David French Announces He's Leaving Twitter, Gets Ruthlessly Mocked

Chris Menahan
Oct. 27, 2023

Conservative columnist David French announced on Friday that he is leaving Twitter "for the indefinite future" because "the site is becoming more like Gab every day" and is bad for his mental health.

Everyone had a good laugh at his expense.

Gab also celebrated the news.

French was apparently rewarded for being a sellout with a job at the New York Times.

As I highlighted earlier this month, French once again abandoned all his "liberal" values to call for Israel to commit genocide in Gaza, which he framed as "a moral and strategic necessity."

It's evil for Americans to want to protect their own borders but it's a "moral necessity" for Israel to kill everything that moves in Gaza.

French's Twitter feed is just a feed of Jonathan Greenblatt and David Frum demanding Israel be armed by the US and critics of Israel be silenced.

French said just a few weeks ago that Greenblatt is a beacon of "moral clarity!"

Though French told Christians in America that Drag Queen Story Hour was "one of the blessings of liberty" and our laws cannot be used to stop it, he retweeted Jonathan Greenblatt a few days ago pushing for Students for Justice in Palestine to be banned from college campuses and have their First Amendment rights stripped for "supporting terrorism."

What incredible "principles" this TruCon has!

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