YouTube Bans 'Red Ice TV' Channel With Over 330K Subscribers, 45M+ Views

Chris Menahan
Oct. 17, 2019

Red Ice TV on Thursday became the latest channel to be sent down the memory hole by our ruling oligarchs in Big Tech.

The Anti-Defamation League on August 15 put Red Ice TV on what many have called a "hit list" of 30 Christian and right-wing channels they demanded YouTube ban for "anti-Semitism."

Google-owned YouTube deleted a host of Henrik Palmgren and his wife Lana Lokteff's most popular videos back on August 26 during their last banning spree but that apparently wasn't enough to satisfy the ADL.

Red Ice had been on YouTube for over 10 years:

Count Dankula and Styxhexenhammer were some of the prominent YouTubers who spoke out against YouTube's latest act of political-view-based censorship:

It's noteworthy that YouTube chose to ban Red Ice TV by themselves rather than as part of a larger ban wave. YouTube appears to be following a policy paper I covered from "researchers" led by professor Neil Johnson of George Washington University released in August which called for a slow but steady stream of mass bannings of right-wing thought criminals on social media to avoid "inflaming the entire hive" by generating too much pushback.

The paper recommended our ruling oligarchs ban "small clusters" of thought criminals "at random" to "weaken the cluster over time without inflaming the entire hive" and it appears that's exactly what YouTube is doing.

When YouTube censored Steven Crowder along with farther-right figures like James Allsup, tons of mainstream figures spoke out to defend the free speech rights of everyone who was banned or demonetized. Today, they were all silent.

Though mainstream right-wingers may be afraid to speak out lest they be targeted next, it's clear as day this censorship is only going to keep expanding and keep getting worse.

Prominent (un)Democratic 2020 presidential candidates are calling for the President of the United States to be deplatformed and Big Tech is taking steps to make their request a reality.

The writing is on the wall for where this censorship is headed.

Our ruling oligarchs want to go back to a world where they can run fake propaganda pieces like ABC News ran five times last week to lie our country into war without some pesky Twitter user being able to go viral by outing their deception.

They want to have the power back where the New York Times can lie about Iraq having WMDs to start a war and have people actually believe it.

Big Tech is spending all their social capital to try and make that a reality.

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