Trump on Lying Media: "These People Are the Lowest Form of Life"

Chris Menahan
Aug. 13, 2016

Trump ripped the establishment media for acting like his sarcastic comments on Obama and Clinton "founding ISIS" where entirely literal.

"They knew I was being sarcastic," Trump said, noting how he joked Obama would be given an "MVP award" if they were in the world of sports.

"But now they're analyzing. Did I really mean that? How could I say that?"

"These people are the lowest form of life," he said to cheers, "I'm telling you, The lowest."

"They are the lowest form of humanity. Not all of them, they have about 25% that are pretty good actually, but most of them."


Of course, Trump was entirely right, Obama and Clinton should be given MVP awards for founding ISIS as their policies are responsible more than anything else for the group's success.

That said, the media's new strategy is to take every single one of Trump's jokes and generalized comments and report them as though they're entirely literal.

These liars literally said he threw out a baby from one of his rallies when it was a complete and total lie.

The lying media's treatment of Trump reveals their total lack of ethics.

As Hillary Clinton has zero redeeming qualities and is nothing but an endless vat of corruption and criminal dealings, they've devoted themselves to reporting every joke Trump makes as though it's entirely literal.

They're banking on the hope most people will only see their lying headlines and Trump won't be given a platform on any of the big networks to defend himself.

As the entire establishment is unified in pushing these lies, they're actually managing to deceive people by manufacturing a fake parallel universe where Trump is some baby-hating devil intent on personally murdering Hillary Clinton with a gun.

Ann Coulter talked about the insane bias yesterday in an interview on Newsmax.

"Donald Trump's campaign is like my entire career, where the media simply lie about what you say," Coulter said.

"And I've gotten annoyed, I wrote about it this week, at some of my fellow conservatives, saying, 'No, it's Trump's fault, you shouldn't give them the opening!'"

"No," she said, "there's nothing you can do that can't be lied about."

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