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Analysis posted Dec 21 2006, 2:53 AM Category: Occult Source: Associated Content Print

Secret Societies: They Are Not Just at Yale - They Are Running a University Near You

By Artevia Wilborn

The world over has heard of Skull and Bones of Yale University. This elite secret society holds within its membership at least four U.S. Presidents. George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry are both members of Skull and Bones. This made the 2004 presidential election the first known election where two secret society members ran against each other. However, names like the Order of the Bull's Blood, Mystical Seven Society, The Order of Gimghoul , Burning Spear, and Machine are less familiar. Make no mistake these too are powerful societies. The clear pronounceable difference between these organizations and Skull and Bones is that these secret societies were founded and continue to wield power at universities where ivy does not grow.

At the University of Virginia the number 7 mysteriously pops up on campus buildings and other campus fixtures and checks in the amount of 1,777 or 7,777 are sent to the university. For nearly 100 years candidates picked by the most secretive society have virtually always won the University of Alabama's student government elections. How is it that a group that claims only 13 years of existence on Florida State University's 156-year-old campus became the natural choice to sponsor FSU Homecoming? On the campus of Baylor University the school fountains turn pink, announcements declare Homecoming canceled, and figures are seen parading around campus adorning wigs and fake noses.

If the average college freshman is expecting to step on a campus where he or she leaves behind the stereotypical high school cliques then most will be given a false sense of freedom. Most college students are unknowingly under the yoke of the definite yet predominantly silent hold university secret societies possess on what is popularly called college life.

There are many aspects of college life. One could argue that there are so many diverse parts of campus life that it would be impossible for secret societies to control all of them. The mistake is thinking that these societies need to physically control all of these parts. In all fairness there are some aspects of college life these societies wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. But what societies like Spades aim to do is build an ever growing web of influence; and like a bunch of spiders they position themselves in key places on their web so that their slightest touch affects the entire college web. So what parts of the college web do these secret societies position themselves upon and how does this affect college life? The physical landscapes and traditions of the school, student government and student leadership, and social events are where these societies seem to assert their control.

Secret societies put university politics into play like a well-oiled machine. In fact, it is well documented that Machine, University of Alabama's secret society, has used all manner of illegal tricks and threats to both win university elections and discourage opponents from running against them. One year on their order groups of students boycotted a popular pizzeria to the point of running it out of business. Why? Well the son of the pizzeria owners ran against a Machine student government candidate. No one knows the exact membership, their leadership is especially secretive, but Machine's representatives inform potential election candidates what student positions Machine will allow them to pursue. Burning Spear is comprised of the most elite of the student senate and student government association, incidentally most currently belong to Insight Party, the FSU political party that has been sweeping university elections, under one name or another, for several years.

The reason these societies fight so earnestly to control the political makeup of their universities is simple, the pursuit of ever more power. What is most alarming is that many universities pay student government officers, thus compensating these secret society members for exerting their control in everyday student life. They control student organizations' budgets and place students on the student judicial board. They write legislation that affects the student body and hold representatives in every college or school on their university's campus. They allocate funds for student festivities and events and safeguard the interests of groups like fraternities and sororities, of which many secret society members also hold membership.

Just how these societies impact the physical landscapes and traditions of school are probably the easiest thing to observe about them. For instance, The Seven Society writes 7s on school property at the University of Virginia. Members of Burning Spear begin the beating of a large drum in the FSU's Student Union when the university plays a rival like UM or UF. The Noze has painted school bridges pink , dyed the water in school fountains pink, and made false announcements declaring Homecoming canceled. Michigamu, unlike any other group on campus, is given a free office space on campus.

Some may see these acts as mysterious or cool, foolish or petty vandalism, or simply harmless but they have been mistakenly viewed as part of these Universities' distinctions and traditions. These organizations are physically making a clear statement: This university and everything you think is yours belongs to us. They are given the power to take up space and "decorate" the university as they see fit without question, without revealing their motives or membership, and without campus reprisal and without being subjected to following standard university rules .

Homecoming, and Alumni Weekend, and concerts oh my. Oh these are just a few of the events these society members host. Oh how they like the limelight (so long as you don't focus too much attention on their membership in said societies) and being the life of the party. A university's time honored events and most awaited social spotlights are under the command of these organizations. After only 13 years of proclaimed existence Burning Spear unquestionably is given the honor of sponsoring FSU's homecoming. Florida Blue Key also sponsors colossal events such as University of Florida's Homecoming and Gator Growl. Students who secretly hold membership in these groups get to represent themselves as everyday students while they gain and build professional, social, and alumni connections. What is ironic is that the university funds the parties these societies sponsor under the guise of school spirit. It is however, the sprit of their own society and influence over these events that they are most interested in maintaining.

With the power of government, influence over tradition, and determination to plan the goings on at your local university know that elite secret societies participate in all these activities with only one goal - their ever advancing power. The aforementioned colleges and universities don't immediately endear visions of prestige that one thinks of when Harvard or Yale is mentioned. However, like the members of Skull and Bones these secret societies members on public university campuses go on to powerful positions in local, state, and federal government, they become successful business men, and continue the ever connecting web of power.

Kevin Phillips, author of American Theocracy, puts the best case of why these societies succeed. Phillips states, "People have wondered why these secret societies have been hotbeds of future success. Rather than competing with fraternities and student organizations, these 'secret societies' augment or leverage other organizations. What makes them unique and singularly successful is that they stress goal-oriented vision among a limited and distinguished group. Often they assist each other, secretly, in gaining prominent campus positions as practice for what they want to do in the real world. As opposed to larger organizations they maintain the strength of their ties post graduation."

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Posted: Dec 22 2006, 4:53 PM

8888 no comment

Posted: Dec 22 2006, 6:21 PM

67116 You sound excluded and bitter. Though I agree with the Aldous Huxley and Joe Kennedy quotes.

Posted: Dec 22 2006, 10:36 PM

68188 A well regulated conspearcy might just straighten this mess out.

Posted: Feb 25 2007, 2:13 AM

60226 These heroes are toiling thanklessly, helping to keep the universities running like a well-oiled machine, and they deserve more recognition for their fine, upstanding work in making college life a well run and organized lifestyle, not to mention making it 'fun and cool'. Their real goal - even more keggers!

Posted: Apr 05 2007, 3:55 AM

24255 i believe that this is the bestruling class of people as of today. but i also believe fremasons/illuminatis'/animal lodges, and etc., etc. are nothing more than the AIDS virus. These perverts spread their hatred toward God. i personally hope that one day while these perverts are out driving or to be driven around totheir every day functions that these perverts get into an accident and die and go to hell. these are stupid faggotts who would sell their own birthright to the highest bidder. i hope the bushes, clintons and the others eat horse crap and die and go to hell. my deep hatred of these idiots is great and i would not mind putting a bullet in their heads.

Posted: May 28 2007, 12:23 PM

6459 Scary stuff.
Alex Jones is right.
And they are running my country and the world ?

Posted: Aug 12 2007, 8:15 PM

68111 This was a good article. I didnt know of Burning Spade, or Machine. We must do something before they make us a micro-chip society.

Posted: Sep 07 2007, 3:47 PM

16778 I agree with the first anonymous post. This is a very one-sided article that screams "I am bitter because I am not a member of one of these societies." Maybe one day, you will do real research and write a more unbiased article that accurately depicts the goals and mission of these alleged secret societies rather than negatively portraying these organizations. It is said that [people] hate and fear what they don't know or understand. I believe you are one of those people.

Posted: Sep 19 2007, 9:45 PM

None of you seem to understand this corruption will not last for long a time has come for the people to pray!

Posted: Oct 05 2007, 3:59 PM

65247 All I ask is for you all to be very concerned! Every president that has tried to stop these secret societies have ended up DEAD.

Abraham Lincoln tried to block the control of US "real" money. He would up shot

John F. Kennedy signed executive order 11110 to stop Federal Res Bank and was killed out in TX. (wha? TX? Hook 'em horns!)

Nixon didn't end up dead but he was sure forced to resign. Watergate anyone? hmmmmm

Posted: Nov 10 2007, 11:40 AM

Secret societies make me laugh. They're so childish. It's like when you're a kid, and you make your own little tree-house clubs that only certain people can join.

Thankfully, most of us grow out of that.

Posted: Dec 05 2007, 1:37 PM

6835 Wow, I am a FSU student, and had no prior knowledge of Burning Spear. I am naturally fully aware of Insight and their load of crap...
Anonymous FSU Alumnu

Posted: Jan 09 2008, 4:56 PM

16778 I've done my fair share of research on these societies out of shear curiosity. The fact of the matter is that the members of these organizations have benevolent intentions to promote their alma mater. They are constantly making selfless contributions (monetarily and their own personal time) in an effort to better their respective college or university.

If you ask faculty and staff that are aware of the societies at their respective universities, they will tell you that most, if not all, of these societies do some good for the college or university. It is those who attempt to get in to these organizations and are denied membership are the ones that have a bitter taste in their mouth and have nothing but negative things to say. As was mentioned before, it seems as though the author of this article is one of those bitter people.

Posted: May 27 2008, 7:15 PM

75157 something similar:
Engineers have their little cliques, which are a "society" of sorts ; it is in these groups that the idle chatter spreads the attitudes supporting corporatism, oil as the only energy, and attitudes against minorities [are they still doing this one?] and environmentalism and the left, trade unions, and women.

Posted: Jun 10 2008, 1:34 PM

24206 I think it is funny that Baylor University's Noze brotherhood (satch!) is mentioned in the second paragraph of this article. Yes, the Noze are a secret society in the sense that it is not public knowledge who the members are. But I know and have known several of the members from personal experience, and let me tell you, these guys are not the caliber capable of bringing about any conspiratorial events...oh hell, let me put it to you this way: they basically write poop and pee jokes. There, I said it. While they are satirically spot on every once in a while in their publication, The Rope, I think if you asked anyone on campus about these guys, they would all agree with me that while some are talented writers, I wouldn't go so far as to call them intelligent or motivated. Just a bunch of class clowns that couldn't get into the frat of their choice I guess.

Posted: Nov 13 2009, 12:55 PM

71236 yea well maybe i should start my own secret not so secret secret society call it the "take your silver spoon & shove it up your ass society." the worlds tired of ignorance & scumfuk politicians

Posted: Oct 31 2011, 2:21 PM

15226 can anyone stop this madess people die if they dont join them like rapers pimp c 2puc easy e and more they cant do that they can kill anyone in the world and get away with it thats not right
It's a secret

Posted: Feb 24 2012, 11:22 AM

75138 I am one of nine members who founded a successful secret society in our Freshman year of university (different from any of the ones mentioned, but still in AL) based on the benevolent societies out there like UVA's Purple Shadows or the 7 society (both the ones from UVA and W&M). There are essentially three purposes of a secret society:
1. Personal Advancement/Networking
2. Anonymous philanthropy
3. People just having a good time (the class clowns someone mentioned in a previous post)

Of course, it could be a combination of these, but the point is that not all societies are evil or seeking power. Our particular society has no control over the direction of the university, but if we did, it would be to fund a scholarship, building project, etc. The reasons that these societies seem to be filled with super-achievers is that (if they follow similar models to our organization), they are choosing from the top 4 to 7 leaders from each class. And the reason that people focus on these super-achievers is because of one of the primary benefits of secret societies: they're SECRET! No one's ever heard of the screw-ups or the folks that passed through the group without any extraordinary achievements, but based on our group alone, let me tell you, we get them on occasion. But as far as the university is concerned, we are brilliant masterminds able to pull off amazing feats for a small group of unknown people, like this Valentine's Day when we gave a single stem rose to every single girl living on campus.

All that to say, I'm sure that crazy partying, extreme hazing, selfish attention-getting, and malevolent secret societies exist, but I would be hesitant to assume that we're all in it for the power.

Posted: Sep 18 2012, 2:14 AM

198228 This shit is scary becuz to know stuff like this exist its hard to take n espescially if we as ppl believe. In our right to vote when stated ur president is doing the unthinkable which is safe to say does ur vote really count when they have higher power that's there controlling what u think as ppl ur rights ...they know before u do what's gonna happen ur just puppets doin what u think u know is right ..the truth is if u all knew what really is happening would u b able to handle knowing there's secret society out there and that ur president is against us...this been going on before me and will continue. After me...GodBless!!!
mr doncherryjr

Posted: Oct 31 2015, 2:47 AM

I recently called in a tip on the Vaulter Bandit (there was 200 tips) and also I have posted on a Canadian Charter Project forum (it then shut down) and mentioned how disgusted I am at who is to blame for all the perversion and smut on tv/media and why do they need kids to sell every product and having them naked in bath tubs etc. and I found in my mailbox on my pension check a number "7" circled on it and also the word "flu" next to that .... then my computer got hacked the next day and they changed "My Computer" symbol on my comp to be called "7". I just notified the post office about it. My email just got shut off by cogeco cable and I have called newspapers and many police offices about this. The past 2 weeks my Avast virus is giving me a message that a "cloudflaressl" is being blocked on half my webpages that I go to and I googled and read that someone is using them to phish information and it said cloudflare was notified of it. WE NEED TO FORCE LEGISLATION TO NOT ALLOW SECRET SOCIETIES IN POLITICS.
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