CFR Fears 'American Democracy' May Be 'Doomed' By Populism
InformationLiberationJan 18
The Council on Foreign Relations is afraid that "American democracy" (aka rule by unelected oligarchs) may be "doomed" by the populist forces that Trump's presidency has unleashed.
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Democrats On Brink Of Controlling House, Senate And Presidency
InformationLiberationJan 06
When Donald Trump won against all odds in 2016, the GOP controlled the House, Senate and the presidency.
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Information Liberation's Top Stories Of 2020... And A Year-End Review!
InformationLiberationDec 31
The year 2020 was a wild ride, starting with coronavirus hysteria sweeping the world and lockdowns shutting down our economy and destroying most of our major cities.
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Ann Coulter: 'Ask Not What Your Country Is' - The Biden Inaugural Address
BreitbartOct 30

Pres. Trump Crushes Grumpy Grandpa Joe Biden in Final Presidential Debate
InformationLiberationOct 22
President Donald Trump delivered in spades during Thursday night's final presidential debate versus Joe Biden and debate moderator Kristen Welker.
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Trump Donor Doxing Site Is A Great Opportunity to Make Friends
InformationLiberationOct 21
A new leftist doxing website created to intimidate Trump donors by exposing their data with the help of Google maps and data allegedly scraped from the FEC is a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors and make friends.
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Pat Buchanan: Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat?
Patrick J. BuchananOct 17

Christopher Columbus Celebrated For Bringing Diversity to The Americas
InformationLiberationOct 12
Christopher Columbus is being celebrated by patriots this Columbus Day for bringing much-needed diversity and cultural enrichment to the Americas!
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Ann Coulter: Is Chris Wallace A White Supremacist?
Ann CoulterOct 01

'This Is My S**t!' BLM Protester Slams BLM Protesters For Destroying Her 'Black-Owned' Business
InformationLiberationSep 03
Video went viral on social media Wednesday of a Black Lives Matter protester screaming at other Black Lives Matter protesters for destroying her "Black-owned" gas station.
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The Cutting Edge of Wokeness
InformationLiberationAug 19
"Crime" is just a social construct, so says New York Times contributor Char Adams.
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Hannity Apologizes 'For Any Misunderstanding' After Pushing Back Against Tucker Segment Bashing Bezos
InformationLiberationJul 22
Sean Hannity on Tuesday night apologized after m'ladying in defense of "capitalism" in response to a Tucker Carlson segment slamming Amazon owner Jeff Bezos for making $13 billion in one day and profiting off the corona pandemic as small businesses are being shut down by the state.
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Tucker: Trump Must Label Violent Rioters And Statue Topplers As Domestic Terrorists
InformationLiberationJun 25
Tucker Carlson on Thursday night told President Trump he's going to lose his reelection bid if he doesn't use the power of the state to prosecute the criminals filmed rioting all over America, toppling statues and defacing symbols of Jesus Christ and Christianity.
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When The Gamers Began to Hate
InformationLiberationJun 05
Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty kicked gamers out of their lobbies late Thursday night to force an update with a splash screen essentially demanding everyone pledge allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement to play the game.
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Tucker: Kneeling Will Never Be Enough For The Mob
InformationLiberationJun 04
This is one of the most important monologues Tucker Carlson has ever delivered.
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Hospital Staff Filmed Applauding BLM Protesters Amid Coronavirus
InformationLiberationJun 03
Two weeks ago, anti-lockdown protesters were being painted as "murderers" and yet Tuesday in New York City hospital staff were filmed applauding a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters failing to follow social distancing guidelines and violating stay-at-home orders.
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Gunman With Scoped Rifle Kills Elderly Couple Visiting Son's Grave, Media Yawns
InformationLiberationMay 13
ABC News, NBC News, CNN and The New York Times spent an entire week headlining the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and playing up the racial angle but they've all ignored the shocking murder of an elderly white couple by 29-year-old Sheldon C. Francis -- which many suspect may have been a racial "revenge" murder for Arbery.
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Narrative Managers Argue China-Like Internet Censorship Is Needed
Caitlin JohnstoneApr 27
Neoconservative publication The Atlantic has published an article authored by two university professors titled "Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal", subtitled "In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong."
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Pat Buchanan: Will COVID-19 Retire the World's Policeman?
Patrick J. BuchananApr 20

Are We Brewing A New Feudalism?
PaulCraigRoberts.orgApr 17
The answer to the question is "YES."  The large bailed-out creditors will end up with the property of the non-bailed-out debtors who are being pushed deeper into debt with "bail-out loans" and fees and penalties for missed debt payments. Write-offs for the One Percent, and more indebtedness for everyone else.
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Trump Considers Billionaire Investor Stephen Feinberg For Intelligence Job...

Pat Buchanan: What Price Victory - In The Coronavirus War?
Patrick J. BuchananApr 15

Ann Coulter: Cheap TVs, Expensive Flu
Ann CoulterMar 19

Pat Buchanan: In The Pandemic, It's Every Nation For Itself
Patrick J. BuchananMar 17

Pat Buchanan: Will The Coronavirus Kill The New World Order?
Patrick J. BuchananMar 13

'Mistrust, Rumor and Conspiracy Theories Hinder U.S. Virus Fight,' Bloomberg News Whines
InformationLiberationMar 10
Mark this down as one of the drawbacks of lying to the public non-stop for decades.
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Won't Somebody Please Think Of The GDP?
InformationLiberationMar 06
CNBC's Rick Santelli dropped this gem when speaking about the coronavirus on Thursday...
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DNC Scrambles to Change Debate Threshold After Gabbard Qualifies
Caitlin JohnstoneMar 05
On a CNN panel on Monday, host John King spoke with Politico reporter Alex Thompson about the possibility of Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard qualifying on Super Tuesday for the party's primary debate in Phoenix later this month.
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Michelle Malkin: There Is No American Worker Shortage
Michelle MalkinFeb 26

'They'd Let You Die Before They Admitted Diversity Is Not Our Strength'
InformationLiberationFeb 25
Is globalism and open borders going to get millions killed in a global pandemic?
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Pat Buchanan: If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let's Go
Patrick J. BuchananFeb 18

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