Anti-Zionist Twitter Users See Their Reach Plummet Ahead of Elon Musk's Planned Visit to Auschwitz

Chris Menahan
Jan. 20, 2024

Anti-Zionist Twitter users are finding that their reach has plummeted ahead of X owner Elon Musk's planned visit to Auschwitz next week to speak on a panel with Ben Shapiro on "combating antisemitism."

Censored Men, a large anti-Zionist X account, reported that many X users are finding their engagement is up but their impressions are down.
We have also seen heightened levels of censorship lately.

Lucas Gage was banned for 3 months, Autumn Groyper [Nick Fuentes' alt account] was permanently banned and Sulaiman Ahmed has been locked out of his account.

This comes after major Telegram channels, and X accounts in some cases, have set up a targeted campaign to get these people removed from the app.

Now, I can't say for certain that it was these accounts and Telegram channels that lead to the ban of these people, but it's definitely something X should be looking into.

I hope all the issues many creators are experiencing on this app, can be addressed as soon as possible.
He shared a screenshot with twelve large anti-Zionist accounts who've seen their impressions dramatically fall:

Other anti-Zionist accounts reported similar in the comments:

Dom Lucre, another popular anti-Zionist account, said he was demonetized for theorizing about what was going on in the tunnel under Chabad's world headquarters in New York City.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday that Musk is planning to visit Auschwitz next week:
Elon Musk to visit Auschwitz, lead panel on antisemitism and Holocaust

The conference will also feature Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli, Yad Vashem Dani Dayan Chairman, and others.

By ZVIKA KLEIN | JANUARY 18, 2024 17:17 | Updated: JANUARY 18, 2024 17:23

Tesla and X owner Elon Musk is expected to participate in a conference next week in Poland, focusing on combating antisemitism as well as honoring the remembrance of the Holocaust. Musk is expected to speak on stage with conservative American Journalist Ben Shapiro.

Musk will be the guest speaker at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, organized by the EJA, the Association of Jewish Organizations in Europe, during its annual delegation of European leaders to Auschwitz on January 22-23.

Among the prominent figures who have confirmed their participation this year are UN representative Miguel Moratinos, ministers and parliamentarians from the European Union, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Austria, and others.

Other key speakers on the panel

The conference will also feature Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli, Yad Vashem Dani Dayan Chairman, and others. During the conference, an announcement will be made regarding establishing a Leaders' Forum to Combat Antisemitism, led by the tenth President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. Joining him in this announcement at the conference will be former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and others.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence all four of those EU leaders were embroiled in corruption scandals.
During the symposium, European leaders will discuss more effective ways to combat rising antisemitism in light of the war in Gaza.
NBC News has more:
Tech and Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, who caused an uproar in November by endorsing a bogus Jewish conspiracy theory on his social media site, X, is expected to head to Poland next week to take part in a panel on online antisemitism and will tour the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.

Vile anti-Jewish posts have continued to flourish on X, called Twitter when Musk acquired it in 2022.

Under Musk’s ownership, the social media platform continues to allow users to post bigoted content, including antisemitic posts, and runs ads alongside these. Some of X’s premium users, who have posted antisemitic and other bigoted content regularly, have boasted on X about earning money through its ad revenue sharing program.

Just on Friday, divisive podcaster Jason Whitlock posted on the platform an interview with E. Michael Jones, who the Anti-Defamation League describes as being an antisemitic Catholic writer. He falsely claimed that “the Jews” control the government and Black people. The post appeared to have been taken down later Friday.

Musk’s two-day visit to Poland begins Monday, one week before International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27, which commemorates the murders of 6 million Jews by the Germans and their accomplices during World War II, according to the European Jewish Association.

The EJA organized the visit to address the worldwide surge of antisemitism in the wake of Israel’s invasion of Gaza, which was in retaliation for Hamas’ deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

[...] Todd Gutnick, a spokesperson for the ADL, which is a Jewish organization that fights antisemitism and which Musk has criticized in the past, said Musk would benefit from making the pilgrimage.

“Anyone who has the opportunity to bear witness to the atrocities that took place in Auschwitz-Birkenau should go,” Gutnick said. “Auschwitz serves as the ultimate reminder of what can happen when a society or its leaders are consumed with antisemitism.”

Musk faced accusations of antisemitism in November when he replied, “You have said the actual truth” to a post on X that made the false claim that Jews push hatred for white people.
Israel can commit one of the worst genocides in modern history killing 10,000 children in just 100 days of war but if you criticize this massacre you'll be labeled "anti-Semitic" and Bill Ackman will put you on a list to keep you from ever getting a job.

Meanwhile, Israeli leaders are openly saying they want to make Gaza "resemble Auschwitz":

As I noted in September, the pressure campaign to get Elon Musk to censor more on X is not only coming from Jonathan Greenblatt at the ADL and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel but also Attorney General Merrick Garland at the DOJ and Gary Gensler at the SEC -- both of whom have been threatening him with lawsuits and investigations to get him to bend to their will.

Zionists are targeting Musk from every angle, including fake "conservatives" like Ben Shapiro who assembled an all Jewish Zionist panel of rabbis and Israeli leaders in September to hector Musk to censor more.

All these Zionist "conservatives" transitioned into hysterical SJW crybullies demanding censorship and safe spaces the day that Israel was attacked.

The fact that not even the (ostensibly) richest man in the world can't simply run one website that allows free speech on the internet without coming under such a vicious attack should tell you everything you need to know about who is running the show.

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