Dividing Lines on Israel/Palestine

Chris Menahan
Oct. 07, 2023

Breitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak on Saturday announced he was breaking Sabbath to call for genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza while Andrew Tate is raising money for Palestinian civilians and tweeting "Allah commands justice."

"I have broken the Sabbath and Jewish holiday to deliver this message: Israel should wipe out Gaza," Pollak said. "Allow 48 hours to evacuate women, children and the elderly. Destroy everything that remains, plow it under, and annex it to Israel. This is the end for Hamas and Palestinian terror."

In related news, David French is calling for Israel to cleanse Hamas from Gaza:

RFK Jr., who is running a campaign opposing "Forever Wars," is calling for the US to back Israel in another forever war against Gaza:

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is also calling for US intervention:

Jordan Peterson is calling for Netanyahu to reign hellfire down on Gaza and labeling Palestinian supporters "murderous anti-Semitic rats."

X's top right-wing influencer, Malaysian Ian Miles Cheong (who has never stepped foot in America) is pushing outright lies and propaganda to drum up support for Israel:

Cheong's whole shtick is countering MSM disinformation but now he's pushing pure disinformation to help out Israel in their propaganda war:

There's complete uniformity on the part of our Congress supporting Israel in the wake of Hamas's "unprovoked" attack.

Nearly every pro-Israel right-wing influencer has been sharing the lie that the $6 billion in funds the US seized from Iran and later pledged to return in exchange for 5 US prisoners is being used to fund the attack, but Fox News's Jennifer Griffin (whose reporting is usually just echoing Pentagon talking points) completely debunked the tall tale:

While all the top right-wing "influencers" are echoing Israeli government talking points, Andrew Tate is tweeting that "Allah commands justice."

Tate also retweeted this analysis from Kim Dotcom:

All the bought-and-paid-for Republican hacks feigning opposition to the war in Ukraine are soon going to be championing the US sending troops, endless arms and billions of additional US taxpayer dollars to Israel to kick off WWIII.


Editor-at-Large of the The Spectator/Fox News contributor Ben Domenech:

Fox News regular/host of the Rubin Report Dave Rubin:

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