RFK Jr Talks Vaccines With Tucker: 'This Is The 2nd Show In 10 Yrs That's Allowed Me To Talk About This'
InformationLiberationApr 21
The absolute madman Tucker Carlson had Robert Kennedy Jr on his show Thursday night to discuss the dangers of vaccines.

"This is the second show in 10 years that's allowed me to talk about this," RFK Jr said. "The other one being Bill Maher, which doesn't take advertising."
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EPIC: Trump Asks Robert Kennedy Jr. to Head Commission On Vaccine Safety
InformationLiberationJan 10
If vaccines cause autism, we may finally get to the bottom of it.

From The Washington Post:
President-elect Donald Trump asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a proponent of a widely discredited theory that vaccines cause autism, to chair a new commission on vaccine safety and ... (more)

Massive US Government Study Finds Link Between Cellphones and Cancer
InformationLiberationMay 27
Who could have predicted such a thing?

Your's truly has only been reporting this for the past 10+ years, but now a massive government study said to be the biggest ever of it's kind has found a link between cellphone exposure and cancer.

While the study was done on rats and mice, they share 99% of our genes and are generally superb test subjects.

Despite tons of circumstantial evidence with brain surgeon after brain surgeon coming out to say they
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Refugees Enrich Our Culture With Infectious Tuberculosis
InformationLiberationMay 23
B. Hussein Obama's "cultural enrichment" program is working out just great!

(Hat tip to George Zimmerman for the unique Obama name abbreviation.)

Via Breitbart:
Four refugees sent to Indiana by the federal Office o... (more)

Splenda Ingredient, Sucralose, Linked to Leukemia
FOX 13Mar 14

White Bread & Bagels Increase Risk of Lung Cancer by 49 Percent, Study Finds
RTMar 10
Eating foods that are high on the glycemic index (GI), such as white bread, bagels, and rice, can increase the risk of lung cancer by as much as 49 percent, a new study has found.

Having examined the eating and smoking habits of 4,320 people, of whom 1,905 were diagnosed with cancer and 2,415 had no health issues, researchers found that those with a diet high in GI foods were nearly 50 percent more likely to develop lung cancer.

What many may find even more surprisi
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Dogs Suffering With Pain And Seizures Treated With Cannabis
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 24
Dogs are now benefiting from cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat everything from pain and hip dysplasia to cancer and epilepsy -- even though the product absurdly remains classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic.
"Most of the pet owners that are using the product are using it for separation anxiety, things like hip dysplasia and arthritis, mobility pain, ageing -- a lot of ageing dogs are using the product -- and then we have some dogs that have epilepsy that use the product with grea... (more)

Onetime Party Drug Ketamine Hailed as Miracle For Treating Severe Depression
Washington PostFeb 02

"BPA-Free" Plastic Alternatives May Not Be Safe
CNNFeb 02

Gym Bunnies Are Wasting Their Time, Study Suggests
The TelegraphJan 29
This has been known for awhile now, you have to keep in mind working out will cause you to 'work up an appetite' and adjust accordingly. Exercising for weight loss is extremely inefficient, you lose weight by eating less. - Chris

US Authorities Distorting Tests to Downplay Lead Content of Water
The GuardianJan 23

Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites
New York TimesJan 18

Reefer Madness Debunked as Major UK Study Finds Marijuana Does Not Reduce IQ in Teens
Raw StoryJan 15

New Study Says Happiness and Unhappiness Have No Direct Effect On Mortality
InformationLiberationDec 30
This new study published earlier this month by The Lancet completely upends conventional wisdom (and previous studies) which say being stressed will give you an early death, yet it's hasn't sent the shock-waves through the media I think it deserves, personally despite being a newshound I didn't even hear about it.

The Lancet writes in their press release:
A study of a million UK... (more)

Despite 1 In 5 Gay Men Having HIV, FDA Overturns 30-Yr Ban On Blood Donations
InformationLiberationDec 22
The U.S. government yesterday overturned a 30-year ban on gay men donating blood, the caveat being they must refrain from having sexual contact with other men for at least 12 months prior to any donation.

This 12 month deferral has gay rights groups upset and demanding their blood be treated "equally," despite the fact a recent CDC study reported almost 1 in 5 gay men are HIV positive, with 38% of gay men in Baltimore carrying HIV.
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Anti-Ageing Drug Could Let You Live to 120 in Good Health
NZ HeraldNov 30

Silicon Valley Professionals 'Micro-Dosing' LSD At Work to Increase Productivity
The TelegraphNov 27

New Kind of 'Designer' Immune Cells Clear Baby's Leukemia
ReutersNov 17

Why Are Placebos Getting More Effective?
BBC NewsOct 28

Meat Is Linked to Higher Cancer Risk, W.H.O. Report Finds
The New York TimesOct 27

A panel of busy-body bureaucrats proclaim it to be, therefor it is so. This proclamation by a panel of 22 bureaucrats, 7 of whom disagreed or abstained from voting, involves no new science of any kind and is merely an expression of opinion without any scientific backing.

"Eating meat may, maybe, might, who knows, cause cancer."

All these studies show are loose associations, no actual causation is proven, therefor it's practically meaningless. People who eat red meat tend to have "riskier" diets and lifestyle habits in general, they definitively have not pinpointed their meat consumption as the cause of their cancers, yet they give the false impression they have.

What's remarkable is how many people are actually falling for this bull and acting like this report holds any weight, seven members of their own bullsh*t panel wouldn't even sign on to it, yet I see tons of alternative media sites eating it up with a spoon. - Chris, InfoLib

Report: U.S Most Obese in The World, Fattest Kids by a Mile, Tops For Poor Teen Health
Washington ExaminerOct 13
Give kids back their god damn whole milk. - Chris

Government On Nutrition: Often Wrong, Seldom in Doubt
Cato @ LibertyOct 07
According to Peter Whoriskey's Washington Post report this morning, the latest conventional wisdom to reverse in the nutrition world is on whole versus low-fat milk:
U.S. dietary guidelines have long recommended that people steer clear of whole milk, and for decades, Americans have obeyed. Whole mil... (more)

Area doctors urge seniors, children, pregnant women to stop drinking Flint water now
NBC 25 NewsSep 25
...but the gubmint assured me the tap water is safe and bottled spring water is a scam!

Diagnostic Errors Put Millions of Patients at Risk, Report Says
CBS NewsSep 24

Man Found to Have Been Shedding Virulent Strain of Polio for 30 Years Thanks to Vaccinations
The GuardianAug 31

E-cigarette Industry Funded Experts Who Ruled Vaping Is Safe
The Daily MailAug 28

Pesticides In Paradise: Hawaii's Spike In Birth Defects Puts Focus On GM Crops
The GuardianAug 24

Game Developers Face Final Boss: The FDA
The BeaconAug 20
"Absent the FDA, Americans would be healthier and happier." --Robert Higgs

As I drove to work the other day, I heard a very interesting segment on NPR that featured a startup designing video games to improve cognitive skills and relieve symptoms associated with a myriad of mental health conditions. One game highlighted, Project Evo, has shown good preliminary
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Whooping Cough Vaccination Fail
Karen De CosterAug 20
For all of the “herd immunity” evangelists who believe that everyone should be shamed into or forced to become revenue streams for the medical-pharmaceutical-government-criminal complex. To quote the article:
The Reno County Health Department tells us a majority of the total cases have been vaccinated.
Same thing is going on in Wichita County, Texas. And the same thing in
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E-cigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Regular Cigarettes: Study
ReutersAug 20

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