Woman Gets 18 Months Probation For Shooting At Shoplifters
Fox 2 DetroitDec 10

Trump Takes On O'Reilly
YouTubeDec 10

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" to defend his plan to temporarily prevent Muslims from entering the U.S.

Do College Students Hate Free Speech? Let's Ask Them.
ReasonDec 09

The faculty council at Occidental College is considering instituting a system for students to report microaggressions perpetrated against them by faculty members or other students.

Reason TV visited Occidental's campus to find out what exactly constitutes a microaggression. One Columbia psychology professor defined the term this way: Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonve
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VIDEO: Obama's National Address On Keeping America Safe *Edited For Accuracy
TruthStreamMediaDec 07

On December 6th, Obama addressed the nation on the San Bernardino shooting and ISIS. This is a condensed version, edited for accuracy.

CNN Insanity: Erin Burnett Wonders If 'Postpartum Psychosis' Led to Slaughter
NewsBusters.orgDec 07

San Bernardino Shooting Tied to ISIS
CNNDec 04
Journalists storm San Bernardino shooters' apartment after landlord pries open door...

Michigan Deputies Show Restraint in Dramatic Dashcam Video

So many times, we have reported on cops shooting at fleeing vehicles by claiming they were standing directly in the path of the vehicle, only for video evidence to later prove them wrong, that we automatically expect cops to do this when the opportunity arises.

But here’s a dashcam video from last month showing Michigan deputies trying to apprehend a teenager in a stolen car, havi
... (more)

'Devout' Muslim US Citizen and His Saudi Wife Who Were 'Living The American Dream' Identified as Heavily-Armed Duo Who Burst Into His Office Holiday Party and Slaughtered 14 After Leaving Their Baby With His Mother
The Daily MailDec 03
Obama In Paris: Mass Shootings Don’t Happen In Other Countries...

Donald Trump Does Alex Jones Show
InformationLiberationDec 02

Donald Trump does what Rand Paul is too afraid to do: appear on The Alex Jones Show.
CNN: Trump praises 9/11 truther's 'amazing' reputation

'Black Lives Matter' Supporter Who Threatened to Massacre 16 White Students Allowed Back On Campus
InfowarsDec 02
A 'Black Lives Matter' supporter who threatened to massacre 16 white students as part of a revenge attack for the shooting of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald has been allowed to return to campus by a federal judge.

21-year-old Jabari Dean was arrested on Monday after threatening to kill students and staff at the University of Chicago.

Dean posted a message on social media over the Thanksgiving weekend in which he laid out the details of his plan to carry out t
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Microsoft Lobbying Group Forces 'Pirate' to Get 200,000 Views On Anti-Piracy Video... Whole Thing Backfires
TechdirtDec 01
The history of anti-piracy activities by the legacy entertainment and software industries always seems to focus on the mistaken idea that if only the public were "more educated" piracy would magically go away. That's never been true. In fact, nearly every attempt at an education campaign hasn't just failed to work, it's often actively backfired and been mocked and parodied. And yet, if you talk to politicians and industry folks, they still seem to think that "more education" will magically w... (more)

Student Arrested Over Threat to Kill 'White Devils' At University of Chicago
BreitbartDec 01

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Inverness Gun Store's Muslim-Free Zone
WFLANov 30

Russian Tiger Befriends Brave Goat Instead of Eating It
RTNov 30

An unlikely friendship continued to develop between a rare Amur tiger and a goat that was meant to be his dinner, at Primorski Safari Park.

The True Drama of the Gifted Child: Alice Miller's Son Martin Talks About His Mother's Neglect & Abuse
Contemporary PsychotherapyNov 30
Remarkable story, truth is stranger than fiction. - Chris

Georgia Sheriff Puts Up Sign Warning People Who Disagree With Him About God to Leave
YouTubeNov 27

This is God's 'Merica -- If you don't like it you can git out!

VIDEO: Chicago Protester Gives Cop Epic Stare Down
YouTubeNov 26

Is Black Friday Racist?
YouTubeNov 25

Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo asks college students in Austin, TX if they think the name Black Friday is racist, and if so if it needs to be changed.

VIDEO: Hillary Fans Voice Support For Her 'Plan to Repeal 4th Amendment'
InformationLiberationNov 24

Hillary supporters in California voice support for her plan to repeal the fourth amendment to "streamline freedom in America."

AZ State Supreme Court Rules Cannabis In The Blood Does Not Constitute Impairment
The Free Thought ProjectNov 24
Phoenix, AZ -- On Sunday, we reported that Colorado juries are increasingly acquitting people of driving under the influence of cannabis, and prosecutors are furious. The trend is important in that it represents jury nullification of an arbitrary, unscientific state law establishing a "legal limit" for blood-THC.

The case of Melanie Brinegar provided an e
... (more)

Clock Kid Demands $15m Compensation and Written Apology For Homemade Clock Arrest
The IndependentNov 24

Black Lives Matter Group Demands Concealed Carry Ban At University of Kansas
InfowarsNov 20
A University of Kansas college student group associated with the Black Lives Matter movement wants to ban students from carrying concealed firearms on campus.

Issuing a list of 15 demands, the student activist group, entitled Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, demanded university officials issue a “campus climate survey” and increase the hiring of a more “diverse faculty and staff,” in addition to inexplicably demanding the university to ban concealed carry.

... (more)

Discredited Rape Data Overshadow What's Accurate
Wendy McElroyNov 20

Skanky Suicide Bomber Used to Be a Selfie-Taking Party Animal
New York PostNov 20

Trump to Protester: "I Mention Food Stamps and That Guy Who's Seriously Overweight Went Crazy!"
YouTubeNov 19

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Islamic Mosque Torched in Ontario
National Post Nov 18

Study Finds More Child Abuse in Homes of Returning Vets
USA TodayNov 17

#Blacklivesmatter Protesters Disrupt Students in Library: 'F*ck You, You Filthy White F*cks!'
MediaiteNov 17
Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down I-94 In Minneapolis, Attack 'White Media'...

Americans Sign Petition to Rename Washington D.C. Because 'George Washington Was A Racist Slave Owner'
Mark DiceNov 16

In an experiment, social critic Mark Dice asks beachgoers in San Diego to sign a petition he said would rename the Capital of the United States to something else because Washington D.C. is named after George Washington, a slave owner.

Donald Trump Says Tough Gun Control Laws in Paris Contributed to Tragedy
InformationLiberationNov 16

Trump states the obvious about the Paris attack, which has civilian disarmament advocates in a tizzy.

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