Ex-MLB Star Trevor Bauer Exposes Damning Messages From Instahoe Who Accused Him of Violent Rape

Chris Menahan
Oct. 03, 2023

Trevor Bauer, a former MLB player who had his life derailed by a predatory Instagram skank who accused him of violent rape, exposed his accuser in a viral video posted to X which quickly racked up over 60 million views and even drew the attention of Elon Musk.

"It appears [accuser Lindsey Hill's] lawyers had the evidence the entire time," Bauer told Musk. "Speaking specifically about the video of her laying in bed next to me with no marks on her face the morning after she claims I brutally attacked her, an email containing that video was sent to her attorney Bryan Freedman before the DVRO hearing in 2021 and it was never turned over to us. Perhaps that's why he insisted on adding his name to the released parties section in the settlement agreement."

"There was also a 12 day span of texts between Lindsey and two of her closest friends immediately following the incident that were deleted," Bauer continued. "We asked for them in discovery for the dvro, they weren't turned over. We also argued that they must be turned over in the dvro proceeding. They were not. Lindsey Hill's other law firm, Meyer Olson Lowy and Meyers LLP, who co represented her through that court process, had them the whole time." [Minor grammatical errors corrected for readability.]

Bauer's Wikipedia details accuser Lindsey Hill's original allegations against him:
On June 30, 2021, the Pasadena Police Department confirmed to news outlets that Bauer was under investigation for the alleged assault of a San Diego woman that May.[126] The woman was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order on June 28, alleging that she had met Bauer on April 21 and that she had been physically and sexually assaulted by him on two separate occasions.[127] The woman alleged that Bauer had sodomized her without consent,[128] punched her in the face, and choked her to the point of unconsciousness.[129] On May 16, she went to the emergency room at Alvarado Hospital, where, after her injuries were examined, she met with several detectives from the San Diego Police Department.[127] MLB placed Bauer on administrative leave on July 2, while the Dodgers removed his merchandise from their team store and replaced his scheduled bobblehead promotional night with a Clayton Kershaw "World Champion T-shirt" promotion.[130] Bauer has acknowledged having sexual contact with his accuser, but has stated that their encounters were "'wholly consensual'"[129] and that his accuser sent him a text message requesting that he inflict pain upon her; he has denied certain specific aspects of the allegations.
Hill responded to Bauer's video in an interview with Alex Stein where she basically dodged every question he asked (perhaps she should be the one playing for the Dodgers?).

Bauer was suspended by the MLB over the allegations and had to go to Japan to play baseball for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Despite being not guilty of anything, Bauer hasn't really gotten justice in this case as the two settled with neither admitting any wrongdoing. That said, as we just saw with Danny Masterson getting life in prison over flimsy allegations of rape that date back some two decades, it could have been far worse.

How many men's lives have already been destroyed and how many more men will have their lives destroyed by our increasingly matriarchal legal system embracing claptrap like "#BelieveAllWomen"?

The type of behavior Hill is accused of is literally promoted every day to women and girls through TV, music and social media.

What Joe Biden has denigrated as the "white man's" "English jurisprudential culture" -- the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty and evidence is required to prove one's guilt -- is being completely eliminated in favor of people found guilty or innocent based off their race and political beliefs.

We're being told to believe this is somehow "progress!"

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