'Obese Russian General' Story Exposed As War Propaganda

Chris Menahan
Jul. 11, 2022

Obese Russian "General Pavel," "67," who the media claimed a "desperate" Vladimir Putin called up to fight in Ukraine after losing so many generals, is actually 58-year-old Ivan Ivanovich Turchin, a veteran of both the Russian military and the Border Guard who retired in 2011, and there's no evidence he's in Ukraine.

Fact checkers Rien Emmery and Lotte Lambrecht with the Belgian media outlet Knack exposed the war propaganda hoax as "total bulls**t" over the weekend.

This story was blatant war propaganda from the beginning, just like the story of Snake Island, the Russian "mobile crematoriums," the Russian "attack on the Babi Yar Holocaust memorial" and so on. It was pushed by our lying media to millions as intentional disinformation to aid in a propaganda war against Russia. Mark Zuckerberg, who banned tons of independent media outlets from Facebook for pushing hard truths, is fully onboard with endless Western pro-Ukraine disinformation being pushed on his billions of users and was personally thanked by President Zelensky earlier this year for taking Ukraine's side in this info war.

Though thousands of prominent news outlets were censored for telling the truth and debunking the media's lies, not even one single controlled media outlet has been, nor will be censored, demonetized or algorithmically suppressed by Facebook or Google for pushing these lies.

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