The Entire Leftist Media Has Become The Huffington Post, Trump's Becoming Breitbart to Fight Back

Chris Menahan
Aug. 18, 2016

Donald Trump is retooling his campaign. This is a good thing.

Through the most organized disinformation campaign in history, the lying media managed to browbeat Trump into acting like a "politician." It's led to him making boring policy speeches and echoing standard Republican talking points which the media simply ignores.

While he's fallen in the polls, that's irrelevant at this point as the media emptied their clips into him and he's only down two points according to John Zogby.

Trump appears to have recognized trying to play on the lying media's terms is a mistake. That's why he's joining forces with Stephen K. Bannon of Breitbart and Fox News creator Roger Ailes to become the media and take his message straight to the people.

From the NY Times:
Donald J. Trump named as his new campaign chief on Wednesday a conservative media provocateur whose news organization regularly attacks the Republican Party establishment, savages Hillary Clinton and encourages Mr. Trump’s most pugilistic instincts.

Mr. Trump’s decision to make Stephen K. Bannon, chairman of the Breitbart News website, his campaign’s chief executive was a defiant rejection of efforts by longtime Republican hands to wean him from the bombast and racially charged speech that helped propel him to the nomination but now threaten his candidacy by alienating the moderate voters who typically decide the presidency.

It also formally completed a merger between the most strident elements of the conservative news media and Mr. Trump’s campaign, which was incubated and fostered in their boisterous coverage of his rise.

Mr. Bannon was appointed a day after the recently ousted Fox News chairman, Roger Ailes, emerged in an advisory role with Mr. Trump. It was not lost on Republicans in Washington that two news executives whose outlets had fueled the anti-establishment rebellion that bedeviled congressional leaders and set the stage for Mr. Trump’s nomination were now directly guiding the party’s presidential message and strategy.

[...]For Mr. Trump, though, bringing in Mr. Bannon was the political equivalent of ordering comfort food. Only last week, Mr. Trump publicly expressed ambivalence about modifying his style. “I think I may do better the other way,” he told Time magazine. “They would like to see it be a little bit different, a little more modified. I don’t like to modify.”
This is a good choice, he's being taken down by the lying media telling falsehoods about everything he says and taking it completely out of context.

One of the latest media hoaxes.

The entire controlled media has become The Huffington Post.

Such insane demagoguery is now embraced by the entire controlled media.

While leftist hysteria and lies have an impact, it's limited.

Breitbart, whom Trump is now joining with, overtook Huffington Post in terms of social media sharing in June.

Huffington Post has been losing readers for months, yet Breitbart is exploding.

Trump's rise was due to his keeping his message simple. In his last policy speech on African-Americans, he said Hillary was a bigot and he will restore "law and order" in black communities. He said these poor black communities need "more police" to fight "gangs, the cartels and criminal syndicates terrorizing our neighborhoods." Everything he said was reasonable and true, but I highly doubt it will sway any black votes. If they can be swayed, a simpler message is to tell them illegal immigrants and Mexicans are taking welfare meant for them.

Breitbart released a poll earlier this month showing this resonates strongly in their communities:
Roughly three out of four voters— including nearly three out of four Democrat voters— believe that “instead of giving jobs and healthcare to millions of refugees from around the world, we should rebuild our inner cities and put Americans back to work.”

African Americans agreed with this sentiment by a 10 to 1 margin (86.3 percent agree versus 8.5 percent disagree). Hispanics agreed by a margin of 5 to 1 (68.9 percent agreed versus 12.6 percent disagreed).
Trump was saying this type of stuff earlier on, but now he's gotten bogged down in policy, which is mostly just a waste of time as it's too complex for most Democrats to understand.

Bannon can help Trump simplify his message once again and hammer such populist talking points home.

Hillary's entire platform is one of disenfranchising Americans in favor of foreigners and political elites, whereas Trump's platform is one of populism and putting Americans first. It's the most striking contrast in decades. His getting this message out is everything, Bannon will no doubt be of great help.

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