Israel's War on Gaza is Killing Children at 100x the Rate of Russia's War on Ukraine

Chris Menahan
Dec. 22, 2023

Some 560 children were killed in 18 months in Russia's war with Ukraine whereas 8,000 children have been killed in just two and a half months in Israel's war with Gaza.

Russia's war is killing an average of 31 children a month, whereas Israel's war is killing an average of 3,200 children a month.

We've all been told over the past two years that Vladimir Putin is the ultimate evil in the world and the New Hitler™ and yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's religious "war of extermination" to "wipe out Amalek" in Gaza is killing children at just over 100 times the rate as Russia's war with Ukraine.

Ukraine's population is 22 times that of the Gaza Strip (44 million vs 2 million), so the numbers would be even more dramatic if you broke them down on a per capita basis.

Has the media's coverage of Israel's slaughter of Palestinian children been 100 times more hysterical than their coverage of Russia's war in Ukraine?

Of course not, we've seen just the opposite.

The media has instead fed the public an endless torrent of atrocity propaganda to justify Israel's historic war crimes.

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