War Propaganda: Video of 'Russian Mobile Crematoriums' Used to 'Hide Evidence' is From 2013 Ad

Chris Menahan
Feb. 26, 2022

The controlled media all ran with a propaganda piece from The Telegraph this week claiming Russia had deployed "mobile crematoriums" to "hide evidence of battlefield casualties."

"Russia deploys mobile crematoriums to follow its troops into battle," The Telegraph's headline read.

"Ben Wallace, the Defense Secretary, suggests the vehicle-mounted incinerators will be used to hide evidence of battlefield casualties," read the subheadline.

"STENCH OF DEATH Chilling pics reveal Russia's mobile crematoriums used to "incinerate dead soldiers and hide true scale of Ukraine war,' " read a headline from The Sun.

The Sun had images stating the source of the video was the "Russian Ministry of Defense."

The actual source was an advertisement from the company Turmalin ZAO posted in 2013 on YouTube.


In the video, you can see they're incinerating a trash bag.

The company describes itself as a "Russian Insinerator Construction Company."

The Telegraph took the exact same video and cut out the part at the end with contact information showing it's an advertisement.


The Telegraph also disabled comments on the video, preventing people from calling out their lies.

Somewhat hilariously, the controlled media actually ran with this exact same propaganda story during another Russia-Ukraine battle back in 2015 after it was put out by US officials (without evidence).

Turmalin ZAO put out a video at the time mocking the claims and specifically stated the device is not intended for use in "Gruz-200," aka "Code 200", which is code for "all bodies of the dead being transported away from the battlefield," according to Wikipedia.


The Wall Street Journal covered the company in 2015 and highlighted how they're incinerating illegally poached caviar and other contraband coming over the Chinese border:
Mikhail Vostrikov, chief executive of Turmalin, a Russian company that makes and sells incinerators, rejoices when Mr. Putin orders things destroyed. One year, it was caviar from illegal poaching. Another year, it was petroleum byproducts. The latter proved particularly lucrative for his St. Petersburg-based firm.

"We all fell on our knees and kissed his portrait because we received so many orders," Mr. Vostrikov said.

Since Mr. Putin's latest decree, the phones have been ringing. Discussions with the government are under way. Two new incinerators are en route to burn contraband coming over the Chinese border.
The British government produced zero evidence this machine is currently being used in the war but dozens of the top media outlets in the world ran with it anyways.

This is pure disinformation being spread by media outlets which lobbied successfully for independent media to be blacklisted on Google and censored on social media for supposedly spreading "disinformation."

They're spreading this disinformation to millions with Big Tech's help while independent media outlets are effectively blocked from reaching those same people to counter their lies.

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