Grand Jury Declines to Indict Deputy in Deadly Shooting of Harnett County Dad
WNCNApr 13
LILLINGTON, N.C. (WNCN) – A Harnett County Grand Jury has declined to indict Deputy Nicholas Kehagias who shot and killed a man in November.

Family and friends of the man who was shot and killed doubted that justice would be served. They have been protesting for months.

Grand jury proceedings began Monday for Harnett County Deputy Nicholas Kehagais.

Kehagias' attorney filed motion asking the judge if Kehagias could testify before grand jury but the judge denied request.

"I almost feel like the grand jury's gonna be a waste of time," said Carmen Saylor, a friend of John Livingston, who was killed after an altercation with Kehagais.
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Court Rules Police Can Legally Make Up Lies to Pull People Over to Fish For Criminal Behavior
The Free Thought ProjectApr 12
The United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that police officers can lie to suspects in regards to a traffic stop — even when no violation has occurred.

The ruling essentially gives police officers carte blanche to stop anyone they want for absolutely no reason — merely acting on a hunch.

According to the ruling, 
So long as the facts known to the officer establish reasonable suspicion to justify an investigatory stop, the ... (more)

Germany: Police Raid Homes Of 'Anti-Refugee' Internet Posters
InformationLiberationApr 06
German thought police raided the homes of a host of Germans for allegedly posting "anti-migrant messages, anti-Semitic messages and songs with banned lyrics" on social media, the Associated Press reports.
BERLIN (AP) — Berlin police say they've raided 10 residences in the German capital in a crackdown against far-right hate speech on social media.

Police spokesman Michael Gas
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Police Raid Home Of Anti-Abortion Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos
InformationLiberationApr 06
From The Center for Medical Progress:
Today, the California Attorney General's office of Kamala Harris, who was elected with tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, seized all video footage showing Planned Parenthood's criminal trade in aborted baby parts, in addition to my personal information. Ironically, while seizing my First Amendment work product, they ign... (more)

'$1.2 Billion Slush Fund': Justice Dept. Resumes Controversial Asset Forfeiture 'Equitable Sharing'
RTApr 01
The Justice Department is lifting its suspension on the civil asset forfeiture "equitable sharing" program, which has allowed local and state police forces to reap a portion of the profits from seizing property from citizens, regardless of their conviction.

The controversial practice allows police to seize and keep cash and property from people who have never been convicted, and in many cases, never charged with wrongdoing under federal rather than state law. Under the federa
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100+ DUI Cases Dismissed After Deputy Caught Lying On Stand
The Island PacketApr 01

Family Settles Lawsuit In Police Killing Of Zachary Hammond
Cop BlockMar 31
The family of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, who was fatally shot by a Seneca, South Carolina police employee last summer, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the city.

Hammond was shot twice by Lt. Mark Tiller, who claimed the teen drove his car directly at him while he was attempting to make a petty drug arrest in a Hardees parking lot on July 26.

Prosecutors said the incident began when Hammond's date mistakenly texted a South Carolina state trooper of
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"Please Don't Shoot Me": Unarmed Dad Killed by Cop While Begging For His Life
The Free Thought ProjectMar 31
Phoenix, AZ —  Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford has been charged with the second-degree murder of Daniel Shaver, an innocent father of two. The shooting was captured on his body cam.

On January 18, Brailsford, along with several other officers, responded to a call about a suspect with a rifle in a hotel room. The 'rifle' was nothing more than a pellet gun that was used in Shaver's business of pest control. However, Shaver was not in possession of the pellet gun when he was mu
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Tennessee: Passing Sobriety Tests Can Still Result in DUI
TheNewspaperMar 25
A Tennessee motorist who drove normally and, in a judge's opinion, passed his field sobriety tests will nevertheless stand trial for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). The state Court of Criminal Appeals earlier this month reinstated charges against Anthony John Silva, despite his excellent roadside performance.

The case began on January 19, 2014 when Franklin Police Officer Adam Cohen claimed he saw Silva driving at 46 MPH in a 35 zone. Officer Cohen testified that the
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Michigan Man Hit With Felony For Passing Out Jury Nullification Fliers Has Charge Dropped
InformationLiberationMar 24
The Michigan man who was hit with felony charges for passing out jury nullification fliers in front of a courthouse late last year has had the felony charge against him dropped.

He's not out of the woods yet though, an angry government prosecutor is still seeking to get him for misdemeanor "jury tampering," saying if jury nullification fliers are allowed to be distributed "every trial" could have to be stopped.
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Merrick Garland, Richard W. Roberts, and The Kenneth Trentadue Murder: The Deep State Takes Care of Its Own
William Norman GriggMar 23
"You have to trust the government," Justice Department attorney Richard Roberts unctuously told Jesse Trentadue. Seeking to understand why his younger brother Kenneth had died while in federal custody, Jesse, a trial attorney in Salt Lake City, had asked to see the findings of a federal grand jury investigation of the case.

In an incandescent response to Roberts's patronizing dismissal, Trentadue reminded the Justice Department funct
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Lawsuit Prompts Retaliation After Deputy Grinds Woman's Face in Gravel
Police State DailyMar 23
A young woman that filed a federal lawsuit against Sonoma County, California after a sheriff's deputy choked her and grinded her face in gravel, says prosecutors filed charges against her in retaliation.

Gabrielle Lemos, 19, was celebrating her graduation from Petaluma High School at her family's home on June 13 when deputy Marcus Holton responded to the scene to investigate a possible domestic violence situation involving her sister.

According to the lawsuit
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Man Posts Video Of Himself Running Over Trump Sign, Gets Charged
InfowarsMar 18
Police in North Carolina located and charged a man who posted a video on social media of himself careening off the road in order to strike a Donald Trump campaign sign.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders supporter and Wilmington resident Julien Schuessler posted a video to Facebook showing him deliberately drive his Jeep off the road and straight into a pro-Trump sign.
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Trooper Filmed Shooting Unarmed Man Grabbing License Pleads Guilty
Police State DailyMar 15
A South Carolina state highway patrolman recorded by his dash-cam shooting an unarmed man after he asked him to retrieve his license back in Sept. 2014, has now pleaded guilty in the case.

The footage shows 31-year-old Lance Corporal Sean Groubert pull into a Circle K gas station on Broad River Road in Columbia, behind Levar Jones, whom he said was not wearing his seat belt.

Jones, 35, was exiting his veh
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86yo Man Tasered by NYPD Officer While Cooking Soup Finally Cleared of Charges
RTMar 10
John Antoine, an 86-year-old Tasered by a police officer while cooking soup, has been cleared of charges, a court ruled. The elderly man's apartment had been raided by officers searching for his granddaughter's boyfriend, said to be suicidal after running out of medication.

The incident took place while Antoine was cooking soup at his Brooklyn home back in October. Standing in the kitchen with a knife in one hand and an onion in the other, little did he imagine that a group of
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FBI Agents Accused Of Lying About LaVoy Finicum Shooting As Second Video Released
InformationLiberationMar 08

Via The Oregonian:
BEND – An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.

The bullets di
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Shooting of Oregon Occupier Lavoy Finicum Justified - Prosecutor
RTMar 08
The Oregon State Trooper who shot and killed Robert 'LaVoy' Fincium, one of the leaders of the armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife National Refuge, were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Finicum was killed January 26 when a convoy headed from the refuge to a community meeting was met by FBI and state troopers.

Two troopers shot Finicum in the back a total of three times, one of which pierced his
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Cop Who Slit Dog's Throat Gets $45,000 in Back Pay
Baltimore SunMar 08
Former Baltimore police officer acquitted of animal cruelty charges after he slit a dog's throat will receive $45,000 in back pay from city government.

Jeffrey G. Bolger, 50, is to get payment for about 10 months of paychecks he missed while on unpaid leave from the Police Department. The Board of Estimates is expected to approve the deal Wednesday.

In November, Baltimore Circuit Judge Melissa M. Phinn ruled that prosecutors failed to prove that Bolger was criminall
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Police Shoot Mother to Death in Her Bed
Courthouse NewsMar 03
KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) - After awakening a naked woman in her bed, Kansas police shot her to death when she complied with their order to show them where she kept her gun, her daughter claims in court.

Michele Choate sued Gardner, Kan., and its police Officers Robert Huff, Justin Mohney and Jeff Breneman for the death of her mother, Deanne Choate, in Federal Court.

Gardner, pop. 20,000, is 30 miles southwest of Kansas City.

Gardner polic
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Cops Find Out DWI Suspect With Penis Exposed Is Fellow Officer, Let Him Go
Police State DailyMar 02
Dash-cam video has emerged showing two Minnesota officers with the Blaine police department detaining a drunken man they found in a car with his penis exposed, only to allow him to leave after they realized he was a cop. The officers had responded on Nov. 7 to a call of alarm at the Lexington Avenue Fleet Farm where they found a car running in the parking lot with a man passed out in the drivers seat.

According to police records, the officers spied "open containers of silver
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Cop Assigned to Investigate Jewelry Theft Recovers Items, Pawns Them
Police State DailyMar 01
In June, 2012, thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was taken in a home burglary from the family of David Belles. The items included a tennis bracelet, a diamond necklace and several valuable rings. Ramsey County, Minnesota sheriff's deputy Thomas Rudenick was assigned the case but there was a twist: he would latter re-steal the jewelry.

In pawn shop surveillance footage, Rudenick was caught. He sold some of the items for only a fraction of what they were worth after tracki
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$3.6 Million Awarded In Flash-Bang Grenade Maiming Of Baby Bou Bou
Cop BlockFeb 29
The parents of a baby injured by a flash-bang grenade during a no-knock multi-agency task force raid in Georgia, will be awarded $3.6 million after a federal judge's decision on Friday.

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Police Chief Gets a Lesson About The Flag
Courthouse NewsFeb 29
PITTSBURGH (CN) - Pennsylvania police illegally arrested a Native American for what its police chief called an "unpatriotic" desecration of the flag, which he spray-painted and hung upside-down on his own porch - which happened to be across the street from the police station, the man claims in court.

Joshuaa Brubaker sued Allegheny Township and its Police Chief Leo Berg III, who was the assistant chief when Brubaker was arrested in May 2014, for violating Pennsylvania's flag
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Man Has Seizure, Wrecks Car -- Wakes Up in Hospital Beaten by Cops
Police State DailyFeb 26
Javier Ortega Jr. says his last memory before waking up severely beaten in the hospital was gassing up his car on the way home after spending some time with his kids. On December 5, the Texas man wrecked into a rock wall on McCombs Street in Northeast El Paso following a Christmas parade and evening that ended with him falling asleep at the home of this children's mother.

Ortega is diagnosed with epilepsy and suffers from gran mal seizures. Prescription medication he takes usual
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The Regime's Relentless Persecution of Phil Hart
William Norman GriggFeb 26
"Mr. Hart, do you contest the legitimacy of the federal government of the United States of America?"

That question was posed to former Idaho State Representative Phil Hart a few minutes into his February 3 federal bankruptcy hearing. By asking that question, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Newman transmuted the proceeding into a heresy trial.

"No, I do not," replied Hart – a goo
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Cop Awarded $230k After Punting An Innocent Man's Head Like a Football On Video
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 26
Dover, DE -- Caught on dash cam video kicking a compliant man in the face and breaking his jaw, a police corporal announced his resignation from the department after the city agreed to pay him $230,000 over the next six years. Although the ex-cop is prohibited from returning to work at the Dover Police Department, the agreement does not prevent him from seeking employment with other law enforcement agencies.

In August 2013, Cpl. Thomas Webster of the Dover Police Department was ca
... (more)

ASU Police Accused of Faking Crime Stats
Courthouse News ServiceFeb 25
PHOENIX (CN) - Arizona State University's Police Department falsifies crime statistics to make the university seem safer than it is, and harassed officers who objected to the "culture of corruption," six officers claim in court.

Charles Cornfield et al. sued the Arizona Board of Regents, former ASU Police Chief John Pickens, current Police Chief Michael Thompson, and 10 other ASU employees on Feb. 17 in Maricopa County Court.

The officers claim they were
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Cop Fired For Threatening to Murder Police Accountability Activists, Quietly Rehired
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 24
San Jose, California — Confrontational rhetoric that threatens the use of violence against police should be treated as a federal hate crime, insists the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Explicit threats of lethal violence by police against their critics, however, are considered an exercise in constitutionally protected free speech. This helps explain why the San Jose Police Department has reinstated Officer Philip White, who had been fired following a series of tweets threatening activists assoc... (more)

Utah Man Dies in Police Custody -- After Being Arrested For Unpaid Medical Bills
The Free Thought ProjectFeb 22
Tremonton, UT — Bear River, Utah resident Rex Iverson, 45, died in the Box Elder County Jail on January 23 after being incarcerated for his failure to pay an ambulance bill. A deputy arrested him on a $350 bench warrant issued by the justice court on December 29. He was found unresponsi... (more)

Take Pity On Officer "Safe Space"
William Norman GriggFeb 19
Makaela Zabael-Gravatt was shot and nearly killed in her own backyard in Meridian, Idaho last September. The man arrested in that attack, Christopher Wirfs, had a violent criminal history. Prior to the attempted murder, Wirfs had spent several weeks stalking and harassing his victim, on multiple occasions e... (more)

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