The Intellectual Dark Web's End Game: World Government And The Death of Christianity

Chris Menahan
Nov. 25, 2019

The Intellectual Dark Web are finally codifying what they truly believe in: liberalism, multiculturalism, LGBTQism, world government and the death of Christianity.

Their brand of "tolerant conservatism" is "relentlessly civil" liberalism.

Their "tolerance" does not extend to Christians and their "exclusionary" beliefs.

Say goodbye to your Christian nation states.

We're all just "bitter clingers" who have so much to learn from our intellectual betters.

They're apparently working on how to create a world government where Christianity is tossed aside in favor of a "common belief system" which "prioritizes no one's sacred book."

"Christian paleo-conservative" is just another word for "anti-semite white nationalist" to our "relentlessly civil" intellectual elites who claim to eschew name calling and labeling.

Cancel culture is wonderful so long as it's to protect one's "brand" against Christian bigots.

Of course, tweets like this one the other day from Daily Wire editor-at-large Josh Hammer are just fine!

As a reminder, Eric Weinstein turned on Jordan Peterson earlier this year for meeting with Hungary's hugely popular Christian nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orban.

How are the beliefs and goals of the Intellectual Dark Web any different from the rest of the prog-globalist liberal world order?

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