RFK Jr. Says He Opposes Ceasefire in Gaza, Supports 'De-Nazification'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 14, 2024

Robert F Kennedy Jr told Piers Morgan on Thursday that he opposes proposals for a ceasefire in Gaza but supports "de-Nazification."

"RFK Jr. rails against having any ceasefire in Gaza, and instead analogizes the situation to Germany in WWII, when the US imposed 'de-Nazification' even at the cost of killing millions of Germans," Michael Tracey commented. "That's apparently the relevant historical parallel RFK envisions for Israel and Gaza."

We now have three Zionists running for the White House with each one more radical than the next.

Zionists keep citing the worst atrocities in history to justify Israel's war on Gaza because the carpet bombing tactics Israel is using to massacre civilians is without modern precedent.

We're supposed to think the Israeli government's goal of "wiping out Amalek" in Gaza in accordance with Talmudic law is a high-minded, lofty ideal to aspire to but asking Israel to follow the rules of the Post-War International Order is barbarism demanding that Jews "endorse their own genocide."

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