Cop Who Sought Photos of Teen's Erection in Sexting Case Commits Suicide Moments Before Arrest
ReasonDec 15
Police Detective David Edward Abbott, a member of the Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, committed suicide Tuesday before law enforcement could arrest him on suspicion of sexually abusing minors.

Abbott, you will recall, was the detective in the noteworthy teen sexting case from July 2014, in which the authorities sought a warrant to take the 17-year-old male suspect to the hospital, inject him with a drug that would give him an erection, photograph his genitals, and compare the photo with existing pictures of his genitals the police had confisc
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Texas Man Sues After His Truck Seen Being Driven By Jihadi Fighters
Courthouse News ServiceDec 14
HOUSTON (CN) - A Texas Ford dealer resold a plumber's work truck without removing company decals, which ruined his life when a photo of jihadis shooting an anti-aircraft gun from the truck went viral, the plumber claims in court.

Mark Oberholtzer owns Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, an hour southeast of Houston.

He traded in his Ford pickup to AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in October 2013 for a newer model, and as he waited for the deal to close he started p
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When "Rescuers" Become a Death Squad: The Killing of Michael Funk
William Norman GriggDec 14
The only casualty of an hours-long SWAT raid and hostage situation in Neenah, Wisconsin on December 5 was Michael Funk, a disabled Vietnam veteran who was a party to a $50 million civil rights suit against the same department that killer him. Funk and three other plaintiffs filed that suit seeking co... (more)

How Hillary Clinton Abused Her State Department Role to Help Her Hedge Funder Son-in-Law
Zero HedgeDec 10
While Hillary Clinton may have had some entertaining problems when using her Blackberry (or was that iPad) as US Secretary of State, one thing she excelled at was nepotism.

According to the latest set of emails released by the State Department, and first reported by the Daily Caller, Hillary intervened in a request forwarded by her son-in-law, Marc Mezvisnky, on be
... (more)

Cops Fighting Mandatory Drug Tests -- Claim It's 'Unconstitutional' to Screen Police Urine
The Free Thought ProjectDec 08
In an unprecedented protest against the routine offenses against due process and bodily integrity carried out in the name of the "war on drugs," the union representing Pittsburgh police officers has condemned workplace drug and alcohol testing as a violation of the Constitution. Their zeal for the right to privacy only applies to themselves, however, not to the public they supposedly serve... (more)

Number of Cops Charged With Murder Or Manslaughter Triples In One Year
InformationLiberationDec 04
From the Associated Press:
The number of U.S. police officers charged with murder or manslaughter for on-duty shootings has tripled this year - a sharp increase that at least one expert says could be the result of more video evidence.

In the past, the annual average was fewer than five officers charged. In the fina
... (more)

Good News: 27% Of Americans Say Government Is Their 'Enemy,' Not Their 'Friend'
InformationLiberationNov 24
We're making progress.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans now recognize their government overlords are not their friends but their enemies, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.
Asked to place themselves on a scale from 1 to 10 “where ‘1’ means you think the federal government is your enemy and ‘10’ means you th... (more)

Prosecutors Pissed Colo. Juries Keep Acquitting Marijuana DUI Suspects
InformationLiberationNov 23
"You're putting lives at danger," Colorado District Attorneys’ Council head Tom Raynes whined.

“I want the message to be understood. It’s about driving while under the influence of drugs — it’s not about recreational or medical, it’s about being impaired when you drive.”

Raynes, a former prosecutor himself, is upset as are his fellow prosecutors whom he rep
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Cop Caught Stealing Cash & Gold Chain From Dying Crash Victim Loses Pension
InformationLiberationNov 23
One of America's finest will no longer be permitted to leech off Connecticut taxpayers for the rest of his life.

State trooper Aaron Huntsman was caught on video in 2012 robbing a dying crash victim of $3,700 in cash and a $5,500 gold chain saying he would "put it in evidence" when in reality he pocketed it for himself.

Huntsman was fired over the incident and sentenced to a year in prison, now the state has moved to revoke his pension, which was slated to b
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Undercover Cop Dressed In All Black Shot While Placing GPS Tracker On Car
InformationLiberationNov 20
An undercover police officer in Arlington, Texas was shot while attempting to place a GPS tracker on a person's vehicle, and the man who shot him may not even be charged, WFAA reports.

Preliminary reports suggest the undercover officer, who was dressed in all black at the time, may have been mistaken for a car burglar.

The incident occurred yesterday morning aro
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So Much For The "War On Cops": ANOTHER Officer Arrested For Faking Shooting Against Himself
InformationLiberationNov 19
If the last few months are any indication, the only "war on cops" being waged is the one they're staging against themselves.

In the law few months we've seen officer after officer caught staging being the victims of crimes only to find out they themselves were the perpetrator.

Just earlier this month Sgt. David Houser triggered a manhunt after claiming he was shot at b
... (more)

Man Follows Speeding Cop, Finds Out He Was Speeding To Buy Peanuts
InformationLiberationNov 04
As anyone who drives on the highway knows, police officers are the most reckless and dangerous drivers imaginable.

Everyone always jokes about how they must be going on doughnut runs, but not many are crazy enough to actually follow the armed crusaders and see what they're actually speeding to.

Well, this heroic man, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, actually did.

What he found was the cop who was speeding like hell, chang
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Mission Creeps: Homeland Security Agents Confiscate Women's Panties For 'Copyright Infringement'
InformationLiberationOct 23
Homeland security's mission has transformed from fighting terrorists to stealing women's underwear for supposed intellectual property violations.

From the Kansas City Star:
Peregrine Honig says she just wanted to help celebrate the hometown team when she designed Lucky Royals boyshorts.

The panties, with “Take the Crown” and “KC” across the r
... (more)

Cop Shoots Couple's Dog, Threatens Jail For Trying To Save Dog's Life
InformationLiberationJul 28
A Dekalb County, Georgia cop responding to a false alarm shot a couple's dog, then threatened to have the owner arrested for trying to rush him to the vet. Instead, the cop reportedly insisted they wait due to "procedure," which they did for 20 minutes after being threatened with jail, only to find out the procedure was just to take photographs of the dog's wounds. After an hour of suffering, the cop eventually let the couple take the dog to the vet, fortunately their dog didn't die from blood... (more)

SWAT Team Shoots Teen Girl & Her Dog During Pot Raid On Wrong Home
InformationLiberationJul 25
Orange County, Florida sheriff's deputies waging an armed raid for a suspected pot dealer entered a family's home guns blazing and shot a teen girl and her dog, only to find out the suspect they were looking for hadn't lived in the home for weeks -- despite their claim to have "surveilled" the home extensively prior to the raid. All the cops ended up finding was some perfectly legal ammunition and some pot seeds and marijuana paraphernalia. All charges against the suspect were later dropped, ... (more)

Durham, NC Cop Testifies Faking 911 Calls To Enter Homes Is "Official Policy"
InformationLiberationJul 13
A Durham, North Carolina police officer testified in court it's "official policy" for Durham cops to claim they received a 911 call from a residence in order to illegally enter the home under the ruse of a "safety check."

Indy Week reports:
Several Durham police officers lied about non-existent 911 calls to try to convince residents to allow them to search their h... (more)

Indiana Sheriff Says US A "War Zone" To Justify New MRAP Military Vehicle
InformationLiberationJun 09
You might not realize it while traveling through the small town of Pulaski County, Indiana, population 13,124, but you're actually in a "war zone," at least so says Sheriff Michael Gayer in justifying the acquisition of a MRAP military vehicle.

From the Indy Star:
In a pole barn in Franklin, sharing space ... (more)

Tampa Cops Surveil Pot Dealer, Catch Him Selling Pot, Raid His Home & Kill Him
InformationLiberationMay 29
29-year-old Joseph Wescott of Tampa Florida allegedly dealt marijuana out of his home and sold his weed a few times to uncover officers. He also had a gun. Therefore, Tampa police had a SWAT team raid his home and kill him. All this over a plant the majority of Floridians want legalized.

The Tampa police, those involved of which are now enjoying a paid vacation while their brothers in the force "investigate," claim Wescott pulled a gun on them to justify their murder. If th
... (more)

"You Just Shot An Unarmed Man!": Witness Says Police Shot His Friend With His Hands Up
InformationLiberationFeb 06
Five months after Fairfax County, Virginia police shot and killed 46-year-old father and husband John Geer in his home, the police's investigation into the shooting has still yet to be completed, and his friends and family are outraged.

Now, Geer's best friend Jeff Stewart who witnessed the shooting is speaking out, saying he saw police shoot his friend with his hands up.

Geer and his wife were having a domestic dispute and his wife called the cops. She told th
... (more)

Cop Receives 'Silver Valor Award' For Shooting Man With Cell Phone He Mistook For Gun
InformationLiberationNov 06
From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Henrico County police officer Brian K. Anderson remembers how slowly the glass seemed to shatter as he fired his gun through his car window at a man he believed was pointing a gun at him.

“He had a blank look,” Anderson recalled after he accepted the highest award to be
... (more)

Anonymous Cop Pens Bizarre Editorial Calling for 'End of Anonymity on the Internet,' Says All Internet Posters Should be Forced to Register with the Government for 'Public Safety'
InformationLiberationSep 17
An anonymous police officer writing for Salt Lake City's penned a bizarre editorial calling for the end of anonymity on the internet. "Officer Anonymous" says everyone who wants to post comments online should be forced to register their email with the government in person at the DMV and be cataloged in a national database. The officer says this will end the problem of "trolling" and people "hiding behind the Internet."

From's "Ask a cop" column titled, "Trolling
... (more)

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Thirteen Agents 'Armed To The Teeth' Raid No-Kill Animal Shelter & Kill Rescued Baby Deer One Day Before It Was To Be Transferred To Wildlife Reserve
InformationLiberationAug 02
Nine Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources agents and four sheriff's deputies "armed to the teeth" raided a no-kill animal shelter and euthanized a rehabilitated baby deer one day before it was scheduled to be transferred to a wildlife reserve in Illinois, WISN reports. ... (more)

Rialto, CA Police Made to Wear Cameras, Use of Force Drops by Over Two-Thirds
InformationLiberationJul 17
When cops in a Rialto, California were forced to wear cameras, their use of force dropped by over two-thirds. Additionally, the officers who were not made to wear the cameras used force twice as much as those who did. This strongly suggests the majority of the time police use force is unnecessary. In other words, the majority of the time these officers used force they were simply committing acts of violence which they don't feel comfortable committing if it's captured on film.

... (more)

Cop Who Karate Chopped NY Judge In Throat Gets Off Scot-Free
InformationLiberationAug 24
Remember the Judge who came upon an "unruly" crowd angry over police abusing a suspect and called 911 to "help" police get backup, only to be singled out himself by a raging cop who proceeded to assault him by chopping him in the throat? If you remember, he was a huge supporter of police, “I’ve always had profound respect for what they do,” he told the New York Times. Turns out, now that he's the one in the victim's seat, he's had a ... (more)

Florida Cop Smashes Compliant Woman's Face Into Car -- "Maybe Now You Can Understand Simple Instructions"
InformationLiberationAug 23
Eight year veteran Florida police officer Christopher Geraci, 33, didn't appreciate a women he pulled over not following his "simple instructions."

When Abbi Bonds, 29, used her cellphone to phone someone for help, Geraci, who suspected her of being involved in a hit and run, walked up to her casually, took the phone out of her hands, grabbed Abbi's wrist and ordered her, "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Abbi calmly asked, "What am I being arres
... (more)

VIDEO: Lapel Cam Reveals A Day In The Life Of A U.S. Police Officer (Tasing, Beating, Breaking & Entering, Stomping On Heads... and Laughing About It)
InformationLiberationAug 22
This has to be the most revealing video I've ever seen detailing a day in the life of a U.S. police officer. These out of control cops run wild beating people up, breaking into people's homes without warrants, tazing people begging them to act reasonably, stomping on suspect's heads with their feet, then beating them while subdued while yelling "stop resisting."

All this was over marijuana.

Of course, on their police reports, the cops lied about everything. ... (more)

Caught On Tape: Officer Sucker Punches Inmate In Face, Files Report Claiming 'Self Defense'
InformationLiberationAug 06

40-year-old Rico Palomino, a 12 year veteran corrections officer at the Cook County Jail in Illinois, claimed in his incident report an inmate "turned around abruptly" and grabbed his shirt, for which he had no choice but to act in self defense by striking the inmate with his open palm to "create a safe distance between himself and the detainee," reports NBC
... (more)

Insult Person On Twitter, Go To Jail
InformationLiberationJul 31
A teenager insulted a public figure on twitter. Then he got arrested. Why? Because in the U.K., it's a "criminal offense" to tweet messages that are considered "menacing, offensive, or indecent."

Via The Independent:
A 17-year-old boy has been arrested over a string of malicious tweets ... (more)

SWAT Team Brings TV Crew To Film Raid Against Threatening Internet Critic -- Raids Innocent Grandma Instead
InformationLiberationJun 26
Evansville, Indiana police intent on "sending a message" that online threats against police will not be tolerated organized a massive raid against a forum troll on an online forum. The police decided to bring a TV crew to film their raid against their critic, they also brought a SWAT team. Rather than knock on the accused's front door, which was wide open, the police instead threw two flash-bang stun grenades through their front window and storm door.

Unfortunately, rather than
... (more)

Cop Karate Chops NY Judge In The Throat
InformationLiberationJun 06
A New York judge got his comeuppance after he happened upon an "unruly crowd" of citizens outraged over a team of police officers engaged in apparent police abuse.

The judge thought the crowd was out of control and the "officers may need help," so he called 911 and told them the cops needed backup.

A few minutes later, one of the cops reportedly "became enraged -- and the judge became his target."

After screaming curses at the crowd, the cop walke
... (more)

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