So Much For The "War On Cops": ANOTHER Officer Arrested For Faking Shooting Against Himself

Chris | InformationLiberation
Nov. 19, 2015

If the last few months are any indication, the only "war on cops" being waged is the one they're staging against themselves.

In the law few months we've seen officer after officer caught staging being the victims of crimes only to find out they themselves were the perpetrator.

Just earlier this month Sgt. David Houser triggered a manhunt after claiming he was shot at by an "Hispanic male" in a silver SUV, the officer later admitted he shot himself.

Then there was the hero officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz who was "gunned down in the line of duty" as part of a "war on cops," the search for his killer also triggered a manhunt, it later turned out he staged his own suicide as he was about to be caught for embezzling from a youth program.

Next there was Sgt. William Dwyer who claimed he was "ambushed by a white man in a maroon pick up truck" who shot up his cruiser. After another extensive manhunt, it turned out the officer shot up his own cruiser and the mysterious "white man" didn't exist.

All these stories fanned the hysterical flames there's a "War on Cops," yet all turned out to be total frauds.

Now we have this story out of Commerce City, Colorado where officer Kevin Lord (pictured) who said he was shot during a traffic stop by a "white man" in his "40's or 50's" is being charged with a felony for making the whole story up.

The district attorney says there was no "white man" -- what a shocker -- the officer "engineered a hoax" and appears to have been shot in his bullet proof vest with his own gun.

Gee willikers, I just can't believe it!

When are the state propagandists who pushed this bullsh*t "war on cops" narrative going to come out and apologize and admit they were wrong?
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