Report: OnlyFans Owner Leonid Radvinsky is AIPAC's Top Donor

Chris Menahan
Feb. 01, 2024

OnlyFans owner and smut kingpin Leonid Radvinsky is secretly the biggest donor to the pro-Israel lobbying group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), according to leaked documents obtained by The Lever.

From The Lever, "Inside The Israel Lobby's New $90 Million War Chest":
Three individuals named on the list denied being donors. That includes Leonid Radvinsky, the billionaire owner of OnlyFans, a hugely popular internet platform dominated by sex workers. According to the internal documents, Radvinsky and his wife, Katie Chudnovsky, pledged $11 million to AIPAC — the most of anyone listed.

"I didn't donate or pledge $11M," Radvinsky wrote in an email, and "this appl[ies] to me / my foundation / my family." When The Lever asked Radvinsky why AIPAC had him listed as a donor, Radvinsky replied, "I don't know." When The Lever asked Radvinsky to comment on internal AIPAC documentation showing a wire transfer from his wife to AIPAC, Radvinsky stopped responding.

[...] One pledge was an outlier at $11 million. The pledge was credited to "Mr. Anonymous Anonymous" and Katie Chudnovsky. The pledge contained personal contact information and a short bio that identified "Mr. Anonymous Anonymous" as Leonid Radvinsky, the "elusive" owner of the content platform OnlyFans. In the March 19, 2009, edition of the Chicago Tribune, Chudnovsky posted an announcement of her wedding to Radvinsky, writing "we will work hard to enrich our marriage and to live life with dignity and dedication."
[...] Beyond Radvinsky, the list of donors reviewed by The Lever was dominated by finance and real estate professionals. According to the list, that includes:

- Daniel Sundheim, founder of the investment firm D1 Capital Partners, pledged $2 million.
- Milton Cooper, executive chairman of the real estate giant Kimco Realty, pledged $1 million.
- Tony Ressler, co-founder of the asset management firm Ares and owner of the Atlanta Hawks, pledged $1 million.
- Jonathan Gray, president of Blackstone Group, the world's largest private equity firm, pledged $1 million. In an internal email sent to employees of Blackstone Group days after Oct. 7 and obtained by eJewishPhilanthropy, Gray and Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwartzman wrote, "We will be there for [Israel] throughout this crisis. The Blackstone Charitable Foundation will be making a $3 million contribution to support humanitarian relief efforts. Additionally, we are each committing $1 million personally and other senior partners have already generously committed approximately $2 million." In 2021, BlackStone opened an office in Israel to tap into the country's tech industry. The head of the office, a former Israeli Defense Ministry lieutenant, told The Times of Israel that "All of a sudden Israel is ripe enough to be a relevant partner for an entity like Blackstone."
- Josh Harris, co-founder of the private equity firm Apollo Global Management and co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils, and the Washington Commanders, pledged $500,000.
- Lloyd Blankfein, former CEO and current senior chairman of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, pledged $100,000.
Note: Apollo Global Management's former CEO Leon Black and Les Wexner (also listed below) were both financiers of Jeffrey Epstein to the tune of at least $200 million.
- Julie Platt, chair of the prominent Jewish Federations of North America and the actor Ben Platt's mother, pledged $500,000.
- Shlomo Rechnitz, reportedly California's largest nursing-home operator, pledged $260,000. Last year, Rechnitz agreed to a settlement after being indicted on charges of Medicare fraud.
- Judd Zebersky — founder of the toy company Jazwares, which makes the TikTok-beloved Squishmallows and claims "putting a smile on children's faces is at the heart of everything we do" — pledged $250,000. In a LinkedIn post immediately following Oct. 7, Zebersky wrote, "Remember that Israel is fighting for its very existence. This is hitting close to home for many Jazmanians."
- Mark Penn, a long-time political operative, pledged $100,000. Penn is the CEO of the Stagwell Group, which owns the political consulting firm co-founded by President Biden's senior adviser Anita Dunn. As Semafor has reported, recent polling done by a company owned by Stagwell has indicated widespread support from Americans for Hamas. That polling has been covered by media outlets around the world despite glaring indications that its methodology is deeply flawed.
- Leslie Wexner, former CEO of Victoria's Secret, pledged $100,000.
- Alberto Perlman, co-founder of Zumba, pledged $100,000.
Read Lever News' full report.

As I reported last year, AIPAC is planning to dump these millions into ousting critics of Israel from congress, including Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and others.

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