NYT Stealth-Edits Headline Claiming U.N. Found 'Evidence' of Hamas Rapes

Chris Menahan
Mar. 05, 2024

The New York Times, which is on the ropes over their "Hamas mass rapes" story falling apart, tried to prop up their failing narrative by falsely claiming the UN found "clear and convincing evidence" of sexual assault.

Times journalist Farnaz Fassihi appears to have blocked Blumenthal on Twitter for pointing this out. She also blocked anyone from commenting on her tweets.

They didn't find "evidence" of anything as they were blocked from doing any serious investigation by the Israeli government.

Max Blumenthal wrote Monday on Twitter:
At presser just now, Patten claims "sexual violence occurred on 7 October," yet concedes:
-"Unfounded and inaccurate forensic evidence" was collected by "untrained volunteer first responders," who were also responsible for "the loss of potentially valuable evidence," referring to ZAKA
-No allegations of sexual violence in Kibbutz Beeri could be verified
-Three major allegations (by ZAKA) were "unfounded"
-No attribution of sexual violence to Hamas or other factions could be made
-She did not meet with any Israeli victims of sexual violence on 10/7, none were made available
-"the alteration of crime scenes" marred her ability to collect info
-"Efforts to collect evidence were beset by...the large number of bodies affected by extensive burn damage." This is yet another indication of the extensive Israeli use of tanks and attack helicopters against Palestinian militants and Israeli citizens according to the Hannibal directive
-She did not conduct an investigation or gather evidence; she merely "collected information"
-Her visit to Israel was the result of "pressure from [Israeli] civil society groups and academia"

Blumenthal added on Tuesday:
Western media hyping Pramila Patten’s UN report as proof of “Hamas mass rape” left out a key section which
-states many sources retracted testimony previously given to media
-notes several “unfounded” assertions
-finds an Israeli bomb team altered a crime scene by moving bodies

The report actually undermined many of the lies spread by the New York Times (full image here):

The media outlets which pushed the hoax are now citing the UN's report to prop up their lies:

The Intercept, meanwhile, released another report noting how multiple of the "victims specifically singled out by the New York Times" were not victims at all, according to the spokesperson for the Kibbutz Be'eri.

There's no "reasonable grounds" to believe any of the claims about "Hamas mass rapes" because no actual evidence has ever been produced.

The media is simply repeating their "Big Lie" over and over again in the hope that people will believe it.

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