Jewish Florida State Rep. Randy Fine: 'We Are a People That Has Been Kicked Out of Every Place We've Ever Lived for 2000 Years'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 04, 2023

Jewish Florida State Rep Randy Fine said during a speech championing Israel's war on Gaza that Jews are "a people that has been kicked out of every place we've ever lived."

"We are a people that has been kicked out of every place we've ever lived for 2000 years," Fine said. "Every. Single. Place."

Fine's speech, which he delivered on Oct 18 but is only now going viral, revolved around spreading debunked atrocity propaganda about Hamas "beheading babies" and using it to justify Israel's war on Gaza.

Fine suggested that modern-day Florida is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Jews are thinking about having to flee America for Israel due to fear of "extermination."

He ended his speech by asking God to "bless Israel" and "smite the enemies of us all."

As I reported last year, Rep. Fine, despite claiming to be a "conservative," worked together with Gov. Ron DeSantis to pass the harshest hate crime bill in America to jail Floridians for passing out "anti-Semitic" flyers.

At the same time as Fine has been demanding "anti-Semites" be jailed for their "hate speech" and Florida Universities ban pro-Palestine groups for their hateful "anti-Semitic" speech, he has also spent the past two months calling for genocide in Gaza and celebrating the slaughter of Palestinian babies.

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