YouTube Purged Over 100k Videos And 17k Channels For 'Hate Speech' In 3 Mos., Deleted 500m Comments

Chris Menahan
Sep. 04, 2019

Our ruling oligarchs are desperate to regain control of the narrative.

Google-owned YouTube announced on Tuesday that they've purged over 17,000 channels, 100,000 videos and a whopping 500 million comments in just three months after changing their rules on "hate speech."

They also said they're using AI to censor people for "hate speech" and automatically remove content before it's even viewed.

From The Hill, "YouTube says it has removed more than 100K videos under new hate speech rules":
YouTube said Tuesday that it has removed more than 100,000 videos marked as hate speech under the platform's new policy against bigoted and supremacist content.

The video-sharing giant said it removed more than 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos for violating its hate speech policy between April and June -- the month in which the policy was instituted -- a five-time increase in the number of removals in the first three months of the year.
Google-owned YouTube also said it has removed more than 500 million comments for hate speech, double the amount of removals in the first quarter of the year.

"The spikes in removal numbers are in part due to the removal of older comments, videos and channels that were previously permitted," YouTube wrote in the post.
Note, they banned thousands of people who followed their rules to the letter for violating the new, entirely arbitrary rules they unveiled in June.

America has no laws prohibiting "hate speech" and courts have ruled repeatedly that "hate speech" is free speech but that hasn't stopped Big Tech monopolies from censoring people for their political views using their own made-up "hate speech" definition.

A leftist study released last month called for Big Tech to ban right-wing thought criminals non-stop in a slow and steady fashion rather than in one fell swoop to "avoid inflaming the hive."

YouTube appears to be following their advice.

I reported on Tuesday how the Trump administration is considering partnering with Google, Amazon and Apple in a proposal which may use data collected from in-home listening devices to rate Americans with a social credit score to determine whether they can own a gun.

The story got picked up by InfoWars and made the top of the Drudge Report on Wednesday:

The "War on Terror" is being replaced with the "War on White Supremacy" as the new excuse to take away Americans' rights.

Just as the definition of "terrorism" was expanded to push through the PATRIOT Act and spy on all Americans, the definition of a "white supremacist" is being expanded to justify implementing an authoritarian censorship regime and a Chinese-style social credit score to take away the free speech and gun rights of American thought criminals.

According to the leading Democrat 2020 presidential candidates, President Trump is a "white supremacist" and a "white nationalist" and "white nationalists" should have their guns taken under red flag laws and be aggressively prosecuted by the DOJ for their political beliefs.

Meanwhile, Trump is busy advocating for red flag laws (and much worse) to disarm his own supporters and the FBI is busy arresting Trump-supporting Marines for threatening antifa.

We're heading into a very dark time period in America and everyone needs to prepare accordingly.

One step everyone can take immediately is to sign up for alt tech sites like BitChute (you can find a list of tons of censored channels here and here) and Gab and ditch Google Chrome and FireFox for Brave or Iridium.

The censorship is only going to get worse and now is the time to start building up alternative platforms.

All these Big Tech companies are sacrificing their own reputations and destroying their own platforms in a desperate attempt to shut down the populist-nationalist spirit rising across the West.

It's not going to work because what is driving this pleb revolt is the failures of prog-globalism and the corruption of our ruling class. Banning everyone from posting on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and labeling all dissenters as "terrorists" is only going to expose the evils of our ruling class even further.

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