VIDEO: Jewish Children Attack Christian Missionaries in Israel

Chris Menahan
Sep. 11, 2023

Shocking video going viral on social media shows a large group of Jewish children cursing and assaulting two Christian female missionaries in Israel with their adult caretakers' full support.

"You're going to get hurt," one of the Israeli adults tells the Christian women as a Jewish child says, "You daughter of a bitch!"

The Jewish children are seen throwing objects at the women and kicking them while the group orders them to leave, screaming "Go! Go!"

One of the kids fell to the ground after his foot got caught in the Christian woman's dress he was kicking. Nonetheless, he stood back up and got in her face to intimidate her while shouting, "Go!"

The Israeli adults chastise the women for "inciting people" by peaching the Gospel rather than tell their children -- including toddlers -- not to attack them.

Christian leaders in the Holy Land spoke out earlier this year about how Christians are being viciously persecuted, attacked, spat on and abused in Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right regime with authorities doing little to nothing to hold their abusers to account.

"The frequency of these attacks, the aggressions, has become something new," Vatican-appointed Latin Patriarch, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, told the AP. "These people feel they are protected ... that the cultural and political atmosphere now can justify, or tolerate, actions against Christians."

A Catholic German abbot was filmed being ordered by an Israeli official to hide his cross while visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem in July.

Earlier this year, two influential members of Israel's Knesset introduced a bill to outlaw teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel and sentence violators to prison.

After widespread outrage, Netanyahu said they'd table the bill and one of the lawmakers who introduced it said they're not planning to move forward with the ban "at this stage."

Christians are regularly treated like dirt when they preach the Gospel in Israel and police side with the abusers:

A recent Pew Research poll in America found that Evangelicals have a +39 favorability rating towards Jews but Jews have a -40 favorability rating towards Evangelicals.

Contrast how Israeli children are taught to treat Christians with how American children are taught to treat Jews:

In 2019, the pro-Israel Christian TV broadcasting network Daystar had their headquarters burned to the ground by suspected Jewish extremists who were never caught.

This is what our sold-out establishment calls "our greatest ally."

Of course, the Anti-Defamation League has nothing to say about this "hate" -- just as they had nothing to say about Netanyahu's plan to expel all African migrants earlier this month.

If a mob of Christian children together with their parents were seen abusing Jewish women in New York City and trying to expel them from their community for their religious views, it would be international news and the ADL would be screaming for hate crime prosecutions, instead the story has been relegated to social media with the controlled press ignoring it entirely!

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