Israeli Politician: We Should 'Take Advantage of the Holocaust' to Ethnically Cleanse and Occupy Gaza

Chris Menahan
Jan. 02, 2024

Israel should "take advantage of the Holocaust [Jews] went through" to bomb Gaza to smithereens, ethnically cleanse the Palestinians and build Israeli settlements on their land, so says Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin.

"We should overturn all the laws and take advantage of the Holocaust we went though and throw out all the laws so that we can achieve a crushing and painful victory, which means three things: occupation, displacement and settlement," Feiglin said in Hebrew during an interview last week.

Israeli analyst and Unit 8200 veteran Eliyahu Yossian said in another recent interview that Palestinian babies and first graders are Israel's enemies and insisted Jews must not adopt "Western values" which say otherwise.

Israel has killed over 10,000 children in less than three months in their relentless bombing campaign performed with US-supplied weapons.

As I reported last month, Israel's war on Gaza is killing children at 100x the rate of Russia's war on Ukraine.

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel on Oct 12 and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to underline the US's support for Israel's war, he cited the Holocaust and his own Jewishness to justify US backing for Israel's war.

"I come before you, not only as the United States Secretary of State, but also as a Jew," Blinken told Netanyahu. "My grandfather, Maurice Blinken fled pogroms in Russia. My stepfather, Samuel Pisar, survived concentration camps: Auschwitz, Dachau, Majdanek. So, Prime Minister, I understand, on a personal level, the harrowing echoes that Hamas's massacres carry for Israeli Jews, indeed, for Jews everywhere."

Metula Council head David Azoulai said last month that Israel should ethnically cleanse Gaza and make it "resemble the Auschwitz concentration camp."

Any opposition to this explicit ethnic cleansing campaign is being labeled "anti-Semitic" by the controlled media.

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