Foreign Policy Goes Into Propaganda Overdrive: 'White Supremacists Want A Nuclear Weapon'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 17, 2019

The media is recycling the same propaganda they used to lie us into the war in Iraq but now they've replaced Saddam Hussein with "white supremacists" as the new terror threat on the brink of killing us all.

Foreign Policy appears to have stealth-edited the headline from "White Supremacists Want a Nuclear Weapon" to "White Supremacists Want a Dirty Bomb."

This is the URL, which you can see contained the original headline which is in their tweet and many others:

According to the the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the difference between the two is that "a nuclear bomb creates an explosion that is millions of times more powerful than that of a dirty bomb."

The article contains no correction.

The responses on Twitter to the piece were overwhelmingly negative.

The "War on Terror" is being replaced with the "War on White Supremacy" as the new excuse for our ruling oligarchs to take away all our rights "for our security."

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