1996: Peter Thiel Predicts 'Multiculturalism,' 'Diversity' Will Bring The End Of Western Culture

Chris Menahan
May. 29, 2018

Paypal co-founder and Donald Trump backer Peter Thiel perfectly predicted the predicament we find ourselves in back in 1996 on C-SPAN.

"The single most important theme that runs through -- much that goes under the rubric of 'multicultural' -- is that it is anti-Western, it is not non-Western, it is still focused very much on our own society but it is primarily a vehicle for denouncing it," a young Thiel said.

"The basic problem, [or] basic claim, is the West is uniquely bad because it is racist, it is sexist, it is oppressive in a variety of other ways. And not only does it have all these problems but it has them in a way that is far worse than other societies, that's where I think things get very very problematic," he said.

"The multicultural educator at Stanford University like to go around saying I started looking for racism everywhere and I started finding racism everywhere -- and indeed he did."

"If you if you start looking for anything everywhere, you will start finding it everywhere," Thiel said. "If you are a feminist and if you believe that everything that is longer than it is wide is a symbol of male oppression then you will start finding sexism everywhere. If you want to find baseball everywhere you can find baseball everywhere and similarly he could find racism everywhere."

Thiel said "diversity" on most college campuses was a myth because there was no diversity of view points as everyone shared the same liberal ideas.


Incidentally, on the same day Starbucks closed all it's stores for cringeworthy "racial sensitivity" training, MSNBC put on a "special town hall" with Joy Reid titled, "Everyday Racism."

The program examines how everything in America is "racist," exactly as Thiel laid out two decades ago.

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