Alan Dershowitz: 'Feminists' Upset Over Jeffrey Epstein Case Should 'Condemn Hamas'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 03, 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's former associate and attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose name was mentioned 137 times in the latest Epstein case file dump, told Sean Hannity on Wednesday night in a pivot for the ages that the "feminists" upset over the case should "condemn Hamas."


From Mediaite, " 'Let's Put This in Context': Alan Dershowitz Defends Representing Jeffrey Epstein by Slamming 'Radical Feminists' Who Didn't Condemn Hamas":
[Alan Dershowitz] was previously accused in a lawsuit of being "a participant in sex trafficking" connected to Epstein before his accuser retracted the claim and said that she may have mistaken him for someone else.

"I've represented some of the worst people in the world and continue to do so," Dershowitz told Sean Hannity. "That's my life, and of course I represented Epstein."

Dershowitz then pivoted to "radical feminists" who he said were insufficiently critical of Hamas after the Oct. 7 terror attacks in Israel:

Now, the one point I do want to make, I understand all the feminist groups and the radicals who think this is the worst thing in the world that anybody ever had any contact with Jeffrey Epstein. Where are all those radical feminists when it comes to the Hamas rapes of young Jewish girls, sexual abuse, beheadings? They are quiet, they are silent! The incredible hypocrisy of the "Me Too" movement. "Me Too," except if you're a Jew.

And I want to have a list of all the radical feminists who are pushing hard and I understand that to get all these names are revealed. And I want to know, how many of them have ever actually condemned Hamas for the rapes that we now know occurred and the murders that occurred? How many have been silent? And how many, like the National Lawyers Guild, have actually approved of what Hamas did?

So, let's put this context. I'm thrilled that all these papers have come out. I urged them. I went to court and I asked for everything to come out because I knew that I had done nothing wrong, and the papers would exculpate me.
Perhaps they're not condemning them because the stories about "Hamas mass rapes" are a complete and total hoax?

Whereas there is a bounty of evidence to suggest Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies who ran a honeypot operation to blackmail and compromise our politicians, there's literally zero evidence Hamas did any sort of mass raping on Oct 7. Not even one single Israeli woman has come forward to claim she was raped.

Dershowitz is correct when he said he "represented some of the worst people in the world and continue to do so."

Dershowitz not only defended suspected Israeli spy Jeffrey Epstein, he also defended the duplicitous traitor and convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Dershowitz successfully lobbied for Pollard to be released from prison and be allowed to "make Aliyah" in Israel.

When Pollard was flown to Israel on Zionist GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson's private jet, he was embraced with open arms by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said in his first interview with the Israeli media that all American Jews should spy for Israel and embrace "dual loyalty."

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