Bill Maher Attacks 'October 7 Deniers,' Says Everyone Saw Hamas Commit Mass Rape and Behead Babies

Chris Menahan
Jan. 27, 2024

HBO's Bill Maher went after "October 7 deniers" on his show Friday night and claimed falsely that everyone saw footage of Hamas committing mass rape and beheading babies because they filmed it themselves (they did not and no such footage has ever been produced).

"Bill Maher sees Biden's shrinking support among young voters and concludes that it's because 'the kids love Hamas,' " Aaron Mate commented on X. To make his case, he cites Lizza Dwoskin's Washington Post hit piece about so-called 'Oct. 7th deniers.' Dwoskin invented a fictional 'growing movement' of people who believe Oct. 7th 'was staged by the Israeli military.' She purposely conflates this non-existent movement with independent journalists who point out what's reported in Israeli media but censored here: that Israeli forces killed some of their own people on Oct. 7th. Dwoskin can't refute that, so she just resorts to smears."

"Maher then makes the false claim that Hamas filmed themselves committing rape and beheading babies," Mate added. "That's one of the most demented things anyone has said about Oct. 7th -- no easy feat. His guests Seth MacFarlane and [Rep.] Adam Schiff (D-CA) nod along and agree with him. Schiff -- one of the biggest purveyors of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories -- then complains about 'disinformation.'"

As I reported previously, there's is no footage of any Hamas rapes (or beheading of babies) despite their fighters recording their attack with GoPros.

The Israeli media admitted this week that most of their atrocity propaganda about Hamas beheading babies and baking them in ovens was made up to drum up support for their war on Gaza.

When you point out these facts, Zionists start screaming out for censorship and accuse you of "anti-Semitism" and suggest you're filled with pathological hatred because you don't believe their proven lies.

MacFarlane tried to use the exact same trick on Maher's show above.

They do this all while Israel is carrying out the most documented ethnic cleansing campaign in modern history and massacring Gaza's young civilian population.

Perhaps next they'll try to get laws passed to make it illegal to question their official story of Oct. 7th and start jailing people for reporting the facts.

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