NYT's 'Hamas Mass Rapes' Story Implodes as 'Sister of Victim Says There is No Proof That She Was Raped'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 02, 2024

The New York Times' exhaustive investigation seeking to prove Hamas committed mass rape on October 7 imploded on Tuesday after the one piece of physical "evidence" they produced was trashed by the victim's own sister.

Israel had over two and half months to produce evidence that Hamas fighters (who filmed their invasion with GoPros) committed "mass rapes" on October 7 and yet all they had to show for it was one "grainy video" of a possibly half-disrobed woman who was burnt to a crisp after most likely being killed by an Israeli Apache helicopter.

The Israeli government previously did not claim the woman -- identified by the Times as 34-year-old Gal Abdush -- was raped on their website "Hamas-Massacre.net" but only that she was killed on the side of the street by "terrorists."

I managed to track down the video as well a second photo of her body and reported last week that the video is too blurry to even show whether her privates were exposed but was clear enough to show her face was burnt to a crisp and her car was destroyed most likely as a result of an Israeli Apache helicopter unloading on her vehicle under the "Hannibal Directive."

On Tuesday, Gal Abdush's own sister came forward to reveal the Times lied to their family about the story and said there's no evidence her sister was raped.

To answer her question: they focused on her story because they have literally zero other physical evidence.

The Times had Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman cash in his credibility to get this propaganda out to the masses and it appears to be blowing up in their face.

Aaron Mate confirmed the post was from her sister:

Adam Sella, who co-authored the propaganda piece together with Jeffrey Gettleman and Anat Schwartz, deleted his tweet touting that the story made the front page of the NY Times.

(Note: the post is not sensitive or graphic content.)

The article was pure propaganda filled with lies and disinformation from proven liars to justify Israel's ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Disgraced Zionist journalist Judith Miller similarly lied America into war with fake news stories in the New York Times claiming Iraq had WMDs and was working on a nuclear bomb.

At what point does lying to the public to advance the interests of a foreign power and con America into war become a criminal conspiracy and an act of treason?

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