the US into the war in Iraq by claiming Saddam had WMDs, is out with another whopper. This time, they're claiming Donald Trump wanted to make competitive ... (more)

- Turks Theorize Erdogan Staged Coup to Seize Power

- CNN Labels France Terror Attack Witness 'Trump Rampage Survivor'

- CNN Blames 'European Fascism' for Nice Terror Attack

- German Author BANNED From Facebook After Sharing Book on Migrant Crime

- FBI: We've Found NO EVIDENCE Orlando Shooter Was Gay

- Obama DOJ Still Keeping Secret Two Other Phone Calls With Orlando Shooter

- Gun Store Owner: We Called FBI & Warned Them About Orlando Shooter

- Hillary Psy-Op: DNC "Hack" is a Scam to Demonize Trump

- Ex-Wife Tells Brazilian TV Shooter Had "Gay Tendencies" - "FBI Asked Her Not to Tell American Media"

Germany: 18yo Iranian Screams 'Allahu Akbar' Before Executing Children at Mall
We're going to need those "mandatory Islam classes" ASAP. From The Daily Mail: A gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' opened fire at children in McDonald's before rampaging through a shopping mall, killing at least... (more)

- German Officials Respond to Migrant's Axe Attack by Calling for 'Mandatory Islam Classes'

- 'The Economist' Celebrates British People Becoming A Minority In Their Own Country

- George Soros Doubles Down: Accept 300k Refugees Costing $30bn, or Risk EU Collapse

- ISIS Releases Video of German Train Attacker Saying He Sought Revenge on "Infidels"

- Germany: 21 Injured After Axe-Wielding '17yo Afghan' Migrant Attacks Germans on Train

- France: Crowd Boos French PM Who Told Them to "Learn To Live" with Terrorism

- Council Member: French Citizens Are "Getting Ready For War"

- Hungary Deploys Army to Keep Migrants Out

- Convicted Somali Rapist Caught Trying to Rape Again Upon Release

Brave New World
- Robert De Niro Caves on Anti-Vax Documentary

- American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children

- Milo Confirms Twitter Is Shadowbanning Trump Supporters

- Interview: Feminist Author Tells Breitbart Transgender Lobby Targets Livelihoods, Gov Creating Trans Children

- Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

- Carly Fiorina Attacked For Saying Vaccinations Should Be Left Up To Parents

- California Mandatory Vaccine Bill SB 277 Signed Into Law By Jerry Brown

- American Medical Association Supports the Elimination of Parents’ Right to Make Vaccine Choices, and California Takes Another Step Toward Medical Tyranny

- Thousands of Teenage Girls Enduring Debilitating Illnesses After Routine School Cancer Vaccination

- Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

Stefan Molyneux Interviews Richard Lynn on Race, Genetics & Intelligence
Discussions about ethnic and gender differences in intelligence are seen as impolite by many, but in an age where the failure of others is held up as an example of sexism or racism, it is an essential topic to discuss. Dr. Richard Lyn... (more)

- After 10 Years Al Gore's Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate

- Bill Nye 'The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy' Entertains Jailing Climate Skeptics For 'Affecting My Quality of Life'

- Israeli Software Company Revealed As FBI's "Outside Party" Helping to Hack iPhone

- Study: Blondes Have Higher IQs

- Judges: Geolocation Not Good Enough to Pinpoint Pirates

- The End of Manual Labor? Google Subsidiary Unveils Humanoid 'Atlas Robot'

- MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen Mocks 97% Consensus: 'It Is Propaganda'

- KickAssTorrents Adds Streaming Technology, Warns 'Expect a Bloodshed'

- New Pirate Bay Plugin Lets Users Stream Torrents In Their Browser

Massive US Government Study Finds Link Between Cellphones and Cancer
Who could have predicted such a thing? Your's truly has only been reporting this for the past 10+ years, but now a massive government study said to be the biggest ever of it's kind has found a link between cellphone exposure and canc... (more)

- Refugees Enrich Our Culture With Infectious Tuberculosis

- Splenda Ingredient, Sucralose, Linked to Leukemia

- White Bread & Bagels Increase Risk of Lung Cancer by 49 Percent, Study Finds

- Dogs Suffering With Pain And Seizures Treated With Cannabis

- Onetime Party Drug Ketamine Hailed as Miracle For Treating Severe Depression

- "BPA-Free" Plastic Alternatives May Not Be Safe

- Gym Bunnies Are Wasting Their Time, Study Suggests

- US Authorities Distorting Tests to Downplay Lead Content of Water

- Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites

- Glenn Beck dons Freemasonic patch during broadcast

- U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes

- 'Parliament of World Religions' urges Copenhagen to act on climate change

- CNN Hunts Down Freemasons in U.S. Government (video)

- Freemasons await Dan Brown novel 'The Lost Symbol'

- ‘Blood Oath’ Sealed Stanford Deal, Court Is Told

- Georgia freemasons at loggerheads over admission of black man to lodge

- American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

- Geronimo's descendants demand return of 'stolen' remains

- Is Barack Obama the Messiah?: Obama is a LightWorker - an Attuned Being with Powerful Luminosity and High-Vibration Integrity who will actually help usher in a New Way of Being

Steve King Doubles Down: Idea Every Culture is Equal "Not Objectively True"
Iowa representative Steve King has refused to apologize and instead doubled down in his defense of western civilization and the Europeans who created it. From the Washington Post: "The idea of multiculturalis... (more)

- WATCH: Trump Speaks at the GOP Convention

- WATCH: Fight Breaks Out After Alex Jones Triggers Young Turks Live on Air!

- WATCH: Laura Ingraham Delivers Best Speech of the Night At GOP Convention

- Italian Restaurant Trolls BLM With 'Black Olives Matter' Billboard, Sees Spike in Sales

- WATCH: Donald Trump, Jr. Delivers Best Speech of the Night at GOP Convention

- Social Justice Triggly-Puff Shut Down by Carl The Cuck Slayer

- National Poll: Trump Takes Lead Over Hillary 44-37

- Trump: 'On Nov. 8, Hillary Will Pay For Her Sins'

- Trump Takes Lead Over Wicked Witch Hillary 43-39 in Latest Rasmussen Poll

Man Who Lied About 'Surviving the Holocaust' Says He Did It to 'Keep Memories Alive'
"Holocaust survivor" Joseph Hirt has admitted he lied about surviving the holocaust, but says he did so with the best of intentions. Via The Guardian: A Pennsylvania man who claimed for years to have escaped fr... (more)

- Professor: Textbooks Teach Fake 'Facts,' 'Feel-Good Myths' About The Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman

- Freemasons 'Fixed Inquiry Into Sinking of The Titanic to Clear Bosses'

- That Time America Was Attacked and Did Nothing But Things Just Magically Worked Out

- The Long History of French Military Intervention in The Middle East and Africa

- Declassified Docs Show How US Imperialism Nearly Led to a Recent Nuclear Holocaust

- The Man Who Made Your Selfies Possible

- Government Power Was His Mortal Enemy

- Pinochet Directly Ordered Killing On US Soil of Chilean Diplomat, Papers Reveal

- J.R.R. Tolkien the Anarchist: 'The Most Improper Job of Any Man is Bossing Other Men. Not One in a Million is Fit for it'

- Hillary Clinton's Vow to College Grads: I'll Outsource Your Jobs to Foreign Graduates

- Soros Bets $110m Shorting Germany's Biggest Bank

- Rep Claims George Soros Was "Long" Pound Before Brexit Vote

- As Calif. Power Grid Operators Warn of Blackouts, Enviros Celebrate Closing of Last Nuclear Plant

- Trump Says He'll Stop Obama Plan to Force "Diversity" on White Neighborhoods

- Soros Destroys EU Through Migrant Crisis, Acts to Profit Off Collapse

- Illegals Openly Brag About $300k Scholarships on Twitter

- Illegals Dwarf American Households in Welfare: "Obama Seeking $17k For Every Illegal Minor"

- Obama Spending Millions to Find Summer Jobs — for Refugees

- Germany to Spend $106 Billion on Refugees Until 2020 - Report

Tyranny/Police State
Finland: Man Thrown in Prison For Using "Excessive Self-Defense" Against Home Invaders
Leftists in Finland have thrown a man in jail for using "excessive self-defense" to fight off a home invasion. From RT: A homeowner in Finland has been sentenced to four years in jail and a hefty fine after fight... (more)

- Friends of Unarmed Teen Shot by Police Say Media Ignored Story "Because He's White"

- #FreeMichaelStrickland: Conservative Activist Arrested for Pulling Gun in Self-Defense

- Leftist Agitator Filmed Attacking Right-Wing Protester in CA is Middle School Teacher

- Grand Jury Declines to Indict Deputy in Deadly Shooting of Harnett County Dad

- Court Rules Police Can Legally Make Up Lies to Pull People Over to Fish For Criminal Behavior

- Germany: Police Raid Homes Of 'Anti-Refugee' Internet Posters

- Police Raid Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

- '$1.2 Billion Slush Fund': Justice Dept. Resumes Controversial Asset Forfeiture 'Equitable Sharing'

- 100+ DUI Cases Dismissed After Deputy Caught Lying On Stand

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