Ben Shapiro and Pastor John MacArthur Agree Israel Must 'Wipe Out Amalek' in Gaza

Chris Menahan
Jun. 10, 2024

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro and Christian Pastor John MacArthur agreed in a show aired on Sunday that Israel needs to "wipe out" the modern-day "Amalek" in Gaza.

"It wasn't until the Persians completely wiped out the Amalekites that God's will was fulfilled in that judgment," Pastor John MacArthur told Shapiro. "Now, you might not like the fact that God is a judge but when God determines that I'm going to protect my People Israel and you're going to attack My People Israel, I have a plan for My People Israel, as the New Testament says, so all Israel will be saved, there's coming a kingdom he will fulfill every promise he ever gave ... God is going to preserve that people and if you are a threat to that people, historically speaking, God says you need to be removed."

"I think about that story so often when I think about this is like the modern version of of Amalek and until they are wiped out this is just going to go on and on," MacArthur continued. "I know I don't want to be callous about things but God has in his sovereignty made a decision for the preservation of Israel into the future into the Kingdom of Messiah -- that's his plan, that's his promise."

"You can be a part of that by coming to the Messiah and being a part of his kingdom but if you attempt to destroy the very people that are the heart and soul of God's plan, then you come under the Judgment of God and I think Israel is acting -- even though they're, you know, a secular nation in the large sense because salvation is individual not national -- I think their desire to protect and preserve them and to fight in a really, a Terminal Way, against those who would destroy them follows the divine pattern of God for the preservation of that people until he fulfills his plan for them," MacArthur added.

"Your point with regard to Hamas is particularly true and I just want to clarify here, when you have a force that is dedicated to the extermination of every Jew on the planet, which is what Hamas openly says, if you are a member of that terror group the moral position for anyone would be to end that terror group and destroy them wholesale," Shapiro responded.

"And Israel has done actually an extraordinary job in attempting to distinguish civilians, even civilians who are sympathetic to Hamas, from members of Hamas themselves," Shapiro said. "The fact that there are so many people in the West who seem to lack moral clarity in what is easily the most morally clear conflict of our time is a source of astonishment to me but I think really can only be explained by, again, an anti-Biblical perspective that substitutes a narrative of victimology in favor of a narrative of right and wrong."

"You also know in the Old Testament, God said to the children of Israel when you go into the land destroy the Amaleckites, destroy them, because I'm bringing judgment down on their heads for their sins -- I mean they're like a cancer in the world," MacArthur responded.

Genocidal biblical references to "wiping out Amalek" have been a centerpiece of Israel's war on Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the war by labeling the Palestinians "Amalek" and other Israeli officials followed.

Candace Owens was allegedly fired from the Daily Wire for saying "Christ is King" but calling for wiping out Palestinian "Amalekites" in a biblical war of extermination will land you on The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special!

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