Here's A List Of Ideas & Statements YouTube Will Ban You For Expressing Under Their New 'Hate Speech Policy'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 06, 2019

Google-owned YouTube on Wednesday released a list of generic ideas and statements they will ban you for expressing under their rapidly expanding new "hate speech policy."

Even though America has no laws prohibiting "hate speech" and courts have ruled repeatedly that "hate speech" is free speech, that hasn't stopped Big Tech monopolies from censoring people for their political views under their own made-up definitions.

YouTube changed their "hate speech" definitions on Wednesday and added, among others, "immigration status" as a new protected class.

While reading this list, you should know that it's completely arbitrary whether or not they choose to ban you, and as many people learned on Wednesday, you don't even need to have one strike, nor actually violate any of their policies to get banned. Merely triggering their ADL-approved AI system is enough to get your entire channel closed, even if you're a journalist or an historian.

Here's YouTube's new list:
If you're posting content

Donít post content on YouTube if the purpose of that content is to do one or more of the following.

- Encourage violence against individuals or groups based on any of on the attributes noted above. We donít allow threats on YouTube, and we treat implied calls for violence as real threats. You can learn more about our policies on threats and harassment.

- Incite hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the attributes noted above.

Other types of content that violates this policy

- Dehumanizing individuals or groups by calling them subhuman, comparing them to animals, insects, pests, disease, or any other non-human entity.

- Praise or glorify violence against individuals or groups based on the attributes noted above.

- Use racial, ethnic, religious, or other slurs where the primary purpose is to promote hatred.

- Use stereotypes that incite or promote hatred based on any of the attributes noted above. This can take the form of speech, text, or imagery promoting these stereotypes or treating them as factual.

- Claim that individuals or groups are physically or mentally inferior, deficient, or diseased based on any of the attributes noted for the purpose of inciting hatred. This includes statements that one group is less than another, calling them less intelligent, less capable, or damaged.

- Allege the superiority of a group over those with any of the attributes noted above to justify violence, discrimination, segregation, or exclusion.

- Conspiracy theories ascribing evil, corrupt, or malicious intent to individuals or groups based on any of the attributes noted above.

- Call for the subjugation or domination over individuals or groups based on any of the attributes noted above.

- Deny that a well-documented, violent event took place.

Educational content

We may allow content that includes hate speech if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic in nature. This is not a free pass to promote hate speech. Examples include:

- A documentary about a hate group: Educational content that isn't supporting the group or promoting ideas would be allowed. A documentary promoting violence or hatred wouldn't be allowed.

- A documentary about the scientific study of humans: A documentary about how theories have changed over time, even if it includes theories about the inferiority or superiority of specific groups, would be allowed because it's educational. We won't allow a documentary claiming there is scientific evidence today that an individual or group is inferior or subhuman.

This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, comments, live streams, and any other YouTube product or feature. For educational content that includes hate speech, this context must appear in the images or audio of the video itself. Providing it in the title or description is insufficient.


Here are examples of hate speech not allowed on YouTube.

- "I'm glad this [violent event] happened. They got what they deserved [referring to persons with the attributes noted above]."

- "[Person with attributes noted above] are dogs" or "[person with attributes noted above] are like animals."

More examples

- "Get out there and punch a [person with attributes noted above]."

- "Everyone in [groups with attributes noted above] are all criminals and thugs."

- "[Person with attributes noted above] is scum of the earth."

- "[People with attributes noted above] are a disease."

- "[People with attributes noted above] are less intelligent than us because their brains are smaller."

- "Our existence is threatened by [group with any of the attributes noted above], so we should drive them out at every chance we get."

- "[Group with any of the attributes noted above] has an agenda to run the world and get rid of us."

- "[Attribute noted above] is just a form of mental illness that needs to be cured."

- "[Person with any of the attributes noted above] shouldn't be educated in schools because they shouldn't be educated at all."

- "All of the so-called victims of this violent event are actors. No one was hurt, and this is just a false flag."

Please remember these are just some examples, and don't post content if you think it might violate this policy.
Indeed, these are just examples, examples which don't actually mean anything other than "we will ban you for anything with runs counter narrative and you should never feel safe to express yourself."

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