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IDF Admits They Killed Israeli Hostages in Kibbutz Be'eri on Oct 7 With Tank Shelling and Hail of Bullets
(InformationLiberation) posted 07/11/2024
... to release a story on Sunday admitting Israel killed their own people under the 'Hannibal Directive.' Israeli volunteer saw Apache helicopter fire into Kibbutz Be’er ...

Israel Killed Their Own Under 'Hannibal Directive' On October 7, Israeli Media Admits
(InformationLiberation) posted 07/07/2024
Israel killed many of their own people under the Hannibal Directive on October 7, the Israeli media outlet Haaretz admitted Sunday after eight months of cover-ups and disinfor ...

WATCH: New Documentary 'October 7' Exposes Israel's Lies And Atrocity Propaganda
(InformationLiberation) posted 03/20/2024
... on October 7th with tanks and Apache attack helicopters allegedly operating under the 'Hannibal Directive.' It then showed how Israel lied about what took place and ...

NYT Stealth-Edits Headline Claiming U.N. Found 'Evidence' of Hamas Rapes
(InformationLiberation) posted 03/05/2024
... attack helicopters against Palestinian militants and Israeli citizens according to the Hannibal directive -She did not conduct an investigation or gather evidence; she ...

Israel Ordered 'Hannibal Directive' in All But Name on October 7, Top Israeli Paper Reports
(InformationLiberation) posted 01/12/2024
... conspiracy theory' that Israel killed many of its own people on October 7 under the 'Hannibal Directive' is now being confirmed as fact by the Israeli press. ...

NYT's 'Hamas Mass Rapes' Story Implodes as 'Sister of Victim Says There is No Proof That She Was Raped'
(InformationLiberation) posted 01/02/2024
... likely as a result of an Israeli Apache helicopter unloading on her vehicle under the 'Hannibal Directive.' The key takeaways from the video are:1. It is not even ...

NYT, Citing 'Grainy Video,' Pushes Israeli Govt's Claim of 'Hamas Mass Rapes' on October 7
(InformationLiberation) posted 12/28/2023
... one of the many Israelis who were killed by an Israeli Apache helicopter following the 'Hannibal Directive.' 3. In the photos, her legs appear to be closed but in t ...

New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing at Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be'eri
(InformationLiberation) posted 12/19/2023
... further evidence to suggest Israel killed hundreds of its own people on Oct 7 under the 'Hannibal Directive.' renowned scholar John Mearsheimer has just come out and ...

IDF Killed 3 Israeli Hostages While They Were Shirtless, Shouting 'Help' in Hebrew and Waving White Flag
(InformationLiberation) posted 12/16/2023
... carelessness Israeli's shown to their own hostages is more evidence suggesting the 'Hannibal Directive' was exercised on Oct 7. As a reminder, Netanyahu allegedly pl ...

Israeli Veteran Says He Witnessed IDF Apache Helicopter Fire Missile Into Kibbutz
(InformationLiberation) posted 12/14/2023
The 'Hannibal Directive' in action. ...

Israelis Question if 'Hannibal Directive' Was Used on Oct 7 as Army Admits 'Immense' Amount of Friendly Fire Took Place
(InformationLiberation) posted 12/14/2023
The Israeli media is openly questioning whether their government exercised the 'Hannibal Directive' -- a controversial IDF doctrine that stipulates using maximum force to prev ...

Cop vs. Dog
(Reason Magazine) posted 06/23/2010
Last July I wrote a piece for The Daily Beast on the continuing cops-shooting-dogs problem. While it's difficult to say just how often this happens (police departments tend t ...

The "Reason" the Fascist Fuzz Murdered That Dog
(David Kramer) posted 06/22/2010
As a follow-up to an earlier post I wrote about some Fascist Fuzz murdering a leashed dog, the Fascist Fuzz shot the dog because: “The police were responding to a complai ...

Messy? I'm an artist!
(The Times) posted 01/30/2009
... person and the tidier becomes sanity-threatening. You see, my wife isn't what I call “Hannibal Lecter tidy” - a polished exterior covering chaos within. She is concerned ...

Top commanders approved use of dogs at Abu Ghraib
(Seattle Times) posted 03/13/2006
... shift on Tier 1A. 'Whenever we took him out of the cell, they made it seem like we had Hannibal Lecter with us. They thought he was important, and OGA and MI were paying ...

How did Al Qaeda operatives escape Afghan jail?
(Al Jazeera) posted 11/09/2005
... are kept in wire cages in the middle of an old warehouse, similar to a great extent to Hannibal Lecter in 'Silence of the Lambs,' according to The Newsweek editorial. The ...

'Big Brother' is watching Indian call-center staff
(Taipei Times) posted 10/09/2005
... too claustrophobic. One former employee likened his cubicle, only half-jokingly, to Hannibal Lecter's cage in The Silence of the Lambs, and says the combination of s ...

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