Cop Shoots Couple's Dog, Threatens Jail For Trying To Save Dog's Life

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 28, 2014

A Dekalb County, Georgia cop responding to a false alarm shot a couple's dog, then threatened to have the owner arrested for trying to rush him to the vet. Instead, the cop reportedly insisted they wait due to "procedure," which they did for 20 minutes after being threatened with jail, only to find out the procedure was just to take photographs of the dog's wounds. After an hour of suffering, the cop eventually let the couple take the dog to the vet, fortunately their dog didn't die from blood loss and was still able to be treated.

Here's the wife's story of what happened:
A false alarm sent a cop to our house. My husband was in the backyard at the time, so was unaware of the cop knocking on our door. Bad timing resulted in our dog getting shot in the throat. To make matters worse, the cop wouldn't allow us to drive him to the vet. He even followed us in the police car and blocked us from leaving our neighborhood. He said we couldn't leave due to procedure. Second cop arrived 20 minutes later and we found out that procedure was just to take pictures of the bleeding dog. The whole time we are waiting, the cop that shot our dog promised us that he had called animal control and that they were on their way to help. They finally let my husband take our dog to the vet. I stayed behind to be further harassed. 15 minutes later and animal control arrives, along with 4 more cop cars. I find out that animal control was told to come pick up a dead dog and had no idea about the dog needing help aka still being alive. I asked the cop who shot him why he lied and he stated that he never promised help was coming.
Local news station WXIA covered the shooting after it garnered attention on Facebook:

The police said they're investigating the shooting, like they would any other, and they "may learn from it."

Here's some other recent instances Dekalb County, Georgia officers may need to learn from. One of their officers recently threatened to shooting someone for "holding up a McDonald's drive-thru line," for which he got a minor slap on the wrist. Another was indicted after allegedly being caught on video planting drugs on an innocent man during an arrest, and yet another was indicted for allegedly beating his girlfriend's 13-year-old child. While the police "may" learn from these instances, when they're headed up by a police chief famous for saying he wants to restore "swagger" to the department -- swagger being defined by Websters as "conducting oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner" -- I very much doubt it.
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