'We Also Slaughtered Innocent People in Massive Numbers': Gen. Milley Gives Bizarre Defense of Israel

Chris Menahan
May. 08, 2024

Retired US General Mark Milley on Tuesday bizarrely defended Israel's slaughter of civilians in Gaza by saying that "we" in America also "slaughtered people in massive numbers -- innocent people who had nothing to do with their government."

He made the comments while speaking at the Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security in Washington, DC.

Milley said pro-Palestine protesters in America "are out there supporting a terrorist organization" and insisted they're on the "wrong side."

Milley further justified Israel's war crimes by pushing the debunked Hamas mass beheadings/mass rape hoaxes and comparing Hamas to "the Nazis."

This pile of crap just a few years ago cried about Donald Trump asking him to help put down the most damaging riots in American history during the Summer of Floyd and waxed poetic about how the rioters we're "all Americans" no matter "what country [they] came from."

Now he's getting rich off giving paid speeches like these defending Israel's indiscriminate slaughter of women and children in Gaza and demonizing the Americans protesting the genocide in Gaza as terrorists!

The whole idea of the Post-War International Order Milley previously championed was to prevent the war crimes which took place during the previous decades from ever happening again but Israel shills keep citing horrors like the nuking of Japan and the bombing of Dresden to defend Israel's war crimes today.

Milley was sharing the stage with war profiteer Palantir CEO Alex Karp, whose company is reportedly helping the IDF select targets in Gaza (Karp also proudly announced an affirmative action hiring quota at Palantir only for Jews in the wake of Oct 7).

Karp inverted reality to claim that "the peace activists are actually the war activists, and we're the peace activists."

The war profiteers are the real peace activists and Israel is the most moral army in the world!

War is peace!

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