Conservative YouTuber Hunter Avallone Denies Big Tech Targeting Conservatives At 'Free Speech' TPUSA Event

Chris Menahan
Oct. 25, 2019

Conservative YouTuber Hunter Avallone cited reports from Media Matters and The Economist at a Turning Point USA event at Penn State on Wednesday to argue Big Tech is not engaged in mass censorship of conservatives and claimed conservatives who complain about censorship simply want to push "a victim narrative."

As you can see from TPUSA's advertising, the event was billed as pro-free speech and anti-censorship:

This clip made the rounds on Twitter:

I found Avallone's full speech just to make sure the clip wasn't taken out of context.

His arguments were actually even worse:

Avallone opened by saying Big Tech platforms are all privately owned therefore no one has a right to be on them and they can ban anyone they want. He acted as though this was somehow insightful.

He went on to argue that conservatives are not being targeted because the websites of controlled opposition shills like Ben Shapiro who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising directly with Facebook are popular on Facebook.

Avallone literally cited studies from Media Matters and The Economist to make his case.

"Media Matters, a left-leaning organization, tracked 463 Facebook pages that actively posted about politics to an audience of 500,000 or more followers," Avallone said. "Over the course of the six month study, right-leaning pages had 51 percent more interactions than left-wing pages."

"Finally, a study from The Economist found no evidence of ideological bias in Google's search results," he said.

"We're the side that claims to value facts over feelings but you won't hear this data from any other conservatives because the big-name conservatives are operating on their feelings in a cheap attempt to push a victim narrative."

Does this guy actually believe this crap? It's hard to believe anyone could actually be this stupid.

Charlie Kirk is obviously just serving the agenda of his wealthy donors but this guy appears to just be a YouTuber.

Avallone doubled down on Instagram after getting pushback:

Let me clue you in as to why you're not getting censored while thousands of right-wing channels are getting banned for their political speech and thousands of alt-media sites are being manually blacklisted by a 10,000 strong army of "flaggers" by Google: nothing you say is even remotely threatening to our ruling oligarchs or the status quo.

There is no reason for Big Tech to censor you when you're acting as an unpaid lobbyist on their behalf spewing the exact same talking points as their highly-paid lobbyists. You're one of the few people apparently dumb enough to actually swallow the propaganda put out by outlets like the National Review who are being paid by Big Tech to push the talking points you regurgitated (the same NRO which worked to revive Jeffrey Epstein's image after his child solicitation conviction).

If they're not doing so already, GooTube should be actively promoting you.

UPDATE: Avallone responded to my article shortly after its publication taking issue with the headline and said he "never ONCE defended big tech censorship."

I changed the headline to more accurately reflect Avallone's position that this targeted censorship is not even happening.

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