Fox News' Brian Kilmeade Labels Anti-McCarthy GOP Reps 'Insurrectionists'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 05, 2023

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday declared that the GOP reps "who don't want to vote for Kevin McCarthy" to become Speaker of the House are "insurrectionists."

"I probably shouldn't use that word," Kilmeade said, walking it back.

"Saboteurs," his co-hosts interjected.

"Saboteurs," Kilmeade said in the affirmative.

The Five co-host Judge Jeanine, who also paints herself as an anti-establishment rebel, attacked Rep. Lauren Boebert and the rest of the anti-McCarthy crew as "egomaniacs."

"They're making the Republicans look ridiculous," Pirro whined. "I like Kevin McCarthy!"

"This is an embarrassment," she continued. "They're egomaniacs who've got no answers and they ought to just be quiet and just go along with the majority at this point!"

As I reported on Wednesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw labeled the GOP rebels "terrorists" and domestic "enemies" while Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks labeled them "infidels" and threatened them with "consequences."

As of Thursday night, McCarthy failed to become speaker in 10 separate votes.

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