'The Chinese See Multiculturalism As A Sickness That Has Overtaken The U.S., And A Component of U.S. Decline' - DoD Report

Chris Menahan
Feb. 09, 2022

A fascinating once-secret Department of Defense report commissioned by foreign policy strategist Andrew Marshall titled "Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism" perfectly illustrates why Western liberalism is failing and China has been on an absolute tear for decades.

The 2013 report was only released to the public as a result of Freedom of Information Act litigation, according to Steve Sailer.

"The author's name is blacked out, but is likely political scientist Bradley A. Thayer, currently at the U. of Texas, San Antonio," Sailer reported.

The report got little attention after being released (the earliest mention I can find is a Hacker News thread from Feb 2017) but was highlighted this week on Twitter in a viral thread by @S_decatur.

I'm reprinting his vitally important thread in full so there's a copy for posterity in case he gets banned.

S_decatur writes:

This DoD-commissioned report on "Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism" makes for interesting reading. For example: "The Chinese see multiculturalism as a sickness that has overtaken the United States, and a component of U.S. decline."

Although the report is almost 10 years old, it calls attention to the "anti-racist" CRT-inspired propaganda that was already so pervasive in U.S. entertainment and education. (The author is praising this effort, in contrast to China).

To his credit, the author acknowledges that racism, xenophobia, and ethnocentrism are evolved, and adaptive - rather than something dreamed up by wicked colonizers in 1619. But he laments the failure of China to adopt the western "civil rights" perspective.

The report traces historic and cultural influences contributing to Chinese ethnocentrism and the concept of race - from ancient times to the 20th century - including Sun Yat-sen who viewed the Chinese as "a single, pure race" and stated that "the greatest force is common blood."

Under Mao, the communists pushed the now-familiar anti-white view that only westerners could be "racists" and that even the Russian communists were suspect due to their "whiteness." But tensions with Africans undermined calls for non-white solidarity.

In contrast to western countries, China maintains a strong sense or racial identity and pride. Unlike westerners, the Chinese can see themselves as part of an extended family, descended from common ancestors.

The report asserts that racial stereotypes are common in China - including negative views of other Asians - views likely to horrify any western liberal.

While white male Americans are persona-non-grata at home, they may be encouraged to know that Chinese women have a different perspective.

According to the report, other foreign races are viewed less favorably.

The Chinese are perplexed by America's pivot to "multiculturalism" - "the United States is explicitly rejecting the principles that made the country great, and united it."

"... all of this conspires to cause the breakdown of American society and the lack of purpose in life ..."

The report speculated that racism would hurt China's reputation in the Third World (My comment: this does not seem to have had much of an impact). The report notes that "There were major riots by African students at Chinese universities in 1962, 1979, 1980, 1986, 1988, and 1989."

Worldwide, Chinese clannishness and networking is thought to promote their success. But this generates resentment. Shame on you if this brings to mind any parallels.

Reluctantly, the report acknowledges important strategic advantages of Chinese "racism:" The Chinese have a sense of unity, idently, community, and confidence.

The report also looks at ethnic tensions in Xinjiang. In brief, Uighurs feel overwhelmed by Han migration. The Han view the Uighurs as backward, and ungrateful for the economic development. (Comment: Another example of how economic growth does *not* ease demographic strife).

Covering the unrest in Tibet, the report mentions that the Chinese are experts at "using their educational system to indoctrinate the population, even among minority peoples and dissidents." Let's hope that never happens here!

The 2013 report argued that the U.S. had a significant "soft power" advantage in that "it is not a racist state."

Unfortunately, the U.S. ruling class spent most of 2020 - 2021 proclaiming that the U.S. definitely *is* a racist state - so this advantage may have been lost.

Report's recommendation:
> "Hey world - look how racist China is"
Actual U.S. policy:
> "Hey world - look how racist *America* is!"

*** End of S_decatur's thread ***

Meanwhile, because of our open borders policies China has total access to the US while Americans are completely locked out of China's government and only allowed to operate businesses there under strict supervision.

China, despite their "racism," is rapidly expanding into Africa with little pushback. African leaders resent "anti-racist" America pushing LGBTism on their populations and prefer China's foreign policy, which revolves around transactional economic partnerships rather than the acceptance of sexual fetishes.

Today in the US, nearly half of Americans think our country is headed to a civil war, 77% of Americans believe our society and culture is in a "state of decay," and the hostile junta occupying DC is declaring the American people to be America's greatest terror threat.

All China has to do to win this war is wait out our collapse.


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